12 of the Worst Restaurant Sandwiches

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A thick, juicy burger is almost as American as apple pie and many of us grew up eating a Whopper or Big Mac. With the Whopper offering 670 calories and a Big Mac providing 540 calories, would you be surprised to hear the apple pie might be the better choice since it contributes only half the calories. With a calorie contribution that large, this certainly must be why we have a weight problem in America right? Unfortunately, there are many worse offenders out there.

Here are 12 of the worst sandwiches currently on popular American restaurant menus that make the Whopper and the Big Mac look low calorie.

Burger King BK Quad Stacker Sandwich

Calories – 1,010

Fat – 70 grams

Sodium – 1,800 mg

McAllister's Club Sandwich

Calories – 1,029

Fat – 56 grams

Sodium – 3,143 mg

Hardee's Double Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,150

Fat – 78 grams

Sodium – 2,410 mg

Hardee's Bacon Cheese Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,200

Fat – 84 grams

Sodium – 2,450 mg

Ruby Tuesday's Alpine Swiss Burger

Calories – 1,207

Fat – 83 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Hardee's Monster Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,320

Fat – 95 grams

Sodium – 3,020 mg

Burger King Angry Triple Whopper Sandwich

Calories – 1,360

Fat – 91 grams

Sodium – 1,830 mg

Quiznos Large Double Cheesesteak Sandwich

Calories – 1,410

Fat – 9.5 grams saturated fat (no total fat provided)

Sodium – 2,960 mg

Ruby Tuesday's Boston Blue Burger

Calories – 1,424

Fat – 96 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Ruby Tuesday's Smokehouse Burger

Calories – 1,434

Fat – 97 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Chili's Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites w/Bleu Cheese Sandwich

Calories – 1,650

Fat – 103 grams

Sodium – 5,370 mg

Quiznos Large Tuna Melt Sandwich

Calories – 1,760

Fat – 25 grams saturated fat (no total fat provided)

Sodium – 2,120 mg

Any of these sandwiches on your favorites list or that surprised you? Are there others we have missed?

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I haven't ate any of the products listed. But I went out to eat today and when you do look at the nutrition information, you think about it more. Report
Omg the thought of eating a burger that is over 1200 calories in itself is disgusting and even more disgusting is how many times I've probably done that without realizing it! Report
wow. Guess I'll be breaking down every restaurant item I order from now on... Report
Luckily I can't get any of these where I live. I wouldn't want them either. Yuck! Report
Quiznos Large dbl cheesesteak. Love 'em, but I can only eat about 1/4 of a sandwich at a time. so if i eat salads the rest of the day I can splurge one in a while. ;-) Report
My little favorite deli closed, you could really control what went on the sandwich and they had lots of good stuff to top it so you didn't need cheese and mayo! I think I have found a new place but they turn their backs to you when they make the sandwich so it is a bit harder to control. Report
I'm surprised Jack in the Box's bacon bacon double whatever burger wasn't on the list. It's been a while since I've been to Jack in the Box and can't remember the name of the burger. When I did Weight Watchers the sandwich was 26 points - that was how many points I was allowed all day!

I saw many posts about Big Macs. I worked at McHell when the burgers were kept in a warming bin. We would have to taste test the sandwiches after 10 minutes. I can tell you after 10 min the Mac Sauce would eat the lettuce and cheese. What is that doing to your stomach and intestines? Report
I've had a Big Mac and probably a Whopper, but both so long ago I don't remember when! I steer clear of these sandwiches, figuring I can make my own if/when I feel the need, and the result is so much tastier and better for me.

The comment about yellow peppers containing dye got me to wondering, so I checked it out. It's the Banana Peppers, and according to the site, they contain "water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate (preservative), sodium metabisulfite (preservative), yellow #5, natural flavors, polysorbate 80." Regular yellow peppers, the kind we grow in our gardens and/or buy in the produce section, are simply matured versions of the green peppers. They contain sulfites (hence the yellow color), as well as other naturally-occurring vitamins (most notably A and C) and minerals (calcium and iron). Report
I think it's not commonly known how bad restaurant tuna is for you, but they always use full-fat mayo, and I heard somewhere that restaurant full fat mayo commonly has more fat and calories than a tub from your local grocery store. Plus, they make their "salad" a lot "wetter" (MORE mayo) than most people do at home. If you're craving tuna, you're better off making it at home.

