5 New Supermarket Products You Might Want to Try

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Sometimes it is hard to know which new product appearing on grocery store shelves is worth a try and which is better left on the shelf.

Here are five new supermarket products you might want to give a try when you see them at your store.

  1. Breyers 80-Calorie Yogurt – With dessert style flavors like Strawberry Banana Split and Cinnamon Bun, this probiotic yogurt tastes more like a treat than a daily serving of calcium. This new yogurt offers one hundred percent fat-free, 80 calorie individual servings which are fortified with vitamins A and D and calcium with only 7 grams of sugar. With an anticipated cost of only $.69-$.89 cents per 6-oz cup, definitely a new item you might want to try.
  2. <a data-cke-saved-href="http://www.bumblebee.com" href="http://www.bumblebee.com" target="_blank">Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Tonno in Olive Oil – If you have trouble getting regular servings of omega-3 fatty acids, this might be a new product that could help. This new 5 oz gourmet style oil packed canned tuna provides protein rich yellow fin tuna in olive oil. With an anticipated cost around $1.99 per can with each can providing approximately 2 servings, it provides a healthier version of a standard favorite.
  3. Harvest Splendor Ridge Cut Sweet Potato Wedges – Sweet potato interest is on the rise and they provide a great source of vitamin A to your diet. Sometimes getting family members to give them a try is not always easy. Recently I tried some homemade Spicy Baked Sweet Potato “Fries” for my family. My teen-aged children liked them but they were a little time consuming to prepare. Perhaps these new Harvest Splendor wedges will provide another option when time is more limited for me. They might also be a way to introduce sweet potatoes to your family at times other than Thanksgiving.
  4. Simply Cookies – Sometimes you need freshly baked cookies but don't have the time to mix up a healthy batch on your own using flour, sugar and eggs. Pillsbury Simply… Cookies may be what you reach for next time you find yourself in this situation. These pre-packaged and ready to bake products provide basic ingredients that you would likely put in your mix if you had the time while providing zero trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. These are not as cost effective as when you make them from scratch since one dozen is expected to sell for around $3.49, however, when time is short and quality is important, it is nice to know there is a new option available.
  5. New Reformulated Miller Chill Beer – One hundred calorie servings have now arrived to light beer. This new reformulated beer provides just 100 calories and only 4 grams of carbohydrates in a 12-ounce serving while also offering a hint of lime. While we always encourage enjoying an "adult beverage" in moderation, this might be a better option for your next football tailgate party or friends gathering.

Have you seen or tried any of these items on your store shelves already? Will you specifically watch for any of these items and if so, why?

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Some of these sound good until you read the list of ingredients but since we try to avoid consuming chemicals whenever possible I probably won't try any of these. Report
I have been unable to get sweet potato fries in my area. At least 2 companies make them now. When I visit my son in San Antonio we pick up a supply. They are great.
I tried a new breakfast product that I like "Fast Fixin On the Go Southern Style Omelet" Only 150 Cal. A little high in fat cal. So when I have one for b/fast I watch my fat carefully that day. Report
I will look for the yougurt it sounds really good Report
I will add it is interesting to see what people say. I like knowing what is out there that is new, and sometimes, I too eat processed bad for your (Cool Whip??) hydrogenated stuff I shouldn't. While I like to say I try to be healthy, I use artificial sweetners and eat fake food, I just try to limit it as much as I can. Sometimes you just gotta!!! Report
Sweet potato fries...yummy! I think if something doesn't sound good to you then don't buy it. There does seem to be alot of complaining going on...think on "good things". :) How diverse our tastes are perhaps? Report
Why do people always complain? If they're not complaining about the price, they're complaining about the sugar. If not the sugar, than the fat. If not the fat, then the fact that it's processed. GET OVER IT! I agree with Jenni1127. If you're against something for whatever reason, that's your choice. Don't eat it and don't come on here and try to make yourself feel better about your choices by trying to make everyone else feel like an idiot. Some people subscribe to the "everything in moderation" notion. Maybe you should try moderating the negativity.

