8 Exercises for Shapelier, Leaner Legs

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Even though fall is just a few short weeks away, it is never too late to begin lower body strength training exercises that will leave you with shapelier, leaner legs come next spring.

Note that you do not have to do all these exercises to get the shapely legs you desire, however, some of the exercises will require access to a gym, stability ball, step and/or resistance bands.

Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes

Hack Squat

Reverse Lunge

Leg Circles

Genie Sit

Abductors and Adductors

Side Stepping

Power Plies

Calves and Shins

Ankle Flexion

Single Leg Raise

For more lower body workouts, check out these two Bootcamp workouts from Coach Nicole: a 7-minute lower body workout using a ball and dumbbells and this 10-minute mat workout that doesn't use any equipment.

What is your favorite strength training exercise for legs? What body part would you like featured in an upcoming blog?

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BABY_GIRL69 8/26/2019
Good info Report
Great Report
SPINECCO 12/24/2018
Thanks for sharing. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
I'm more of a free weight and/or body weight person so a lot of these work for me, thanx! Report
awesome...thanks... Report
Have read so many blogs lately. But do try the exercises Report
Great article Report
great helpful ideas thank you Report
I like doing the leg press machine, but I'm going to give the hack squat machine a try. I like to change up my workout routine every so often so my body doesn't get too used to the exercises. When I get a little sore, I know I'm really working! I hate lunges, though. They hurt my knees, so I've been staying away from those and regular squats. Report
I'd like to get in the habit of doing some leg exercises but I rely more on the cardio (walk, run, bike) to burn the fat than the exercises. And I simply must use the leg press machine at the gym. But I do wish I had a leg exercise or two to assimilate into my routine. Report
My least favorite area to work but where I need to focus! Report
I am all over that later!! Report
Wow! Some great ideas here! Thanks Report
helpful! Thanks Report
I like doing the lower body exercises. Of the above, I like the power plies. What's the chances of getting some of these added to SP's strength exercises for easy posting? Report
I like doing bench step ups. A good all leg workout.

I'd love to see some upper body workouts...specifically for toning arms and shoulders. Report
Some great ideas. I tend to neglect my lower body s/t, rationalizing that all my walking and jogging is good enough, but have set a mini-goal to do 2 lower body exercises twice a week. Report
I'm so focussed on getting rid of my belly, I hadn't thought about my legs! Report
I like step ups, walking lunges with weights, leg presses and ball wall squats. Report
I absolutely love plies they work so many muscles. The inner thigh, outer thigh, butt, calves, and even stomach. No wonder ballerinas have such lean thighs, they're always doing plies. Report
All of these look great! I am going to check out ExerciseTV.com though. Variety is always a good thing. Report
Like lateral lunges too. Then when I'm on one side, I raise the opposite arm towards the ceiling. Really feel the stretch! Report
just started seriously ST, especially my legs... thanks for adding to my workout list! Report
My favorite leg exercise is a combined set of leg extensions with a reverse lunge with a twist while using a medicine ball. Report
Did side steps this morning. Am feeling them tonight Report
Oh yeah! Lunges are my favorite leg exersize. Report
Please warn us next time you are linking to MSN, my computer does NOT get along with MSN and neither do I. Report
I do a work out with KettleBells, which I love. There are lots of great clips on YouTube to explain how to do KBs. I'm always interested in Gluts. Report
ABS, please! Report
Great! I'm at goal weight but still needed to shape up my legs These out to do the trick! Report
That power plies is not playing. I did 6 and can even feel it in my lower abs. whoo Report
Hot damn! I was looking for some complete leg exercises - this fits the bill perfectly! Report
Spring ... Bring It On! Thanks! Report