13 Inspiring Instrumental Workout Songs

By , Susie Crossland-Dwyer
Editor's Note (Nicole Nichols): Here at SparkPeople, we know just how powerful music can be as a motivator for your workouts, which is why we try to share new music ideas often. My friend Susie (who is an amazing Spinning instructor) uses a lot of instrumental songs in her classes, and I'm always surprised at how motivating and upbeat they are even though they have little to no words—and are often songs I've never heard before. If you are looking for some new fitness music that will push you, inspire you, and help you focus in your next workout (or race), this list is for you! Here are 15 of her favorite instrumental songs that are great for exercise!
Blackmill – "The Drift" (available from iTunes)

Blue Man Group – "Exhibit 13"

Gladiator ft. Izzy – "Now We Are Free (Extended Mix)" (available from iTunes)

Jorge Quintero – "300 Violin Orchestra"

Kodo – "Strobe’s Nanafushi (Satori Mix)"

Lindsey Stirling – "Transcendence"

Riding the Waves, AfroCelt Soundsystem – "Riding The Waves"

Rodrigo y Gabriela – "Juan Loco"

RP – "I'm Gonna Get Tribal (Climb)"
(no video available)

Mike Simpson - "Hittin’ the Bars (Score)"

Safri Duo – "Samb-Adiago"

Silent Nick – "Palladio"

Supa Dups & Khan – "Drumline Riddim"

About the Author
Susie Crossland-Dwyer has completed many triathlons (including Louisville IRONMAN) and marathons—and two 50-mile ultra-marathons. After graduating college, she co-founded the life coaching company, ikigai (Japanese for “that which makes life most worth living”), to help others clarify and pursue their life goals. Through the process of leading others she discovered her own purpose: to help individuals find confidence and strength through fitness and healthy living. In 2010 she founded studio s, a boutique-style fitness facility in Cincinnati offering personal training, Spinning and Pilates. Featuring programs rooted in the community and classes infused with philosophical elements, studio s is a breeding ground for others to realize their physical potential and pursue their passions. Susie is marathon running coach and is certified in personal training, group exercise, Spinning, Pilates (mat and reformer), and True Movement. She blogs about her life and fitness adventures at www.marburgreal.blogspot.com.

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GRANNYOF05 10/19/2019
ty Report
EO4WELLNESS 7/10/2019
Nice list. Report
TOMORROW-C 5/23/2019
A couple of faves + a new one, thanks! Report
SPINECCO 1/27/2019
Thanks. Report
Great songs! Report
Nice! Report
Nice! Report
Cant wait to try these at the gym. Report
never heard of any of these (:-( Report
Thank you for the list. I often pray when I walk, and this will give me new background music. Report
Great. Report
A warrior who had more than he needed would make a feast. He went around and invited the old and needy. Black Elk (Ogala Lakota) 4/28/18 Report
Thanks for a great article :) Report
thanks Report
very nice Report
very nice Report
A great collection of songs to workout to! Report
I'd include "Fire on High", by Electric Light Orchestra. One of the best instrumentals I've ever heard! Report
A whole lotta moving going on here!! Thanks for sharing! Report
I enjoyed the music to my weight training Report
These look pretty good. I think I'll go with some of the songs on my next playlist. Report
ahhh I tried to create a Spotify playlist based on this list, but quite a few of these are not available on Spotify. I have made a new name for it "Inspiring Instrumental Workout Songs" with a note connecting it to this blog (link, name etc..). I've added a few songs I was already familiar with, and added them to this list (songs I've never "had a home for" are here now - like from Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Perpetuum Mobile" etc.). You can search for the playlists under user name MSDRPEPPER.
3.16.2016 I found a couple more by using different search patterns, Still haven't been able to find the last one - Drumline Riddim by Supa Dups & Khan - but I have found several others in the "Riddim" traditional, in instrumental versions, so I have added those to my list. (Interesting learning about that style of music.). Report
El Ten Eleven's self titled album is awesome to work out to. It's upbeat and mellow at the same time. I use it when I'm light jogging and for studying. Report
I love Lindsey Stirling's music. My sister gave me a CD last year and I have it on my iPhone . I scramble the songs and tunes I walk to - always get a happy jolt when I hear one of her pieces start. Report
I can't listen to "Exhibit 13". I know it's been more than a decade, but it's still too soon for me. Report
Great list! I always love discovering new music, and especially the upbeat ones for adding to a running playlist. Thanks! Report
Two movie themes were not mentioned and they are great: Chariots of Fire and the Flying Theme from ET. In the classical realm, Night on Bald Mountain, In the Hall of the Mountain King. Report
I agree that music can be motivating, especially in a class. However, a warning: When outdoors you MUST be aware of your surroundings. Music in your ears blocking out the world can be dangerous. I wish these types of articles would mention that. Report
Please, SP blog writers take note! Please include videos (preferably on the blog itself, but at least a link) so we can preview them before being directed straight to amazon to buy them!
Thanks for the list! Report
I love listening to Lindsey Stirling but I love the violin! =) Report
Depending on your taste and if you don't mind the style, Mozart's "Requiem For A Dream" is long and perfectly intense for a good cardio routine; will keep you moving. And look into a TV Show called "The Tribe." The soundtrack from that show (It's Re-Mix, and the Re-Release especially...all of which available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes) is FULL FULL FULL of good instrumental tracks that will keep you moving. Report