Do Raspberry Ketones Really Help You Lose Weight?

By , Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Before you jump on the raspberry ketone bandwagon, there are a few things you should know about this over-priced, proclaimed weight-loss miracle in a bottle. I tell you what they don't want you to know about raspbery ketones, in my latest blog on Huffington Post. Click here to read it.

Tell us what you think: Do you believe that raspberry ketones can help with weight loss? Would you try them? Have you?

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Well ya, raspberry ketone is a chemical from red raspberries that is thought to help for weight loss. Some research in animals or in test tubes shows that raspberry ketone might increase some measures of metabolism. It might also affect a hormone in the body called adiponectin. Adiponectin can increase the rate at which the body burns fat and reduce appetite.

You can also discuss about this with internist and get physician health coaching at . I think he can suggest you more healthy ways to lose weight.
The advantage of taking the raspberry is that it may help one control their food cravings, preventing them from consuming excessive amounts of food and from becoming overweight if not obese.

When one takes the supplement, they may experience a decrease in their body fat because it may boost the rate of metabolism. The faster one's rate of metabolism, the faster their body tends to burn fat. If you want to know more then you can have a loot at
Cz101372, breaks my heart to read your anguish over your weight loss efforts, especially after working so hard and making it so far. From what you described, it's possible you are hypothyroid. Can you find a doc that knows to test for things like reverse T3 and not just tsh? Ditch the crystal light, you may as well be drinking diet soda. Avoid high fructose corn syrup and Splenda and other artificial sweeteners, they sabotage your metabolism. Get more veggies in your diet, especially ones like broccoli and cauliflower. By them frozen if you have to. KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL! Compare it with what your scale is saying, you'll know what foods are causing you inflammation and weight gain. Start here, it will help. Report
i started my diet dec 2013. i weighed 315 at my heaviest. i currently weigh 213.4 pounds and have not lost weight since december...on christmas i weighed 210. since then, i had my gallbladder out january 9. i gained 9 pounds from the surgery. since then, I have gone from weighing 222 down to 211 back up to 219 down to 215 back up to 222 down to 215 etc...for the life of me, I cannot get under 210 pounds...have been trying since's not that I dont exercise...i workout 2-3 hours a day at the gym. I usually burn 1,000 calores each workout. i dont know if i'm eating too much or not enough or what the problem is. i'm toning my body and losing inches but the scale doesnt move much. i wasnt placed on a special diet after my gallbladder surgery. I dont eat enough veggies and fruit, cant afford them. and meats i am picky ...i dont eat turkey, only like chicken nuggets or drumsticks, eat 93 percent ean hamburg, turkey hot dogs or fat free hot dogs, turkey sausage, lean ham, dont eat pork chops, steak is gross, roast beef is nasty, u get the picture. ionly recently found out i am supossed to eat protien after lifting weights so i eat a protein bar on days i lift weights. sometimes i will eat one on days i only workout. i lift weights 2 times a week is it not enough? on weekends i dont go to the gym...instead i walk for exercise...usually 8 miles each day however for the pat 2 weeks i have walked 8 on saturday and 17 on sunday...yes, 17 miles...and instead of losing weight from walking so much, i gained 3 pounds in one day! why????????? I'm working hard and am not hungry...dont have hunger pains so i must be eating enough?? i drink a gallon of water each day. sometimes a gallon plus 4 more cups. not sure if thats too much...i take a water pill daily as i sometimes have edema. my cholesterol is 160 dr is pleased. blood sugar is now normal , beat diabetes, high blood pressure is good now...still have cysts on my ovaries and irregular periods...have water weight gain every month even if i dont get a period. i take a multivitmin daily. i take seroquel for depression and that can cause weight gain...but i doubt that is the issue seeing i've lost 102 pounds so far. i bought rasperberry keytone pills today as i am deserate to shed these pounds...i want to get under 200 before the end of june. what am i doing wrong??? i worout SO much i need to workout even more? is my body used to me working out 3 hours a day and that is why i'm not losing?? please somebody help me! i am so depressed and discouraged. i count every calorie and dont eat late at night and if i snack in between meals, it's rice cakes...i do indulge once a week and have chinese food friday nights and i usually gain 3 pounds over the weekend probably cuz of this and it takes me all week to lose it again. i didnt buy chinese tonight had cereal instead. i hope i lose weight. just one pound a week i'd be happy. i dont eat lots of junk food like chips. i dont drink ANY soda. not even diet. i drink crystal light. not sure if the raspeberry pills will help me or not..but i only paid 10 dollars for them and am willing to try anything. i even have tried apple cider vinegar before each meal. i am so depressed and discouraged! and it doesnt help that this guy i dont even know has been telling me online that i will never get under 200 pounds...and he calls me a fat slob among other horrible names. please somebdy tell me SOME good news Report
I got sucked into the hype and tried them. They were completely worthless, as are all the pills and gimmicks I have been sucked into. I'm done with that. I know the way to lose weight and get fit are to make healthy food choices and to exercise, not by wasting my money on bad products that make big companies rich.

