Avoiding Mirrors: A Poor Reflection of Me & My Weight

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I've been living like a vampire lately--preferring the dark and avoiding mirrors at all costs because I know it would just kill me to see how far I've let myself go!
OK, so vampires supposedly have no reflection at all. What I see in the mirror is a poor reflection on me and my excess weight.
When I am not writing for a living, I earn a few extra bucks umpiring girls softball games and the occasional boys Little League game. This past Saturday, while dressing in my protective gear at the ball field I caught a quick glimpse of myself in my car window.
Man, let me tell you, I almost cried foul and threw myself out of the game!
I got fat... real fat, I'm ashamed to say. I know I shouldn't feel this way. Instead, I should get my head on straight, develop a plan of action for diet and fitness and start taking it one day at a time.
It seems that lately I've developed an appetite for destruction. In fact, I just gobbled the three remaining slices of a supreme-style pan pizza – and it's only 10 a.m. on a Tuesday!
I tell myself it's OK to eat heavy so early because I rise at 5 a.m. and don't eat breakfast. From 5:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. I fuel up on coffee while I write non-stop for a client.
By then, I am starving, of course. And when you're "starving" you tend to make poor food choices – well, at least I do!
So what is Mr. Bad Food gonna do? I have battled weight  for much of my adult life, but I've never been this heavy before.
I mean, it's so bad that I walk into my bathroom and do my best to not gaze into the mirror. Oh, I will look at my face while brushing teeth or shaving. But I simply cannot bear to catch a full-body glimpse before or after a shower.
It's time to own up to my situation – and to take the steps I know have worked for me in the past. Perhaps you care to join me. If so...
Step 1: Make a commitment!
This may sound silly but the best way to get started (after putting down the knife and fork) is to grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing a new healthy lifestyle manifesto.
You don't need to go crazy here and write a book. A few straightforward lines about making a commitment and sticking with it will do. Then sign it and post it where you can see it often – the fridge door, the pantry door, your bathroom mirror.
Step 2: Take inventory of the fridge, pantry and cupboards!
After 12 years of writing about health and nutrition, I know what foods should be readily available – and what foods need to get the old heave-ho. If you can't bear to toss out perfectly good food, donate it to your local food pantry.
Now, go shopping and stock up on the good stuff – fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.
Step 3: Make time for exercise!
Eating well is a great first step for feeling better, looking better and lowering your risk of a number of nasty health issues. But it really is important to find time for daily exercise. This doesn't have to mean spending hours at the gym.
You can find plenty of fun ways to burn calories and tone up. So you think you can dance? Well, get dancing! Got a bike? Get pedaling! A few games of basketball will heat up your metabolism while you have a ball. A brisk walk around the park or neighborhood will work, too – especially for those of us who've been pretty sedentary for quite some time.
There are plenty of fast and effective at-home workouts. (10 minutes is all you need to start!) I've found the best time for me to work out is first thing in the morning. There's far less chance I'll blow it off if I do it right after crawling out of bed.
Step 4: Pick a number... any number!
What I mean here is to simply a pick a number for the weight you feel comfortable carrying – the weight that your doctor will commend you for reaching. Don't become a daily scale watcher, but do weigh yourself once a week or so. When you see your ideal weight creeping in the wrong direction, get moving. (Or Measure Progress Without the Scale)
Also, know that slip happens. An occasional slip won't wreck your diet and make you gain weight, so shake them off and don't beat yourself up afterward.
They say it takes two weeks for something to become a habit. So, let's spend the next two weeks developing healthy habits.
I feel a need to confess that I will not be starting my plan today or tomorrow. I am the sort of guy who needs to start on a healthier lifestyle on a Monday morning.
So, come Monday, I'll be off and running (or maybe walking on my garage treadmill is more like it). 
Until we eat again, stay healthy my friends!
Do you believe that Mr. Bad Food can do it? Will he commit this time? What is he doing right (and wrong) this time?

