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21 Days to Your Healthiest Summer Ever

By , SparkPeople Blogger
June is coming up fast, which means sweet, sweet summer is almost officially here! With its gorgeous weather, abundant produce and huge variety of outdoor activities, summer is the perfect time for reaching new health and fitness milestones. If you've been looking for a little extra push to get a leg-up on your healthy-living goals for summer, look no further! We're here for you with a new challenge to help you build up some seriously strong momentum as we dive into the season.

From June 1 through June 21 (the official first day of summer!), we're challenging YOU to ''Streak into Summer" with us. For these next 21 days, we'll give you one simple daily action to help you get on the fast track to a healthier, happier you this summer. 

Joining the challenge is simple! Note that this challenge is a little bit different than others we've hosted in the past. This time, we've created a Facebook group just for this challenge, called the Streak Into Summer Challenge. Simply click on the link and join the challenge by June 1st to receive daily healthy tasks to do, along with built-in support from your fellow challenge-goers!

Each day of the challenge, comment within the Facebook event to stay accountable and let us know how you're doing. Then, we'll serve up tips and encouragement to keep you headed in the right direction! (PS: If you don't use social media, feel free to start a SparkStreak and update your SparkPage status or blog every day to keep yourself accountable.) 

At SparkPeople, we've seen time and time again how our members have made small, consistent actions that snowball into bigger lifestyle changes. We KNOW that making an effort to spend a daily chunk of time on your fitness (even a tiny chunk) will help you revamp your goals and step into summer on a healthier, happier and more energized note! Are you up for the challenge? Let's start streaking! You can join the challenge here.

Want to get your friends on board and spread awareness about the challenge? Post about it on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Google+  with the hashtag #SummerStreaking!

What do you think? Will you "Streak into Summer" with us?

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SPARKNB 7/3/2020
#deleteFacebook Report
USMAWIFE 6/13/2020
thank you Report
The link does not work.
EVILCECIL 8/13/2019
I am also not on FB - this should be available here on SP. Report
Thank You for a great article...……... Report
This had been a very healthy summer for me Report
Thanks. Report
I wish I'd have known about this back in 2015!!! Report
Like some others I also do not want to join Facebook. It doesn't matter why but
I think there should be a place for EVERYONE who wants to join the 21 day
challenge. Report
What about those not on Facebook - can we get a list of the challenges Report
I started today to do the 10 minutes for myself. I did 20 minutes today. I don't mine sharing on my wall on Facebook.
Aerobics, a bit of short standing jogging. Variations and cool down. I am 73 so I have to know my limitations. I have been doing dancing for 35 minutes sometimes on my group.
I feel better for it. My muscles were so tight during winter being a couch potato. Now they are being loser. Right now my friends and relatives bought a pass for gyms. So not knowing anyone who will do it the home way or videos. Will put on Facebook on my wall. Perhaps some who have not joined a gym. Will consider to do it on own and see this. Report
Not on Facebook and not going to be. Report
Did 60 minutes of exercise...walking video plus walking during chores, etc.. Report
I searched for it on FB and nothing comes up and I did see it yesterday? What happened? Report
Well, Sparkguy, "data" is the operative word. Data collection & the sale thereof are exactly why many of us avoid Facebook.

Fitness, exercise & diet tracking IS health info to doctors & insurance companies.

Please do make the challenges available still on Spark! Report
This just came in my sparkpeople email (June 2). so I'm already a day behind. :( Report
Not everyone is into social media. Once you create a Facebook account, you cannot delete it, even upon death. I do Facebook but I understand why some don't want to, so I can understand why they want challenges available both ways. Report
Hi Everyone -- yes, we read comments -- not all of them all the time, but we try our best with our small team :). We're excited to try this one as a test of using Facebook for a challenge. Almost all of our challenges are still on SP, but we know from our data that huge numbers of SP members interact with the site from our Facebook page, so we wanted to test this out to see the response from that group. We're also working on a huge project that will upgrade our challenges functionality on SP since members like these so much.

Thanks for your support!