As for what Dr. Oz me he is nothing more than a product endorser. He has lost his credibility and I can't stand him. If he recommends something I will run the other way! Report
No studies + no standard dosage + no FDA regulation to ensure the listed ingredients match what's in the pill = no thanks!

It's not just that there's no evidence supporting the weight loss claims; there's no evidence showing taking this compound in large doses over time is even safe. Report
Thanks for the article! Researching all of these claims is very tiring and it was a GREAT relief that you did the homework for me. True the animal and cell culture studies are exciting, but like you said, without controlled clinical trials there is no telling what the actual results would be in humans. Report
I have no desire to try them. I don't believe in "lose quick" schemes. I will keep following the healthy suggestions by SparkPeople for nutrition and fitness. I will keep tracking what I eat and when I exercise. I will keep learning. I am making a change for life. Report
I am diabetic and was struggling to keep my blood sugar anywhere near acceptable levels. Someone suggested I try a supplement containing raspberry ketone for inflammatory joint pain and within a couple of days my blood sugar was completely controlled!
Stopped taking them the readings shot up, went back to them and they came straight back down.
Don't know why they work but for some reason they really do! Report
yes, I did try these - they probably helped (a bit) because I drink more water when I take something like this which curbs my appetite and cleans me out. However, after taking them for 3 weeks, my husband noticed a sweet smell permeating from my body. I stopped taking them and 3 days later, he mentioned he didn't notice it anymore. Embarrassing. I'll try things like this at times but I also work out hard and eat right (except during the holidays - guilty - and that's when I take these - silly, but) like I said, they do make me drink more - a lot more. Report
I enjoyed this article very much. I have not personally tried, nor wanted to try Raspberry Ketones, but I have had people try to get me to try them, claiming how amazing they are. My response to them was, "Does it tell you on the bottle, to use along with a healthy diet and exercise? If it does, I can almost guarantee that is what is causing your weight loss. Not the raspberry ketones." This article solidified what I already knew. Report
Excellent article. Maybe there is some benefit to these supplements, as some people here have indicated, but the key for me is that it has not undergone rigorous studies. Until then, I'll save my money. Report
As somebody who works in a pharmacy? PLEASE check in with your pharmacist (the one who fills your prescriptions!) before starting a new supplement. I know Wal-Mart has a tool to check drug/supplement interactions (it's on the WIRE). Some interactions are really, really bad. And some, well...let's just say thanks Dr. Oz for the rec on garlic; I have not one, not two, but THREE women who have unplanned pregnancy despite the pill thanks to that one. Report
Well, I have been taking them for a very long time. I think at least 8 months, possibly longer. I found one specific brand that works for me. I'm not going to list it here. I don't use it for weightloss specifically although that is what I started for originally. I'm diabetic and the first time I used it, my blood sugars dropped significantly. I'm not saying this will work for anyone else, but it was what worked for me. Personally, I'd rather take this than more insulin. I was on a higher dosage that Dr. Oz originally stated. Many of the ones I've seen over the counter didn't have the correct dosage. Have I lost weight these past months? Yes, do I think that the Raspberry Keytones are responsible? Not really sure but they work wonders for my blood sugars and if I stop taking them my insulin goes way up. Report
I always feel if it sounds too good to be true then it isn't. Just another hype! Report
i would like to know what you ate to lose your 100lbs cause i have been trying to lose 100 lbs for two years now and i lose and then it comes back please feel free to ramil me and tell me your diet of of senseable food dishes you ate to lose. heres my eamil address Report
anymore I just ignore all those phoney weight loss claims .. been there done that. eating sensibly and exercise are what took off 100 pounds of fat and I have managed to keep that fat off too ! "no supplements allowed " :) Report
I worked in the supplement industry for years. Most of the raspberry ketones on the market are synthetic, especially the ones at the dosage Dr. Oz suggested. Why? Because this is the essence of the raspberry and it takes hundreds of pounds of them practically to create one bottle at the high dosage that is supposed to help with fat loss. There are some on the market at lower dosage that are truly made from raspberries and they are usually mixed with the other "goody" green coffee bean extract. Remember, everything you put in your mouth like this has to be processed in your poor little liver that has many many functions. Finally, we are not rodents. Our bodies metabolize things differently. Save your money and save your liver. Report
Thanks, KATEHOOP. Well said and I share the same feelings every time I see a "better way to diet" ad on SP. I understand the need to monetize to keep SP free, but it is definitely hypocritical to offer the magic bullet while you are trying to convince folks that it's the change in lifestyle that matters. Report
So why is SparkPeople running advertisements for "Dr" Oz and the raspberry ketone (pseudo)miracle-pill that promises a 16 kg weight loss in 4 weeks?
Surely it contradicts the strategy at the heart of SP, which is based on making and maintaining lifestyle changes rather than grasping at the straws of fad diets.
I love SparkPeople to bits, don't know what I'd do without it, and I appreciate that it needs advertising revenues if it is to continue to provide its services free of charge. However, in my experience, when a site hosts a particular product or service, there is (despite all the legal caveats in the world) an inevitable hint of endorsement at some level (which I guess is one reason - along with the perfect target audience - the "Dr" Ozs of this world choose to place their ads here).
So please, SP, stay true to your beliefs!

