12 of the Worst Restaurant Sandwiches

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A thick, juicy burger is almost as American as apple pie and many of us grew up eating a Whopper or Big Mac. With the Whopper offering 670 calories and a Big Mac providing 540 calories, would you be surprised to hear the apple pie might be the better choice since it contributes only half the calories. With a calorie contribution that large, this certainly must be why we have a weight problem in America right? Unfortunately, there are many worse offenders out there.

Here are 12 of the worst sandwiches currently on popular American restaurant menus that make the Whopper and the Big Mac look low calorie.

Burger King BK Quad Stacker Sandwich

Calories – 1,010

Fat – 70 grams

Sodium – 1,800 mg

McAllister's Club Sandwich

Calories – 1,029

Fat – 56 grams

Sodium – 3,143 mg

Hardee's Double Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,150

Fat – 78 grams

Sodium – 2,410 mg

Hardee's Bacon Cheese Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,200

Fat – 84 grams

Sodium – 2,450 mg

Ruby Tuesday's Alpine Swiss Burger

Calories – 1,207

Fat – 83 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Hardee's Monster Thickburger Sandwich

Calories – 1,320

Fat – 95 grams

Sodium – 3,020 mg

Burger King Angry Triple Whopper Sandwich

Calories – 1,360

Fat – 91 grams

Sodium – 1,830 mg

Quiznos Large Double Cheesesteak Sandwich

Calories – 1,410

Fat – 9.5 grams saturated fat (no total fat provided)

Sodium – 2,960 mg

Ruby Tuesday's Boston Blue Burger

Calories – 1,424

Fat – 96 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Ruby Tuesday's Smokehouse Burger

Calories – 1,434

Fat – 97 grams

Sodium – Not Available

Chili's Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites w/Bleu Cheese Sandwich

Calories – 1,650

Fat – 103 grams

Sodium – 5,370 mg

Quiznos Large Tuna Melt Sandwich

Calories – 1,760

Fat – 25 grams saturated fat (no total fat provided)

Sodium – 2,120 mg

Any of these sandwiches on your favorites list or that surprised you? Are there others we have missed?

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It's totally disgusting to think that you could consume an entire day's worth of calories in one sandwich! I'll try to remember this blog next time I'm tempted for a huge burger! I'm one for posting calories... I think it would keep me from food sins like these! Report
I think I'll stick with my own burgers. Leaner meat, a LOT less sodium, and guaranteed fewer calories. My heart hurts just reading those! Report
wow; hard to believe something so 'innocent' as tuna could be in a 1700-calorie sandwich! guess it's all the fixins... and prolly an incredibly larger serving size! Report
I am very lucky that I am rarely tempted to eat at fast food restaurants...this is not a surprise to me. Report
I'm glad we don't have any of those here in Australia. Even our burger King doesn't have those options. Report
Glad to see my favorite sandwich shop was not listed here! I can't believe people are still eating this stuff today. Report
I am slightly ashamed to admit that I've eaten a few of those sandwiches!!! Yikes! Report
These are the lunch and dinner items. If you want a scare look at the breakfast items, especially the salt content. Report
I like a tuna melt but the Quizno one at 1760 is my exact total calories I am allowed each day so I would not even be able to have a bite of anything the rest of the day.
I like the Burger King whopper but I don't need the calories. I usually get a whopper JR which probably isn't much better.
I rarely eat out for the reason that everything is so high calorie and/or unhealthy.
Yuck. Nothing tastes as good as a small, homemade burger right off the bbq served on a multigrain pita.