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MNABOY 8/20/2020
Thanks for sharing. Report
JAMER123 3/13/2020
Thanks for sharing. Report
RAPUNZEL53 3/13/2020
Great Report
Mr Bad Food, one item that's missing. If we know what to do why do we keep turning to food? I suggest writing in that notebook what really bothers you, what hurts, what you are protecting, what feelings are being buried. That's the real reason the lost weight comes back. You have to get to the root of the matter & come to terms with yourself. Only then will you be successful long term. I wish the best to you all on that journey. 🐨 Report
Thank you. Report
Absolutely Report
I hope it all worked out for you. I fully intend to make this the last time I am ashamed when I look in the mirror. Report
Good information Report
Great blog. Report
You can do it Report
I too wonder whether he lost the weight. Hope so. Report
I too wondered if he lost the weight and kept it off. Report
I would like to know if this "guest blogger" ever lost and kept off the weight! All of his blogs are from 2011, and he had been trying to lose weight for years before that. His struggle is the same as most average people, and there are not so many who are successful and Remain successful, wonder why he is not posting anymore since 2011? Report
Great blog and I read it at the perfect time. Today is the day of starting mindful eating! Exercise isn't a problem so focusing on this for the New Year. Thank you and have a wonderful 2012 with good, strong healthy habits. Report
It's so easy to put off today what you can do on Monday morning. Don't wait start right now. Drink all of your water and start tracking your nutrition today. At least it will make you aware of what you are eating and maybe that will jar you into action. Report
I can relate! I've been avoiding mirrors and wearing baggy sweatshirts and larger clothes because I can't stand how I look or feel, and am too chicken to stand up to it! Today is a new day, and I'm going to try to take steps in the right direction to get back on the healthy path and make good choices -- starting with owning up and wearing clothes that fit me, not hide me (even if they're a size bigger than I'd like)! Report
The only thing I see Mr. Bad Food doing wrong is not starting right away. If you wrote this on a Tuesday and you won't start until Monday, then it's 5-6 days of possibly poor eating and missed opportunities to get exercise. Since this is now Sunday, the day before you begin, I hope you are excited about your new journey and I wish you all the best! Maybe we can follow your journey like we did with The Slowest Loser! Report
Thank you. I sooooo hate the mirror. I try to avoid it at all costs. Some day...the mirror will become my friend again. We can do this! Report
You Can do it Report
Thanks for sharing your story! I can relate to avoiding mirrors and I also avoid having my picture taken. We can be heathy...let's do it now!
Sad thing is I don't think of 3 pieces of pizza as much. Report
Love yourself. You are going to be okay.
I now look in the mirror when I work out. It is not a pretty picture. But it is better than it was a year ago. There are many fit people at my gym and it used to bother me to see my image (okay==it still does).
But now I can SEE the changes. It started with tighter arms and triceps because of the weight lifting. There have been lots of LITTLE things like that and it keeps me going. This is the only body I own. It's the only one I control. So I LOOK--and I see improvement and am learning to be proud of myself. No beating myself up over the past--just look forward. And be consistent. Report
Thanks for posting this. Obviously many of us here can relate and it's always good to know that someone else can! Report
Dear Mr. Bad Food...
I think all of us here at Spark people see some of ourselves in your blog this morning. I surely relate to many of your "bad" habits relating to fod, mirrors and weight loss. I have found that many of the tools you describe are very uselful
May I encourage you not to wait until "Monday," there will always be something in the way and if you have the motivation today it is beneficial to begin while the motivation is active. Good luck on your journey. Face the mirror and keep on blogging! Report
I used to avoid mirrors, but the pictures... OMG! Those were the worst to me, in the mirror was like "ok, I look.. not bad" , but then watching pictures of me was like "OMG! Who's that girl? It's this how I look?". Not anymore! So, good luck to you! I'm sure you'll do it!! Report
good luck on your journey Report
Reading this blog really reached me... Ive never been one of those people who were like " I never thought anyone felt the same way as me ", Ive always known i wasn't alone with all this stuff but for some reason I felt this way about this particular blog...
It bothers me to see my reflection and what hurts even more is when I take a picture and see what I really look like now... Especially since I've always been the girl that carries her camera everywhere she goes, so needless to say, I take a lot less pictures than I usto...
Good for you for getting started. I'm with you on this one!
Goodluck!! Report
Thank you so much for the post. I have come to realise that I too avoid the mirror. It's time for things to change!
Marilyn Report
Greetings Mr. Bad Food!
You've been a favorite writer of mine for a long time and now I'm happy to find your wit, humor, and wisdom on SparkPeople. I'm looking forward to reading more of you here in the future.
Eating breakfast has helped my progress tremendously. Now I can look at myself squarely in the mirror and observe that the picture is finally beginning to change. I recommend it for you, too. Best wishes from a fan!
I avoided mirrors for years, too--decades, really! I'm cheering for you, but I think you should reevaluate your priorities--if it's a "start Monday" thing today, it can be too easy to "start next Monday because today Monday is too busy." That's just my experience. I lost 30 lbs, gained it back plus some, then had more than 2 years of Mondays before I woke up one Thursday with my heart pounding as my resting heart rate and decided to take control--I could live every day is if it were my last, or live every day as if it were my first, but I definitely didn't want to keep living for tomorrow anymore! Best of luck, John! Report
In my mind, I still look and feel like I did in my 20s - early 30s. But when I accidentally get a view of myself in a mirror (I, too, avoid looking in mirrors and store windows at all costs!!), I think "Oh my gosh!! At 230+ lbs, I really do look VERY fat and out-of-shape! And this is what my students and others are seeing! What are they thinking??!!" I think I could be a more effective instructor if I lost even 50 lbs or so because every semester I think I have to disprove the students' misconceptions of incompetency that seem to go with the "obese persona". I am definitely NOT incompetent at my job, but it takes several weeks for that notion to clear their head and they can see me for who I really am. And in my mind, I AM that thin person, too! Except that the mirror doesn't lie. I'm sending the wrong message. I'm starting today to change things! The fall semester begins on Monday, and I'll fight the "fat, incompetent persona" one last time! Report
Thanks for a very honest and very funny blog, Mr. Bad Food.

