More Recipes from Chef Meg

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A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to Chef Meg, SparkPeople's newest resident expert. (Miss that post? Read it here.) You all had wonderful compliments and great suggestions for her.

In addition to the two recipes and videos you saw here on the dailySpark, Chef Meg has plenty of others available on SparkRecipes--and we'll be adding more each week.

We've taken 20 of her made-over and original recipes and compiled them in a downloadable, printable cookbook. And, like everything else on SparkPeople, it's 100% FREE!

Try Chicken and Vegetable Satay, Blueberry-Flax Muffins and Mama's Red Beans and Rice, among others.

She included vegetarian and meat dishes, sweet and savory bites, baked goods and slow cooker meals--with two recipes for the leftovers! Some of these recipes feed a crowd and some feed just a few. (NOTE: By clicking on the title of each recipe, you can see the full nutritional info and the recipe card at

Click here to download and save or print Chef Meg's cookbook. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this PDF.)

Once you've saved the document, why not share it with your friends and loved ones? Who doesn't need a new batch of healthy recipes!

Which of Chef Meg's recipes is your favorite? Have you made any of them yet? Will you?

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Thanks! I haven't tried any of her recipes yet, but plan to now. :) Report
I have tried the chicken with lemon and loved it, as did the family. Fantastic recipes, thank you. Report
Thank you so much, all I need is now someone who has time to cook for me.... :-) Report
Thank you so much ! The cookbook looks perfect. Report
Wow - these recipes look great! I'll have to pick one of them and try it this weekend! Report
Just made myself garlic chicken recipe and it was AMAZING!!! Can't wait to try out my new "summer recipe", the pineapple chicken. The rest of the recipes look so appetizing! Thanks so much! Report
Thank you very much. I would love to try a lot of these. Report
Any chance you can add the whole nutritional information for these recipes? As is, they are pretty unusable (just Calories and Fat). Not to mention that a lot of them look like they have as much Sodium as anything in the Chinese Joint down the street... Report
Way cool - now I just need to get my sweet husband to make some of these! He does the cooking through the week!

Lucky ME!!! Report
Thanks! This is FANTASTIC!!!

Michelle :) Report
Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to try the Baked Chicken with Garlic and Sundried Tomatoes Report
Thank You!
This looks great! Thanks for the freebee! Report
So far, I really like Chef Meg's Provencal Chicken with Beans recipe with it's leftover planned recipes for tostada or nachos. Planned-overs are a great tool. Report
This is great! Thank you. Report
I just ate a really fabulous lunch and several of these recipes made me almost want to eat again! Yummy looking recipes that are much appreciated.

Thank you. Report
Haven't tried one yet but my son would probably love the chicken and vegetable satay so I will try that. I have cooked more with SP than ever before. I'm really focused on healthy eating. Report
In the Taco soup recipe it calls for a 14 oz. Tomato Sauce but in the directions it talks about Tomato Paste. Which should it be? Report
GO_ROBIN: If you click on the link for each recipe in the cookbook, you can get the full nutritional info! Hope that helps. Report
Wonderful idea! Thanks! Just one comment, though. I'm diabetic and would have appreciated full nutritional info for the recipes as I have to track carbs. However, it's not a deal breaker! I have recipe software on my computer that I can input the recipes into to get the nutritional info. (In fact, I guess I could also use the recipe builder on this site for that.) Report
This is so great, I love it !!! Report
I love these downloadable cookbooks. Thanks!! Report
im gonna try it tonight, can't wait. THANKS sparkpeople and chef Meg. Report
Blueberry flax muffins, here I come! Thanks for posting this - everything looks like it will be delicious. Report
Love this thanks so much i saved it i need more ink for my printer b4 i can print this !!!! Report
I haven't tried any yet but the Mama's red beans and rice and Baked Potato Soup looked especially delicious! I also appreciated the recipe for the taco seasoning. Thank you! Report
Hey! Wow!! Did you know that if you clicked on the recipe name on the PDF that it links you to SparkRecipes, some w/ demo videos?? Too cool!!!

I {heart} SP!!! Report
OMGoodness! These look so yummers!!! Can't wait to try some of 'em!!!

Here's a challenge for Chef Meg... Some of our favourite cookbooks are the Weight Watchers 5 in 15 (5 ingredient, 15 minute) or 20-minute newsstand books (mags?). I would love to see what yummy things Chef can whip up w/ a few ingredients & not a lot of time... Report
Thanks SO much!! I *heart* SparkPeople! =) Report
Thank you Chef Meg & SP!!! I'm always looking for new ideas & can't wait to try these recipes!!! :-) Report
There are many yummy sounding recipes in there I can't wait to try!!! Report
Thank you Chef Meg for sharing this with all of us it is awesome and I plan on using it allot..
Marybeth Report
I shared this on my facebook I think all my facebook friends are probably getting tired of me posting all this healthy stuff, but there are a lot of them that need to start a healthy lifestyle. Report
Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate it! Report
What a great thing to share! Thanks! Report
This cookbook looks great. It will be perfect for a beginner who wants healthy recipes. Report