6 Ways to Try New Recipes for Less

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Travel around the world in just one bite--without spending a fortune! Here's how to go global and try new recipes for less at dinnertime tonight.

Stretch pricey ingredients. When you slice beef thinly and add plenty of other tasty ingredients, you can save money and still have the flavor you crave in every bite. (This Teriyaki Beef Bowl is perfect for a crowd.) If you're cooking fish, bake or broil the fillets, then flake into a finished dish. With chicken, shred or chop into bite-size pieces to make a 3-ounce cooked portion seem like more.

Choose meals that feed a crowd. The traditional protein, starch and veggie meal often more expensive than a one-pot meal. Dishes like stir-fries and stews are easy and affordable, and you get a whole meal in a single dish. (Watch this video for simple meals that feed a crowd for less.)

Keep it simple. When choosing global recipes, start with dishes that have convenient and easy-to-find ingredients, rather than those with lengthy, expensive shopping lists. This Coconut Lime Jasmine Rice Pudding is a simple yet interesting dessert.
Bulk up your meals. Serve up hearty portions of foods that are more affordable, such as whole grains (like brown rice) or veggies.

Start with something new. If a new-to-you ethnic recipe seems too complex or expensive to serve as a main dish, make it into a starter instead. You can serve smaller portions, but everyone can still get a taste of something new. (This is also a great way to avoid waste--especially if you have picky palates at the dinner table.)

Don't worry about authenticity. Cooking is an art not a science. Feel free to improvise, omit and edit recipes that seem tricky to pull off. If there's an ingredient you don't have, search the internet for a more common alternative. Does a dish call for a veggie that's out of season or not one you like? Swap it for something you have on hand or something you like. It's just dinner!

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