Easy, Effective Ways You Can Lose Weight in 2013

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It hit the airwaves in December 1975 and became the number 1 song by February 1976.  I was a freshman in high school, and although I didn’t have any experience in the "leaving a lover" department, the catchy lyrics of the Paul Simon hit “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” sure stuck in my head.  No disrespect to Mr. Simon, but with the new year quickly approaching, I tweaked a few lines of his hit song to inspire you in coming up with your own “50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber.”  Heck, I’ll even help you get started by sharing the first 15.
You make a new plan, Stan
Count calories too, Sue
Cut the sugar and fat, Pat

Weighing portions is key.
Use a smaller plate, Kate
Just mindfully crunch and munch
Watch less T.V., Lee

And set your fat free!
In 2013, I resolve to…
  1. Swap my lunchtime soda for a glass of water. Calories saved for the day: 150. Pounds lost for the year: 15
  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep nightly.
  3. Use an English muffin for my morning breakfast sandwich instead of a large biscuit. Calories saved: 80.
  4. Get at least 5 servings of fruits and/or veggies each day.
  5. Pull the breading and skin off my fried chicken breast. Calories saved: 140.
  6. Not waste any money on diet pills.
  7. Build my sandwich with deli turkey instead of salami. Calories saved: 150.
  8. Purchase a food scale and weigh my foods.
  9. Select thin-crust pizza instead of deep-dish style. Calories saved:  70 per slice
  10.  Chew gum during meal preparation to avoid nibbling while cooking. Calories saved: 100 or more
  11.  Top my pasta with a marinara sauce instead of an Alfredo sauce. Calories saved:  60 per 1/2 cup.
  12.  Take my body measurements every two months. 
  13.  Enjoy 15 whole grapes instead of 8 ounces of grape juice. Calories saved: 95.
  14.  Establish a reward system for every 5 pounds I lose.  The reward will not be food related.
  15.  Log on to SparkPeople daily and offer my support and encouragement to other team members.
What are your easy New Year’s resolutions to “set your fat free” in 2013? Are there any other Paul Simon fans out there? Share your "lose your blubber" or "lose your lover" stories! Did you "get" my headline pun, or was that before/after your "time"?

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Great reading , I plan to use in the long walk, Thanks. Report
TREE57 I had a belly laught with you part of the song! Report
I love your version of the song! I think I'll apply it to my life! Report
REally great blog, lots of good ideas and you can adapt to your own schedule!! Report
Lovethis blog plenty of new ideas Report
Thanks for sharing these motivators and tips. I love the idea of a reward system for every 5 lbs lost. This will help me stay motivated and looking at the short term instead of the finish line! Report
Drink 8 a day
Sleep 7 at night!
Wake up Wake up
Clothes laid out at night!
Get up get up and its time to fight!

I need to start measuring myself again. Maybe that will be more encouraging when the scales aren't moving. Though, I am happy they haven't been moving in the wrong direcetion too much.
I also need to work on my sleep habits. I get up at 4:00 most mornings, usually don't get home before 6 and often fall asleep on the couch or at the computer. To get 8 hrs sleep a night I would need to go to bed at 8:00. That's way too early and leaves me almost no time to eat dinner, go online or anything else after getting home. Gotta figure out a compromise. Report
Getting back on the track, Jack.
Gonna give up the slack , Mack.
Gonna shake my caboose loose
And get myself free. Report
I am not into Paul Simon, I am more of a Donny Osmond Fan.
But good article anyway. I especially like the reward system
and the chewing gum while making dinner. No i don't have
the song in my head. Report
Like the idea of a reward for every 5 lbs. I've been at a plateua, that might help me. Report
This is a really good entry. Thank you for the tips. Report
This is a really good entry. Thank you for the tips. Report
Thanks for the good tips. I lost 13 lbs. in 2012 and gained 2 lbs. back during the holidays here. I'm ready to start fresh in 2013 and I'm very happy knowing when I begin again I 'm starting at a better weight than last year and it's about 11 lbs.less I'll have to lose now Report
I enjoyed reading the comments almost as much as your useful tips, Isis. Report
Really liked this article especially the part about chewing gum while cooking. I am the worst offender in that area. Report
I think we need to keep our sense of humor while losing weight and becoming fit. This blog has entertained me, but it also has given me some food for thought. Thank you. Dee Report
Great plan!