Even when I weighed 221 I stayed away from fast food! It's garbage.
Wow, I had the Quizno's Tuna Melt torpedo....that probably was not too much better than the large sandwich... Report
I don't think I've eaten them either and half I've never heard of because I don't eat there even if we have one in town. Some are too big for me to eat. I like a mall sandwich. Report
I guess Ill stick with Subway! Report
I've never had any of these...thank goodness!!! Report
As far as I know, I've never eaten any of them!!! Report
oh man now I know how i did this, I could eat 2 of those monster burgers from hardees and sleep for a day but man I used to love the taste. clue in to the word "used to" . Report
Augh! I don't ever eat at Quiznos, but that would be a sandwich I might have ordered.... Report
At least we know why that Burger King burger is "angry" !! Report
Ha! I don't go to any of those places except for Burger King and when I do I NEVER order those burgers! I always get the chicken wrap with no chipotle sauce and a side salad or a crispy chicken sandwich no mayo and no bread extra lettuce or I get something grilled. Lately, I only eat at Subway tho. Report
They all sound awful, to be honest with you. I don't eat stuff like that. Report
I've never had any of those sandwiches. My fav is MD's Fish Filet, but I take off the tartar sauce so I can get it for around 275 calories. Report
I never had any of those sandwiches. My weakness is the little bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys and I only have that maybe once every few months. I thought THAT was bad in terms of calories and fat content, but it almost looks healthy compared to these sandwiches. Report
I've never had any of those, but I rarely eat fast food.
I'd rather stay home and make my own Boca or Morningstar Farms veggie burger.
If I do have to eat at a fast food place, I go to places that have the nutrition info available and make my choices based on that. Report
None of these are show stoppers ... sad really how bad they are for you. Report
none of these surprise me nor have I ever had any of these burgers. Report
Living in CA with the new law, it has definitely changed the way my hubby (spark member) & I eat out! It helps tremendously to be informed prior to making menu choices. We have no excuses for not knowing what the nutritional values are. It is so very easy, as all the info is posted on the restaurants websites. i wish it would be nationwide! Report
I've never had any of the sandwiches, nor do I care to since I know the facts. A McDonalds in Canada has a double Big Mac. Major YUK Report
Wow! What an eye opener. Report
it is no surprise usually all fast food is loaded with calories Report
never would have thought that the tuna melt from quiznos would be the worst! oh man, my boyfriend eats those! Report
I've never had any of these, but then we're not big burger people. When I do want a burger, I get an In 'n Out single and fries, and I'm happy. Good to know the nutrition facts, though. Report
I am not surprised by any of these. Report
Don't forget the McDonald's Angus burgers, those are particularly horrible and I was really taken back by the amount of calories in Taco Bell's nachos in a taco salad shell. Report
Fascinating- the highest calorie one is the tuna melt- one would think that would be the 'healthy' choice. I think it would be helpful if menus carried this info. When folks decided to not eat them because they now knew the calorie content restaurants might offer healthier options so they could stay in business.

Over 5000 mg of salt- whoa! Report
Y (double) U- (double) C- (triple) K for a nasyt YUCK to all these disgusting foods. Who really is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hungry in the U.S. to need to eat an Angry Triple Whopper??? That is just totally, abusively dis-gusting! there are MANY millions of folks in the world who do not even get to taste not even an ounze of the bread nor meat nor cheese nor whatever that's in this sandwich for not even one whole year. let alone to get to eat an angry sandwich all at once...YUCK!! America needs knowledge, discipline and total self control! Report
How true Nanner! And if you look at the fat and sodium on these you'll see the higher ranking ones are the chicken and the tuna! Heart attacks in the making. Report
Wow... how can something so disgusting be so tasty.... ick. I'll have my hamburgers homemade at home thank you. Report
And to think that doesnt even include the fries etc. on the side. Very helpful/useful information. The sodium counts also amaze me even the chicken sandwhich is high in sodium. Report
Hoe-Lee Cow! No wonder why we are "growing" as a society. What's funny (and not haha funny) are those who eat this type of stuff with french fries, onion rings and dessert only to wash it down with a diet soda. Report
I knew that the Whopper had a lot of calories, and when you add the cheese it sends it up to over 800...and that's without the fries or onion rings! Yet, about once every couple of months I sabotage myself by eating it. I've got to do a better and more consistent job on my program. Report
I will not be eating any sandwiches out now wow ! Report
That's why when my husband and I eat out, we split an order, especially at quiznos. But we don't choose anything nearly as high calorie as these, even to eat half of. Report
yeesh! Im sure glad big chains are required to disclose this info now-- not that any of those sound especially alluring, but still-- people oughta know Report
At least now the chains use words like “monster” and “angry” as clues to stay away. Report
I don't think we have most of those restaurants in Canada... and I can't say that I'm missing out. I would not feel comfortable eating in any of those places -- if you cannot find sodium counts or fat calculations for some/any food items, then they are hiding something. Stay far, far away!
;-) Report
Alot of these foods items are common sense with their names that include words like Large, or double, extra bacon cheese burger. I do eat an occasional burger but I always get it without cheese,bacon and all those sometimes tasty but fattening add ons. Report
All I can say is, "WOW." While I am not into "burgers" outside of my home, this is very "good" information. Thanks! Report

Burger King BK Quad Stacker Sandwich

My first thought after seeing that--OMG, they MAKE that? Are you serious? It's almost enough to make me vegetarian. Almost. Report
Even the veggie burger at Ruby Tuesday has 900-something calories in it. Yuck! Report