Chris (SparkGuy) Report
If you don't do FB, there are still plenty of challenges available on Spark that are very similar. Report
Does anyone from SP admins read these comments? Just curious. Report
There is no join button on the Facebook page. Report
Nice idea, but why limit it to Facebook? I am not on Facebook (and apparently I am not the only one!). Please make this available on the Spark People site. Report
I really wish you would do this on SP, and not Facebook (and it looks like I am not the only one). Posting a spark streak is not at all the same thing. I won't do FB. Report
I am not a member of Facebook, so I can't participate even though I would like to. Report
I'd do it but I'm not remotely interested in joining FB. Report
I'm perplexed why people are demonizing Facebook. It's easy to use and you don't have to post anything personal about yourself. Somebody mentioned not wanting to share health info on Facebook...why would you have to? You don't. Report
I love the challenges, but I don't do Facebook and don't plan to. Report
Sounds like a good challenge and so doable...but sorry, not interested in doing it on FB. Report
I love your challenges... but not on FB. Report
I'd love to be a part of this but don't do facebook. Report
Like the idea. I've done calendar challenges like this in the past, but I DON'T do Facebook, and I'm not going to go through all the trouble of setting up a page, setting it to private, etc., etc. I come to SPARK to do this sort of thing. It should be available on SP as well as FB! Report
Hey SparkPeople can we PLEASE have a calendar for this challenge on Spark People where we get to click on each day?! Scrolling through the comments it seems even us Facebook users were disappointed that it wasn't another cool calendar challenge. We do need more of that format. Spark People is a very special online community and quite unique. Report
join face book for 21 days and then turn your page off for those who don't like face book you can set the page to private use a fake name i could complain with all the phone stuff they off since i don't have a cell i just move on and deal with it. some of us have slow internet connections and can't do the videos so you don't do it and not complain and mess things up for those that can. be thankful Spark is Free. Report
They gave people options to join this challenge even if you don't use facebook. Why complain? This is a great way to spread the spark outside the website. Isn't that what we are supposed to do? Encourage others! Report
I was super excited about this until I saw it was on Facebook. You really should be giving the option to join two ways, Facebook and one right here on this site. Report
Personally I think the Facebook Component is an excellent idea! It will help other people who see my page become aware of Spark People. It will allow me to invite my non- Spark "trying to lose weight" family and friends to participate. And Facebook won't be sharing my health info if I don't put it on there. I do post how much weight I've lost because I like/need the encouragement from my friends. Let's do this! Report
This totally sucks. Why are you making information and challenges only available on Facebook. Not all of us here on this site have Facebook or are willing to subscribe to it. Come on Sparkpeople, use your heads!!!!! Report
I agree with so many others below. I was about to sign up, and then saw Facebook. I like having a daily challenge, but I don't want to be involved with Facebook. Report
I was very excited about finally seeing a new official Spark Challenge, rather than one of those sponsored ad-filled use our product(s) "challenges." Then I saw it was only on Facebook. :(
I am another user who is not comfortable linking my health information to social media. There used to be wonderful Spark Challenges that had official teams and checkboxes for completing the activities, with everything contained on Spark. Are those ever coming back? Report
I'm in. Adding this with the Jessica Smith challenge that also starts on the 1st.

For those complaint about not using fb, why don't you use that energy and start a sparkteam. Think outside the box.

Have a healthy and fit day. Report
I would love to do this and have the support of other Sparkers but am not on Facebook and never will be so can't join in this challenge and get the support I will need to complete it. Very disappointed that this challenge has been relegated to Facebook users, isn't this why we have SparkPeople, so we can support each other here in a non-judgemental forum? Report
I was really interested and then saw FB only. That's really disappointing. Now we can only join a challenge to help us loose weight if we do FB??? Ugh I have enough road blocks of my own without SparkPeople making them for me! Report
I too was tempted, but won't join because I don't want the FB component. Report
Would probably want to join but I'm another NO to FB, Twitter, etc. Report
Why use Facebook when Sparkpeople has a built in function for challenges? Those have worked for us for years. I come here to interact with other with similar goals, and have the Facebook for family and work interactions. I might share run info with them, but I certainly am not going to be sharing my weight/health/diet info with them. Report
I agree. With the issues Facebook has had, I'm not interested in using Facebook. Please try to make this somehow available to all Spark users. I love the challenges but am disappointed this is not more friendly to all Sparkpeople. Facebook users are able to use any Spark challenge, but non-Facebook users are not. The suggestion to start a "Spark streak" does not provide the same support as a challenge. Report
I use Facebook, but never for weight loss or SparkPeople. I am keeping my progress a secret from my parents, who will be shocked to see me about 110 pounds lighter this Christmas -- I don't want them to have any spoilers! Next year, count me in. Report
I really like the idea of these challenges, but I don't do facebook or twitter. It would be really nice if it would be a calendar format like the other challenges. Those are the best, in my opinion! Report
I also do not do Facebook. Report