UPDATE: Since posting this I found the procedure for reporting inappropriate ads, which I did. Thanks SP for giving us a say! Report
If "the facts" were true my Doctor and Dietician would have prescribed them for my weight loss and the prescription would be a covered medication. Just like green coffee bean beans, HCG and all the other “miracle weight loss programs” and I could include a lot more, “they get rich” and we just keep sending them our hard earned money for instance gratification. If you read everything with then then you should know the average weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week; which is the same for a sensible diet based on the correct amount/types of food, drinking water and exercising. Even Atkins, which I lost 45 pounds in less than 90 days 13 years ago, could have permanently damaged my liver, lucky for me it didn’t. Now I am learning the correct sensible way to make wise choices to regain control of my weight and make it my new life style. Too each his/her own. Report
Yes, I am trying them now for a month to see if it helps with flattening my belly fat. Report
Ha ha! I just read your article over at HuffPo and I loved the sentence, "Now, if you are a rat, there are two studies of interest." Thanks for the smile. Report
I have tried them in the past they are a total gimic! Report
I do like organic raspberries... Report
The only ketones I know about are the ones that happen when a diabetic's blood sugars are too high. My daughter has has type 1diabetes and when I hear the word "ketones" I have awful thoughts. Report
I've been taking them for a while and they do seem to help me. They also don't leave a bad taste in your mouth. Report
How about just eating raspberries instead? You gain multiple benefits and no real possiblity of harm. Obviously this is a product of instant gratification. I understand the lure, but why do with think a pill can replace real food. Report
Dr Oz is a quack Report
If my nutrients and daily requirements are not in my food or in my vitamins, I do not take them. It's all a life style change and if I can't learn, it won't help me in the long haul. Report
I am taking them now accompanied with tracking and exercise. So far I've lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks. It could be just being held accountable for everything I eat along with exercising at least 3 times a week. Who knows. But yes, I fell for the Dr. Oz episode. Basically hard work, consistency, accountability and determination are what got me here this far so I will not be taking them any longer. Report
I also tried them..I could not tell the difference. Could have saved some money. Report
While they haven't been tested by the FDA, I would never use it. I take Conklin Co, Inc. Lifetrack Balance and Vitality. What is the difference? These are tested by the FDA on a volunterry basis by the Conklin Co, Inc. They are advertised as helping increase energy and mood when accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise program. They say accompanied by not instead of and are no miracle pill. They were first tested by IBO's to see if they worked before being introduced to the general public. Report
As much as I wish it was as easy as a pill, countless wasted dollars in the past on such things tell me to continue to eat right, work out and I will see the results Report
Absolutely not. Have we not learned yet that there is no magic pill just hard work. Report
thanks so much for the real info I've printed it to share with coworkers who are always trying the next best pill. Report