This is a good plan. Not an impossibly ambition plan, but instead one that could work. Report
got the pun and the song was in my time when I wore a size 5 and could eat anything and nothing happened. my goal is to be consistent with my exercise and my food goals of weighing, measuring and tracking. Report
Keep up the Spark, Mark.
Step back from the frig, Midge.
Make the plan work, Jerk.
Don't take the bus, Guss.
Stick with the plan, Stan.

oh, this if fun . . . . Report
Jibbie49, thanks for the reference to "The Men Who Make us Fat" on Youtube. I'm watching it now. Report
Just hop on a bike, Mike.
Turn on the music and dance, Vance.
Get fit on the Wii, Dee
and set yourself free.

Unfortunately, the song is not before my time. Enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Report
I am going track my food when i am off i am going to write down what I eat.
walk more
get 8 hours of sleep
log in at sparkpeople when I can Report
If you do all this you will "set yourself free".
I have a problem getting enough water - have started drinking a glass with each meal - also have a bottle of water in the car. My goal is to drink a bit each time I get into and out of the car - this has helped too. And, with the cold weather now, the water is nice and ice cold!!
barb Report
I also love the chewing gum! That is one of my new resolves to drink a full glass of water before a meal, which is easy to do in a restaurant, to keep me from eating too much at the meal. Then having water only to drink for the meal is a big help. Report
best 15 ideas really works for me .thank you so much for the wonderful article Report
Loved this article! And, yes this tune does stick in your head! Report
1. 8 cups of water every day. I find a straw helps meet that goal.
2. Eat 2-3 servings of fruit a day.
3. Eat 3-4 servings of veggies a day.
4. Gradually build on exercise and a balanced program of cardio, strength training, and stretching. I want my focus to be on form first and foremost. Report
Sounds like a plan Stan. Report
Yes, I remember Paul Simon's song. I'm going to follow Dr. Mercola's advice and not eat until noon. He says there is a lot of benefit in extending the "fast" until then rather than eating in the morning. I've never really cared about eating in the morning anyway. After watching "THE MEN WHO MADE US FAT" on YouTube I've learned so much about the food industry pushing food to make profits and what they've told us. No wonder we are all so fat. Report
Great!!! Report
Love this! Thanks! I now have that song in my head :) Report
Your version of the song is now playing in my head.

~Eat real food , not crap, Jack. ~

Love the tips. Many I am already doing, For 2013, I'm making my meal plans, exercise and meditate more of a routine, so it becomes second nature. Report
I love your 15 point plan, as well as the song :) I love that you have thought through and calculated the caloric savings will make it easier for you to follow through - just one suggestion - have printed and post everywhere - your fridge, you car, your office, anywhere that you know in the past has caused you to "blow" your resolve (maybe on the TV Screen). Good Luck Report
Count all movement. In the winter even walking thru stores browsing for 1-2 hours is a help. All movement works so you can modify to your physical ability. Report
Great motivators Report
Stop buying cookies... Wookies...? (I couldn't think of anything else that rhymes, but that's what I REALLY need to do, or rather STOP doing!) So, that's two references to the 70s.
: ) Report
Get out of the chair Claire and move with me! Love what you did to the song. I vow to use a 3 sectioned plate this year no matter how many comments my family or friends make! Report
Only three were something I don't already do or couldn't possibly do. Not much weight loss in those three! Love the song. Report
Great blog - thanks! Report
I also love the chewing gum during meal prep, I'm definitely going to use that one! Report
Ramp up the veg, Reg,
Nuts for a snack, Mack
Eat a red beet, Pete,
Walk a mile every day.

get up and shake Jake Report
Put down the fork, Dork !? Report
Park out back , Jack.
Walk around the track, Mack.
I loved that song and yes I am grew up in the 70s.. great blog going too use these tips
"You're the leader of our band, (Becky) Hand!" Awesome lyrics. Yep, once you hear this song, it plays in your head allllllll day long. Thanks for the revised lyrics. Brilliant! Report