'Course you can do it. Just don't give up when the scale hasn't budged and the pizzeria calling to you is only a couple blocks away. 'Making time' for exercise is still a challenge for me, something I was thinking about this morning just before I read your blog. It was a good reminder to me. Thanks!

And stay away from mirrors for the time being. Report
Mirror Mirror on the wall who is that fat person looking at me, thats what I ask myself all the time. Until I learn to accept the person staring back at me will I be able to change. so why wait till Monday start today or the person in the mirror will still be there. I too have the battle and I am trying and will conquer this battle. So I will join you and break this mirror image that I see and finally find the pretty face everyone else sees but I will add the healthy body to go with it. Report
I think photos make me look a lot heavier than mirrors. I'll get dressed and look in the mirror and think I look OK, and then when I see a photo it makes me look heavier, so then I wonder which view it is that others see? Report
Wow... this really sounds familiar. It wasn't until I saw my reflection in a window (grocery store, no less!) that it hit home that I needed to "get real" about my weight. It was shocking to see but at least it got me on the right road once and for all. Thanks for a great blog. Report
Very good suggestions. Sometimes when I catch sight of myself in a mirror or a window it ruins my whole day. I look worse than I think. And the sight causes feelings of disgust. Report
thanks for nice blog Report
You are right - you don't find time, you make it. I have that quote on my bathroom mirror! Report
You can do it! I had a "mirror moment" while at a diner. I saw my profile and thought "How old and puffy my face looks!" I lost about 35 pounds before I found Sparkpeople, and I'm happy for the increased motivation I'm getting. Report
I've always had a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door, so I've looked in the mirror even when I was an awful 214# & started Sparks. Report
Mirrors ARE Better than Scales in my opininon. The Mirror Never Lies..! Report
even if I don't like what's in the mirror - I'm sure to count my non-scale victories (didn't take a piece of candy, worked out longer, clothes are looser) Report
Thank you for the blog. I do not like what I see in the mirror. Report
No one can relate to the fear of mirror like i can... I haven't owned a full length mirror in 2 years. Until recently I was putting on my makeup in a dimly lit bathroom so I couldn't even see the second chin I was actively growing. Now that I'm eating better and exercising I can look at myself in the mirror and even allow people to take my picture (not an option before), but I am working up the courage to get the full length!

Hang in there and work on your plan one day at a time. You can make a week, month, year commitment, but go with the flow and only focus on ONE day at a time. If I think about how in the hell I am going to lose 35 pounds by June '12 it's overwhelming... but I can handle making a pack not to bing today and to exercise. If I make it, awesome. If not, well there's always tomorrow.

We're all rooting for you! Report
Thank you for this! I can TOTALLY relate to the avoidance of the full-body mirror. But *SP will help us change our perspective as we change our habits for the better! Report
Today is my "Monday". Today, I accidentally saw the mirror with me in it. TODAY IS MY MONDAY!

....and ALL of us, Mr. Bad Food and me included, CAN DO THIS. Report
I fully understand where you are at John - I got back on the horse this past Monday and am determined!!!! Report
I also began, my healthy lifestyle (hate the word diet), I didn't like what I saw so I'm changing it! Big thing I can tell u PORTION SIZE. The first week was hard cause my stomach was use to being filed to capacity, I always felt hungry. now that its a normal size I actually feel full when eating smaller amounts and don't forget it you will have withdrawal symptoms from food. Goodluck Report
I believe he can do it if he really wants to ... that seems to be the key ... wanting it enough to commit and stick to it. Do it! You'll be so happy you did! Report