Also, you've got to love the name Angry Whopper. Like... Angry that this Whopper is going straight to my ___________. Report
I do not order a sandwich when out to eat, I can make a healthy one at home. Report
Any food item with the words "double", "triple" "thick" or "angry" should automatically tell you that it's not good! Danger! Report
Yellow peppers shouldnot contain dye.I have grown red, green, and yellow peppers in my organic garden.All of these make very good snacks. Report
I've never had any of these, but I could easily see myself going into a Ruby Tuesday's and saying, "I'm really hungry for a burger today, so I'll get the Boston Blue Burger. It might put me over my calories a little for the day, but it shouldn't be too bad for me." And then to see that it's literally a heart attack on a plate!!! I wish restaurants were held accountable for what they serve. Every menu should have the basic nutritional facts about each food because I think A. people would either think twice before ordering something so horrific for them or B. restaurants would start trying to find ways of cooking foods in a healthier manner. Report
I can't believe people eat this garbage. No wonder there's obesity running rampant in America. All it takes is common sense to know that these sandwiches are nothing but gut busters, and a heart attack waiting to happen. I'm 62 years old, and can honestly say I never tasted a Big Mac, or would want to.
I will visit only subway a couple times a week, and eat a 6" sub packed with veggies, but even for a healthy sandwich at Subway, there are rules to follow.

1. Always have your sub on Honey Oat, or Wheat bread. These have 4-5 grams of fiber.

2. Your best meats are the Turkey breast, Chicken Strips or Roast beef. Never get the chicken breast, it's full of partially hydrogenated oils, and the ham contains nitrates.

3. Never get the yellow peppers they contain FDC dye. That's why they're yellow.

3. Your best topping for sauce is plain brown mustard. The sweet onion and honey mustard both contain high fructose corn syrup.

This information was taken from Subway's ingredient list which I was able to get a hold of.

An example of a typical healthy sub I'll order at subway would be as follows:

6" honey oat turkey sub with spinach(never lettuce), 5 tomatoes, green peppers and onion with one swipe of brown mustard.

You can't go wrong with this one.

I'll never eat fast food at the major chains unless I have no choice, and then I'll order just the basic burger without all the garbage.

If you want a good lunch at home try the new Cambell's Healthy Select soups. There delicious, and low in sodium and fat. I'll eat a bowel with a few 100% whole wheat crackers which I get at Cosco. Report
I've never had the Quizno's tuna melt sandwich, but I was surprised to see a tuna sandwich on a worst list. I generally tend to think that tuna is a relatively safe bet. Guess not!! Report
I don't think I have ever had any of these. We don't have most of those chains in our area. No Hardees and I have never heard of McAlisters. I don't like Chilis and seldom go to any of the others. Report
We frequently visit Ruby Tuesday's and very rarely Chili's. My teenagers are likely to order these huge burgers, so I'm glad I can tell them what the calorie and fat count are in each! Generally, though, my kids order two mini sliders (either beef or turkey) and a salad at Ruby Tuesday's. I'm not a fan of Chili's, but when we do end up there, the kids generally get fried chicken and fries. Ugh. I don't go to Chili's much because their WW meals are bland IMO, and I don't like the rest of their menu. Report
There is a Quizno's near my office, and I do stop in occasionally. I usually get a small sandwich, and skip the dressing to cut the sodium. They have calorie info on their website, so it is easy to plan ahead. That's how I learned that the tuna melt was a "must to avoid", even in the small size.

