Clover Lost 128 Pounds--and Gained Boundless Energy*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
SparkPeople member Clover (CLOVERROSE) lost 128 pounds—and now she’s featured on Huffington Post Canada. Find out how this mother of two got healthy and found the energy for herself, her family—and the toddlers she teaches all day.
Read more on Huffington Post Canada Healthy Living.

Congratulations, Clover! 

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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Thanks for sharing your story, Clover! You're an inspiration for making the change from unhealthy habits to healthy ones! Report
Thanks for sharing your story, Clover! You're an inspiration for making the change from unhealthy habits to healthy ones! Report
All my best to you and your new healthy life! Report
Congratulations on your new lifestyle, you look fabulous! Report
Congratulations and thanks for your story! Report
Congrats!! Inspiring story!!! :) Report
Wow! You are such an inspiration. Report
Way to go!!! You have made great strides ^5 Report
Amazing! Report
Congratulations.. Way to go!!! Report
You are an inspiration! Report
Wonderful! Amazing results! Well done. Report
What a lot of glamour pusses on those photos! What an amazing difference it has made. You can see the difference in your expression. You look so much happier and alert. Congratulations. Well done. Report
A job so well done! Keep it up! Report
Whoo hoo! Awesome! Report
Awesome turnaround!!!!! Report
Congrats! That is a great accomplishment. Keep up the good work. Report
WOW. You go. Report
Amazing you give me so much hope. Report
Congratulations!!! GREAT Job!!! Thank You For Sharing! Report
WOW ! Thank you for sharing your story. I loved the way you explained your journey. You are VERY inspiring & what a go getter you are now !!! You made me tired hearing your routine . So glad you showed your dear friend how much her life lost meant to you . Report
congratulations, so wonderful
So great ~ you should be very proud of yourself, you certainly deserve it !! Report
Way to go!! You are my hero! Keep up the good work! Report
great job, congratulations on your success - you will be there for your family and for yourself!
Way to go Report
Good for you! Report
You are remarkable. Thanks for sharing your story! Report
Brilliant! Well done! Report
Well done, Clover!! Keep up your fantastic efforts to be healthy!! Report
You are an inspiration! Report
Awesome. I need to find my motivation again. Your story has sent me in the right direction. Thank you for sharing. Report
What a marvelous job you have done!!! Report
Great job! Report
Wow! Great job and you must be really proud, and happy! Report
You are an inspiration!!!! AWESOME!!!! Report
Awesome Report
Congarts!!! Report
way to go Report
Congrats. You look fantastic. Report
You are an inspiration! Stay focused. Hugs for you!
Thanks for sharing. Report
Great article and congratulations! I'm going to go find out about Zumba!! Report
Very inspiring - especially the part about priorities. So true!!! Report
Amazing! Congrats on all your hard work! Report
Yaaaaaaaaay Clover!! You go girl!!! =D Report
Way to go!! Report
Congrats to you Clover. That is so wonderful that you got yourself back to healthy. What an Inspiration to many. So Proud of you. Report