10 Tips to Keep from Overeating at a Party

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Temptations abound at parties, but celebration doesn't have to mean overindulgence. Follow these tips to stay on track at your Super Bowl parties this weekend.

Say no the first time to passed hors d'oeuvres. Chances are good that food will come around again. See what's being served before you decide what to eat.

Limit your alcohol. Inhibitions are lowered with every drink, and those cocktails aren't calorie free. Alternate alcohol with water or another calorie free drink. And don't combine alcohol with caffeine. Caffeine speeds up the rate at which alcohol is metabolized, and it masks the effect of the alcohol.

Eat before you go. Don't go to a party starving. Eat a hard-boiled egg and an apple, a banana with some peanut butter or a slice of turkey. The protein will fill you up for few calories. You'll be less likely to binge if you're not overly hungry.

Treat appetizers as a meal. If you're going to eat 400 calories worth of appetizers, know that that's your dinner. Don't expect to go home and eat a "real" meal.

Survey the spread before you fill your plate. Confronted by so many rich foods, you might want to start piling up the food, but stop and take a deep breath. Think before you serve yourself (and try to serve yourself, so you control the serving size).

Keep track of what you're eating. Don't mindlessly eat, and try not to eat and make conversation at the same time. If your eating and drinking is spread out, you might not realize how many calories you're eating. Just because you're not eating an entire meal doesn't mean that those are free calories.

Buddy up. If you're worried about eating too many sweets, share your dessert with someone else. You'll eat less and not do as much damage.

Use a smaller plate, or commit to just one round of food. Don't pile your food so high that's it's falling off the plate.

Be choosy, and stick to proper serving sizes. Take only those foods you really like, and don't overload on them.

Bring a dish, if appropriate. If you bring something healthy, like salsa with vegetables, whole-grain crackers and light dip or a large salad, you know there's at least one option for you at the party. Take small helpings of other dishes and load up on your healthier one.

How do you stay on track at a party?

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RO2BENT 4/27/2020
I eat a big salad (low fat, high veg and protein) before Report
DEE107 1/11/2020
thanks Report
KOALA_BEAR 8/24/2019
As one of my former WW leaders coached us, " Taste everything, eat nothing. " I tackle buffets this way too. I first survey the spread to see what the options are. Then I take a small teaspoonful of whatever appeals to me. Drink lots of water, move away from the food, & concentrate on the social aspect. Vent about the game, find out why others support their teams, look up stats, & drink out of a dark or opaque glass so others won't notice how much or what you're drinking. 🐨 Report
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thanks Report
good ideas. Thanks. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Awesome suggestions Report
Mindfulness Report
Some great tips Report
Thanks for the helpful suggestions! :) Report
I did fairly well at a social event this weekend - looking over the spread made a big difference this time around :) Report
Good advice! Report
I usually bring fresh home made salsa and eat lots of that!! Report
Great ideas! Report
I usually drink lots of water or eat a bowl of soup to keep from overeating. Report
good advise Report
good advice Report
I find that if I drink several glasses of water or have some clear soup, I am not as hungry. Report
I always bring appropriate foods to eat. Report
Great ideas. I'm oging to try this them next time Report
Great advice! Report
Love the suggestions....to keep me overeating at a party! Report
GREAT information....THANKS! Report
Good suggestions and I am using some of them. Report
Great suggestions! thanks I will you them. Report
Club soda or mineral water Report
GREAT Report
Love the tips. Thanks. Report
Great ideas Report
Great tips! Report
Thanks for the GREAT tips! Report
I drink lots of water and very little food at most partiies Report
I take my own snacks to parties so that I know that there is good food that I can eat. Also I am always sipping water as I go. Report
These are good tips. I always drink a lot of water before and during any gathering. Report
I never overeat at parties. My challenge has always been at home. Report
This is a great article to read.... It gives you 10 tips to keep from overeating at a party! Report
Great tips! Report
Timely and very helpful - thank you for the reminders. Report
I don't usually have a problem at parties, I am a picky eater. I always bring a healthy desert ( fresh fruit in season) a homemade hummus with yummy veggies and whole wheat pita bread cut into thirds). There is NEVER any left when I get my dishes to take home. Which proves that people really would choose healthy food if was available and plated nicely. Report
I try to stay on the opposite side of the room from the food table. Out of sight, out of mouth. Report
I did the Fat Flush Plan (Louise Gittleman) in June and went to a party and was very good knowing I could only eat specific types of food. I ate but I made healthy choices that the plan allowed. At get- togethers in July I didn't do so well because I wasn't on a specific plan. I found a healthy eating plan in Health magazine with specific foods to eat. I went to a gathering and did fine because I knew I had to stick to that plan (specific vegetables, fruit, lean protein, dairy, healthy oils, whole grain breads). Last May we had all kinds of end of the year parties, luncheons, and dinners. I did great because I had the Rules I set which I learned in The End of Overeating by Kessler. In July I let my Rules slip. Now I am back to keeping my Rules. Eventually you can ease off the Rules you set but first you have to get the craving for high fat, high sugar, high sodium foods out of your system. Report
I believe the trick is DECIDNG beforehand what you will do when you arrive at a party and then sticking to the plan. I also have a celebration to attend this weekend and this was a great reminder of what I need to do to maintain my plan. WE CAN DO IT! Report
will have to eat a real meal before i go to the next party. thanks for all the tips! Report
I stay on track at a party by eating something before I go (so I'm not so famished I eat everything in sight). Also, I stick to eating one or two things instead of sampling a little bit of everything. I find that I eat fewer calories that way. Report