About the only burger I get anymore is at a local place that has a plain quarter-pounder with veggies, and a side of fresh fruit. Report
I never eat any of those sandwishes but I wonder... What in the world to they put in there for their sandwishes to be so high in calories? That must be such bad quality meat (certainly not lean cuts) and fatty sauces... Yuk! Report
With sandwiches that contain that many calories, it is no wonder that a large portion of the population is overweight. Fast food is promoted. I am finding that eating at home is the healthiest. I like being able to determine what goes into the food I am eating. Report
I never had and I dont want any of these Report
Interesting to see Quizno's which often touts itself as a healthier alternative have 2 sandwiches high up on the list. Tuna melt almost 2000 calories?!?! Hope that's all you were planning on eating for the day - wow. Report
Death on a bun! I'll pass...or I'll pass away! Report
Dear FLUFFY_KITTY, if you can't find a fast food item on SparlPeople there is a site called calorieking that has the breakdowns for most fast food menus. The good news is your plain Arby's was only 320 cals. and had 21 grams of protein, the bad new is that it had 13 gr. total fat, 5 gr. saturated fat, 44 gr. cholesterol, and a whopping 953 grams sodium. Report
I have had the McAllister's Club sandwich once before. I had no idea it was so awful, but it was also too big for me to eat, so I had half for lunch and half for dinner. The others are no-brainers. If you can't figure out a Quad Stacker is bad for you, you shouldn't be living on your own. Report
I wonder what about Arby's roast beef sandwich? I had that last Saturday. I put nothing on it...I believe it was a junior?
Is this a healthy option? Report
NONE of those sandwiches are ones that I would even eat. Rarely would I even eat anything like that....even when I was gaining weight Report
".....But the Quiznos nutrition fact for a large tuna melt sub lists a whopping 2090 calories and 175 grams of fat. If you skip the dressing you will save 620 calories and if you skip the extra cheese, you will save a further 110, reducing the total to 1360 calories. Even a large veggie sub with cheese and dressing adds up 1220 calories with 75 grams of fat. Think you might just stick to salad? A Quiznos Caesar salad sports 1000 calories, including dressing. " Report
Wow! I knew they would be bad but had no idea how bad. Report
appalling...not surprising
Every time I have an "urge" to have a fast food burger I look up the nutrition facts online & it reality comes back with a THUD.
Then I go buy VERY lean beef, cook it on my GF grill & omit the bread.
Satisfies my craving for a junk burger and I dont feel grossed out afterwards (like I do right now after reading this blog entry, LOL) Report
I am not a sandwich person and thank goodness the calories in these are huge!! Report
thank you so much for your homework on the sandwiches.... Report
I had half a Big Mac 10 years ago and that was the last time I was in Micky Ds! In and Out burgers are the best but unfortunately (or thankfully) there aren't any in the UK where I live. Report
I used to like Big Macs but I haven't had one in years. Never tried any of the others and certainly won't now. Report
Thank gooness I've never eaten any of those. Report
No, thank goodness. Report
wow,that is unreal. Report
wow i am glad that I am off burgers for a while Report
Before ordering out I always do my research online. I have used one website in particular a few times for quiznos so I know which toppings to eliminate. The site offers the total fat count for the large tuna melt listed above as 175g!!!!!! All I can say is....I don't understand how restaurants can make foods like this and have a conscience. Don't they feel bad that they're helping to bestow upon people diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and all the other health related issues that arise from consuming so much fat/ calories? I've included the website below (open to the quiznos page) in case anyone wants to use it for future ordering purposes....

None on my favorites list. But I wonder where the New York Deli Corned beef with coleslaw and Russian dressing rates? When' I'm in Manhattan I gotta have one or it won't be a trip to New York! Report
Thank goodness no! Report
The Red Robin Monster Burger was my downfall. It is normally 1,151 calories, and I used to get mine with extra cheese and sauteed mushrooms, for a total of 1,361 calories. I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. I don't go to Red Robin anymore. Report
My arteries clogged and my gag reflex occurred just reading this. I am so glad that I am a "make it at home" Morningstar Farms Grillers Original Burger kinda gal. When on road trips, I will indulge in a BK veggie burger, but none of these offering would ever cross my mind or my palate. How eye-opening! Report
Good Lord! I got fat just reading this blog!!!!! Enough sodium to give you a heart attack, not even coming close to the calories........... yuck!!!!!!! Report
Thank goodness I'm vegan. I'm not saying we can't get calories up there like you Omni'(meat eaters). Most of the places listed don't even have vegetarian options let alone vegan options. So if I do dine at one of them with family/friends I end up ordering steamed veggies or salad. Lol that being said thank God I live in SoCal I can visit my local veg restuarants! Report
Wow! I don't order sandwiches or burgers at restaurants, but those mentioned above are definitely foods to stay away from. Report
Oh my. To think this is what so many kids are being raised on! Report
OMG!!! That's disgusting! Report
I don't eat biggie burgers...and not many smaller ones! But eating a smaller berger, slowly with a salad or soup first, and a chocolate milk, I feel treated, and have many more health benefits! Report
It disturbs me that Quizno's does not readily publish their nutritional information. I've never eaten there and DEFINITELY won't now that my life is so very different, so much healthier.

Missy Report