4 Simple Changes Helped Leela Lose 145 Pounds!*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Meet Leela (LCHADBOURNE), a SparkPeople member who has lost 145 pounds and over 100 inches! Find her inspirational story in this week's issue of Woman's World magazine.

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program. 

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FINALE01 1/10/2020
The link provided by RAJMHJ does take you to the article. It was helpful to read her strategies, but Leela's food choices seem dated to me. The menu she used wouldn't cut it with today's knowledge. Report
CTUPTON 1/6/2020
1600 cal per day--interesting, chris Report
BOOKNUT52 11/13/2019
Well, I'll get my points but this was an empty article! Report
RAJMHJ 7/8/2019
Here's a link to the article, I think, www.sparkpeople.com/pr/ww_leela.pdf
. SparkPeople won't allow me to give you the complete link. I hope what I posted is enough for you to get to the article
. Report
DEE107 6/8/2019
way to go great job Report
CALLISTIA 6/4/2019
Wow, feels that Spark appears unprofessional and disengaged to be out of date on recommendations posted on my start page Report
I don't like the way they recycle articles, especially when they are old.
2DAWN4 3/18/2019
I just checked out the latest issue of Woman's World from the library. I was excited to see this article. I went back and looked in the magazine but couldn't find it. Then I noticed the article was from 2011. Too bad! Report
No story Report
What's this all about?!
There's no link to the article. Report
This showed up on my start page today but the article is 7 years old and the user hasn't been active since 2012 as far as I can see. Any way to make the recommended articles more up to date? Report
Funny how many success stories, the person isn’t here anymore.....makes one wonder if they quit, we all know how this can go, of course..... Report
Great job Report
I wish I could read the article. :( Report
The user hasn't been active since 2012? Can we have more current inspiration? Report
This came up on my article feed today as the top story. How would we find the magazine now? Report
disappointed that this showed up on my start page but no way to read how the things she did..no way to get a magazine that old..but thanks for the points anyway.. Report
Happened in 2011, wish we knew how it’s going Now, we know how this can go, don’t we, dieters of the world......... Report
Very inspirational! Report
I wish I could read the article - I only get a Showtime ad! Is there somewhere else to link to it? Report
I thought of me as I read your story and felt that I was doing what you did .It made me feel that I could just do it. Thank you!!! Report
Wow, you are so inspiring to me. I wish you all the best. I need stories like yours to keep me going.

Thanks Report