Well, I did try it after seeing an episode on it by a doctor on tv. It didn't work for me. As W. C. Fields once said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Report
I have not tried it. Maybe after it has been approved with the double blind tests I might think about it. But not tell then. God Blessings To Everyone. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care. Report
I'm sure this works for some people, but if you aren't interested in it, then don't do it. Report
Because the manufacturer has not conducted human double-blind clinical studies on this drug tp test for safety and efficacy, I will not use this product. Ugh! Report
I took raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract bought at walmart together for 6 weeks along with diet and a little exercise and lost 14 pounds. I got out of my routine and didn't buy any for a month and didn't lose any weight, gained about 2lbs back. I started them again yesterday and and will see what happens over the next month. Time will tell I guess. Report
How about just eat a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries with breakfast? It's delicious, probably costs much less, and - frankly - it's PRETTY. I mean - that's why we want to eat, right? Because the food looks pretty on the plate, so it must make us look pretty on the inside, which will make us pretty on the outside. (Ok, I totally simplified my logic, but I think you get the point.) Report
i dont believe these crap.the way to lose weight is known to everyone but some want to believe that there are easy ways to get thin Report
If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Report
I tried them & didn't see any changes other than they make my stomach hurt. I have to do this the old fashion way...hard work & lots of sweating. Report
No, I'm waiting for my lottery winnings (even though I don't play) and a visit from the tooth fairy (even though I haven't lost any teeth since childhood, knock on wood) first. They're more likely. Report
With the combination of taking the raspberry ketones i am eating healthy, working out and logging everything in my trackers, i have lost 12lbs in a month and a week. I feel so full of energy now. I found my raspberry ketones and Marc's and Walmart for a fraction of the cost. They are right about 5-9.00 a bottle. Online is expensive. Report
It seems like so many people today are only focused on the vanity, looking thinner and fitting into smaller clothes. What we all need to be focusing is getting healthier, and if healthy weight loss comes with getting healthy, then it's a bonus. I find it very sad how many companies are misleading people and making them believe in some of these products. There are so many weight loss pills and products out there that I used to believe using them would be the only way I could lose. I can tell you that I never tried one, I found SP instead and lost 50 pounds the healthy way. Report
I wish there was something other than surgery to get rid of the excess skin. I am at goal, and I have a lot of lose hanging skin. It is very ugly. Unfortunately, I did it to myself by years of not caring about my health. Report
There ARE no magic pills; we can't trust shysters like Dr. Oz who will hawk whatever supplement comes along with no evidence at all it works. I wish there was a way for me to take a pill and have the pounds fall off, but let's be honest... if such a thing existed, wouldn't we all take it?

Let's break this cycle of get-thin-quick schemes and shortcuts and focus on sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes. Your wallet will thank you! Report