That being said, I can't wait to try the yogurt and cookies! And I do love me some sweet potatoes :) Thanks for the article! Report
We tried the Simply Cookies over the weekend. They are a nice occassional treat with emphasis on occassional! They are 150 calories per cookie. Anything with artificial ingredients have been banned from our shopping cart and I do not care for lime in my beer so the cookies are the only thing we will try. It was nice to make just enough for the family to enjoy cookies over the weekend without a hige batch laying around. Report
I have seen the cookies, but did not know what they were really. I will look for the yogurt and tuna soon. Report
The Simply cookies are terrific. I've been buying these for a couple of months. Discovered them while looking for things that are not filled with preservatives. I've been trying to get as many preservatives out of our life as I can and these fit the bill perfectly when I don't want to do from scratch baking. Report
Wow alot of negativity, if it's not for you then don't try it. I work two jobd and really need to find ways to eat better and quicker ways of preparing foods. I thank you for this article Report
I'll be on the lookout for the tuna,maybe the cookies also :) Report
I've already been buying the beer. It's not bad at all! Report
I would definitely be willing to give the yogurt a try! It's worth it to enjoy something so yummy with fewer calories. Report
The idea of cinnamon bun yogurt sounds tasty. Maybe I'll try it, since I don't usually have room for cinnamon buns in my diet. Report
I dunno - I'd rather buy natural yogurt and add fresh fruit. And also just buy sweet potatoes as they are. Report
The Breyer's Yogurt has aspartame in it. I can't eat artificial sweeteners without getting sick. A friend had one at work today and it did look good though! I might try the tuna if the price is ok. Report
Happy to know about the cookies. In our area the snackwell devils food cookies don't exist anymore so it is nice to know about these new ones Report
I am on a Pillsbury newsletter and had heard of the new Simply line of cookie doughs. I was pleased to hear that the big baking industry was hearing public interest in that sort of product (no transfat, no HFCS). I haven't tried any yet, nor seen them in my local stores. I think they may be a choice I may make for simple baking projects with my toddler this Christmas for better choices than other products out there.

I am not interested in the other products. I use unsweetened yogurt and the other products seem more processed than I am used to.
New Reformulated Miller Chill Beer ? Report
I might try the yogurt, but not the others. Baked sweet potatoes are so good and easy to prepare. I've been making cookies for years for my family. It's too tempting to eat the cookies ,so I'm avoiding cookies altogether right now, besides I have the time and I want to know what's in them. Don't drink beer and only buy tuna packed in water. Report
I must be missing something here...while all of these options sound great, I've only seen the cal count for items #1 & #5. The Breyers yogurt will fit in my plan, if there is more info on the simply cookies, please pass IT and the cookies directly into my mouth. Thanks! Report
I've tried the Simply Cookies. My family loved them! We tried the peanut butter cookies but I may pick one of the others this week. Unfortunately I don't know if they are good because they didn't fit into my plan that day! Report
I do not like any of the lite beers, with one exception, and that is Amstel Light. It is simply the best, and my honey who loves Heineken, also agrees, that it is impossible to tell that it is a light beer, due to its body and robust taste. Report
ill try the beer!! this is right up there w/having beer in health food stores!! Report
While I'm not likely to buy any of these (except the tuna) I love the way Spark tries to reach as many different people living as many different lifestyles as possible. Sure, many of us cook from scratch, avoid processed foods like the plague, etc., but many don't, and I appreciate the ways SP includes nearly any lifestyle without making its practitioners feel guilty for a living a lifestyle that has to make compromises from what others consider 'right'.

Good blog, Tanya. Report
Have you seen or tried any of these items on your store shelves already? Will you specifically watch for any of these items and if so, why?

I'm not likely to buy any of these. I love sweet potatoes, but I looked at their ingredient list, and it's a bit too long and too processed for me. I want to eat healthier than that. The tuna - I'll stick to tuna in water, thanks. I wouldn't do the yogurt, either; I'd rather get the Fage that my hubby likes to mix with fresh fruit. I am not a beer drinker, either. As for the cookies - well, I don't make or keep cookies in the house, except maybe at Christmastime, when our neighbor makes tons and gives us a basket full. I am more likely to make banana bread or corn bread for breakfast as a treat, rather than cookies. I do make a (box) cake for the kids' birthdays, when they ask for it, but otherwise we're not likely to buy that product, either.

