31 Real-World Tips to Reach Any Resolution

By , SparkPeople Blogger
If you're like most people, you've been reflecting on your life as of late and looking forward, setting new goals and envisioning where you want to be in the future. If you've set some goals for 2012, great! That is the first step to making your dreams become a reality. But you may not be sure just how you're going to take the steps necessary to bring those goals to fruition. That's OK. I've got some help for you.
Behavior experts say that it takes about one month to form a new habit, and many people try to create (or break) habits at the start of each year. With the right attitude and focus, you can stick to your New Year's resolutions and achieve long-term success.
Here are 31 smart goal-setting tips that will help you do exactly that.
Tip #1
If you haven't yet settled on your top goals for the year, do so today. Writing down your goals (in specific terms) means you're more likely to achieve them.
Tip #2
Are your goals specific and positive? Rather than vowing "to exercise" for example, reword each goal so that it is clear and measurable: I will walk 30 minutes every day. I will complete a 5K race. I will do a yoga DVD twice a week.
Tip #3
Post your written goals in places where you'll see them often—on your computer or fridge, in a picture frame on your desk, as a bookmark, and in your wallet. These reminders will help you stay focused and on track.
To get all 31 tips, click here to download SparkPeople's free tip-of-the-day PDF! By following this advice, your goals will become your reality in no time!
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What is your #1 goal for the New Year? How will you make sure you achieve your resolutions this year?

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FISHGUT3 11/25/2019
thanks Report
great Report
Excellent blog, very informative. Report
None of this matters if you have a poor self image Report
Now is the time to start, SparkFriends. What a way to welcome the 2018 New Year! Report
This year my fitness goals include: running training x 3 per week & competing in x4 5 km races & x 2 10 km races. I aim to practice yoga daily & to do yoga teacher-training. I aim to weight train x 3 per week.
Happy new year everyone! Report
goals for winter 2012: STAY on track...eating well, exercise daily, feeling great...work on the next 10 lbs (lost 10 in 2011)...train for a spring 5k (will be my first)
Try to stick to veg diet. Report
My first goal is to walk for at least 30 minutes 6 days a week or do my walking dvd on the days when the weather isn't compatible for walking outside. I will also track my calories and continue to cut the amount of fat in my diet so it is at a reasonable amount!! I'm also going to start a journal and write down three good things that happened during the day!! Report
Thank-you for the post with its wise words & advise. I had to bookmark the calendar as my computer is having communication problems with my printer. Thank-you for the calendar, I shall do my best to read each day's suggestion after I login. Report
This year I WILL walk for 30 minutes a day! Doing this one thing will help me tremendously! Report
I am definitely keeping a log in 2012 Report
I want to keep going and stick with my new lifestyle. I am going to reach my 1st goal which is to lose 8lbs, 2nd 5 and then my last 5 lbs. Report
I am putting all my plans in writing. Report
I saved the calendar to my desktop. Seems very helpful and motivational. :) Report
#1 goal is to change my mindset from a specific figure on the scale or tape measure as the finish line, and change it to firmly establishing a lifetime of healthy habits. Report
#1 Goal, other than continue my balanced, healthy lifestyle, and continue maintenance, would be:

Consistency with fitness! I haven't been consistent in fitness since November due to my ankle surgery. My plan to change this is now that I can begin exercising moderately, I will begin my physical therapy exercises, and participate in the January Jumpstart Challenge. I will modify the videos as needed, use the elliptical, exercise bike, treadmill, walking outdoors, and other exercises as approved. I look forward to this challenge to build consistency most of all, and help get myself back to my previous fitness level. Report
I set my goals in the Spark Other Goals and stay motivated by the tracker! Report
I am going to complete a 5K this year by following the 5K Your Way plan here on SparkPeople.
I will eat less meat and more vegetable filled main meals.
New beginnings are so refreshing! Best of luck to all of us.
Fran Report
My goal this year is to get back on track, fit more exercise into my routine and forgive myself when I eat the wrong things. Report
I print out the calendar every month and post it on my wall at work! Report
My goal for this year is to not be so hard on myself..try my best everyday to do what is good for me and my Healthy Life style! Try to get up with a positive attitude, and do what is necessary to keep me healthy!
Happy New Year my Spark friends..much successs to you on reaching your goals, big or small!

Elaine Report
My goals for the New Year are:Maintain my current weight of 135 lbs, but then try and loose another couple pounds by Summer, Continue to strive to drink more water because that is one of my big weaknesses, Continue to log what I eat and drink on my nutrition tracker, help others including my enemies, do the best I can at my job because no matter what you do it's still important, continue to weigh myself on occasion, but stick more with my measurements because they seem to tell the true picture. These are just some of my goals, but I am sure there will be others! Have a Happy New Year everyone! Believing is achieving! Report
Calendar ... printed!
Goals .... complete 28 Day Boot Camp starting, 1/1/2012!
.... lose 30 lbs by my 2nd wedding anniversary and 45th birthday - 7/2/2012!
.... fit into the clothes I already have! Report
I printed out this calendar in hopes of keeping myself on track this year. My goals are to lose 10 pounds, exercise at least three times a week alternating stationery bike riding with walking on the treadmill. Of course one more goal is to learn and stick to portion control! Report
New year new goals, walk 30 minutes a day. Strength train 2 days a week. Curves
3 dats a week Report
Love this calendar. Will use tips to get and STAY healthy Report
My goals for this year: Stay with Spark and not give up; Walk at least one 10 KM- there are 2 in my area this year;get my cholesterol levels under 175 with normal LDL levels; work toward jogging again which will happen if I continue to loose weight, however slowly. I´m Sparked, and have been for a while! I want to make sparking a habit which I won´t quit. Report
Love this calendar! Report
Most people give up and quit and go back to old habits of eating junk food, so the researchers say, but I know it is about staying at it year after year as this is the only life I get. I can't get any YOUNGER, but I can do for ME. Happy New Year 2012. Report
Most people give up and quit and go back to old habits of eating junk food, so the researchers say, but I know it is about staying at it year after year as this is the only life I get. I can't get any YOUNGER, but I can do for ME. Happy New Year 2012. Report
I love this calendar!! Report