5 Better Bites for Easter

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Easter is synonymous with bright pastel-colored candy eggs, marshmallow chicks and creme-filled chocolates--which aren't exactly the most waistline-friendly treats. But you can still partake in the goodies without derailing your healthy habits. If you're looking for some alternatives to the usual fare, here are some small tweaks you can make to lighten up your Easter baskets this year (while still having fun)! 

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Choose This: Hollow chocolate bunnies
Instead of That: Solid chocolate bunnies
Slash calories with every bite by choosing a hollowed-out bunny over its solid chocolate cousin. (The hollow ones are more fun to break and eat, anyway!)

Choose This: Dark chocolate-covered almonds
Instead of That: Jordan almonds
Those pretty pastel chocolate-covered almonds in your grandmother's candy dish might look innocent enough, but they're chock-full of sugar—24 grams for one serving. By choosing dark chocolate-covered almonds instead, you'll keep the healthy fats and protein from the almonds while slashing the sugar content.

Choose This: Crystallized candied ginger
Instead of That: Gumdrops
This sounds a little strange, but hear us out—if you love the texture of gumdrops, candied ginger will give you the same satisfaction for far fewer pieces since its flavor is so strong. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties to boot!

Choose This: Dark chocolate eggs
Instead of That: Milk chocolate eggs
If you just gotta have some traditional chocolate eggs, reach for the dark stuff. Dark chocolate boasts a dose of flavanols (plant-based antioxidants that may help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation). Milk chocolate tends to be more processed, which dilutes its nutritional benefits.

Choose This: All-natural jelly beans
Instead of That: Regular jelly beans
Most jelly beans are chock-full of fake flavorings and artificial colors to get that day-glo look. However, many all-natural candy companies have sprouted up in recent years that use natural dyes and flavorings for their candies. Check out Surf Sweets and Green Beans for some wholesome alternatives.

Better yet, skip the candy and go for fun gifts that will help kids make healthy choices—and even get them up and moving! Get more great ideas here.

Psst... Looking for last-minute ideas for your Easter feast? We've got you covered here!

How do you celebrate Easter? Do you use candy alternatives, or do you eat the traditional treats and move on?

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TERRI1458 4/23/2019
I enjoyed the article. I got the candy I wanted but I just didn’t buy as much so I wouldn’t eat as much. Now I’m giving away the last bit of it and putting some in the freezer for another day! Report
HOLLYM48 4/21/2019
Great article! Report
SHOAPIE 4/21/2019
Now, if only I can do this! Report
JIACOLO 4/21/2019
Some good choices Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
KITTYHAWK1949 4/20/2019
I bought candy so I'll be eating candy. kind a wish I'd been smarter. Report
JANETEMILY 4/20/2019
More recent studies have shown that there's not much difference between milk and dark chocolate. Not enough flavenols to matter unless you're eating very large amounts! Better to each whichever you like and watch the portions.
CACUJIN 4/20/2019
Sucking the fun out of the holiday. If one wants sweets, they should have them. The good point would be to avoid over-doing it with the calories. Report
DMEYER4 4/20/2019
thanks Report
MARITIMER3 4/20/2019
Of course we have Easter candy, especially for our almost-4-year-old ganddaughter, but Easter is a religious holiday first. Report
LRCOTE 4/20/2019
Easter is a once-a-year holy day about Jesus and candy. Let us have our candy without your judgement! Report
CD24005866 4/20/2019
thanks Report
ETHELMERZ 4/20/2019
Just do not spoil it for everyone else who enjoy some Easter treats, even if you choose not to have any.......keep your mouth shut. Report
I wasn't going to make an Easter Basket this year, but now I think I will. I'll put in pouches of tuna, jerky, string cheese, and maybe some hard-boiled eggs. Report
Last year I was given a sterling silver crucifix on a chain for Easter. I thought that was MORE appropriate and non caloric. Report
My children are 25 and 27 years old! I have always made Easter baskets "for them." I have come to realize that I wanted the candy for myself!!! I am a slow learner. Report
My BF and I make baskets for each other I sent him a list of non food items I would prefer and I asked him that any candy he buys me be put in plastic eggs in serving sizes so I can not eat it all. My non food ideas, new bands for my fitbit, a few books, hair ties, lip balm, nail polish, nail polish remover, socks, stickers, pens, fun post-its, and those kind of small fun things. Report
This year I'm working on skipping the Easter basket. Hopefully if I do give in it will be for a better choice. Thanks for the info! Report
I'm not keen on candy so if I have anything it will be lemon cake with no frosting, much better idea! Report
This year, I'm only eating sugar-free candy. Report