Tanya, keep the reviews coming! I still like knowing what is new to the market, and you have reviewed some great stuff on this blog. This round just didn't hit in our shopping cart, that's all. :) Report
"Sometimes it is hard to know which new product appearing on grocery store shelves is worth a try and which is better left on the shelf. " I appreciate knowing some of the new things that are out there, whether they are 'healthy', or whatever. Amazing that some of the items are available in different parts of the country than others and how receptive some of us are to having up to date information. I don't believe that this article is INTENDED to be a 'recommended diet'...

This is the first of these blogs I have read and I must admit to being disappointed. With the exception of the tuna this seems like a marketing tool for the companies rather than a healthy food listing for us. I googled the sweet potatoes which sounded interesting to me and 50 of the 140 calories are from fat. ARE YOU RECOMMENDING THESE AS HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES FOR US NICOLE? Please explain. Report
i do great at mealtime but i travel a lot so pick up foods are a downfall. love these ideas thanks bunches Report
I don't buy most of the products listed. The beer is interesting though! Report
I will try the breyers yogurt. I buy the low fat, yogurts with Splenda, but I'm willing to give the breyers a try because of the benefits you listed. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think I'll try the others because Iusually bake and cook from scratch.
That article seems like it was paid for. How 'bout some healthy new items on the market?? Report
I too am a "from scratch" person and am unlikely to try the processed foods listed here. I have reservations about the sustainability of the tuna, which would be possibly the only exception.... But so nice to see you feature yogurt and tuna anyway, in addition to the latest highly processed packaged stuff (like the cookies!) Report
New 80 calorie yogurts?!?! Woo hoo!! Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with the stuff. I eat a LOT of it and new ones that fit my calorie requirements are GREAT news!!! :) Report
My son is a big fan of yogurt and we usually purchase Fiber One, until he discovered the Breyers 80 cal yogurt. The taste is fantastic and the fact that it only has 7 grams of sugar allows my husband to have it as a desert (he is type 2 diabetic). I personally love anything banana so the strawberry banana is my favorite. Report
Thanks for the Info Report
I love tuna and will be on the lookout for this particular one. Yogurt, I make my own and add a bit of fresh fruit or some nuts and honey..... all the fruit and dessert type yogurts make it really tempting for me to want to eat a real dessert not one mimicked in a yogurt. As for sweet potatoes, I usually buy them whole and bake them in the oven in foil much like a regular potato. Report
I've been interested in the Simply Cookies - they are in our stores now. I probably won't buy the rest of the items, but I welcome any article that tells about new products! Report
They sound good but back here in rural USA there is not much of a chance to try a lot of the new things. Just not the market for it. Report
None of these interest me. I make my meals from scratch. I prefer plain, nonfat, greek-style yogurt like Oikos with nothing added. Report
I look forward to trying all of them. The beer, not so much. I quit smoking 193 days ago and I still associate drinking=smoking! Report
I love the yogurt ! Haven't tried the others, but will. Thanks. Report
Unfortunately, I can't imagine using any of these products. I too am a from scratch person and am watching the sodium content on the processed foods. Yogurts are off my list too. The only item that "sparked" interest was the cookies. I stopped baking because of the temptation. Making a smaller premeasured batch might be a good compromise for the kids. Report
Sorry. I probably wouldn’t buy any of these except the yogurt & that’s not avail in Canada & only then on “special” occassions. I like my 35 cal yogurt just fine.

Tuna - way, WaY, WAY too expensive. I’ll keep my tuna in water.

Sweet Potato Wedges - why buy something you can make? Anybody can cut a sweet potato up. We’re getting too lazy. (but thanks for the recipe!)

Simply Cookies - PUH-lease! How lazy can one get??? Pretty soon they’ll be marketing cookies you don’t even have to bake!! Oh. Wait a minute...

I don’t drink beer.

I’m sorry, but there is so much lost in the name of convenience. So much lost...

sounds great- I am going to look for the olive oil on my next shopping trip! Thanks for the suggestions! Report
I believe it's healthier to do my own cooking instead of buying processed things. That way, I can be sure there's no artificial chemicals in anything. Report
I'm excited about the 100 calorie beer! Report
I'll look for the sweet potato wedges, not a cookie eater. Report
Sweet potatoe fries are great. Report
I haven't seen any of these but I'll be looking for them next time I shop. Report