Jump Into July with a New Boot Camp Challenge!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Hey, Sparkers! If you've been following along with us this month, you might know that we ran a "Streak Into Summer" challenge on our Facebook page from June 1st-June 21st. We're happy to say that this format was incredibly successful—over 2,000 of you participated in the challenge! WooHoo! We've been getting tons of requests for more Facebook challenges, so we're delivering a brand new one for July: the Bodyweight Blast Boot Camp Challenge! Here's how it's going to work: 
  • From July 1st-July 7th, we will post one strength-training workout per day that you can do using only your body weight—no equipment or gym required! In addition to the strength workouts, we want you to do at least 30 minutes of cardio every day, plus some other "bonus" activities sprinkled throughout related to nutrition and wellness. It's just seven days—you can do this!
  • Each day of the challenge, comment within the Facebook event to stay accountable and let us know how you're doing. Then, we'll serve up tips and encouragement to keep you headed in the right direction! (PS: If you don't use social media, feel free to start a SparkStreak and update your SparkPage status or blog every day to keep yourself accountable.) 
  • Want to get your friends on board and spread awareness about the challenge? Post about it on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Google+  with the hashtag #SPBootCamp!
Sound good? Let's do this thing and kick July off on the right foot! Sign up and join the challenge here before July 1st!

What do you think? Are you in for the Bodyweight Blast Boot Camp Challenge? 

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Another Facebook only challenge, Boo! Why make it Facebook ONLY? Report
Getting rather tired of Facebook only challenges. I do not & will not do Facebook. Besides, does Spark actually want to move their traffic to Facebook? Why bother then with Sparkpeople when there's Instagram, Facebook, etc... Puzzling! Report
I agree with many of the others. It would be nice if there was a Spark Team or a calendar format for this challenge. I am also not on Facebook and I don't know if I'd want to link my Spark account there even if I was. Report
Today is July 1st, and the article is just posting. A little difficult to join before July 1st. Report
What about those of us not facebook? Are we not going to be able to do the challenges anymore? Why can't you just post them on the spark site so everyone can participate Report
Pretty straight forward Report
I have chosen not to be on Facebook. How can I and many other Sparkpeople members,, see the daily challenges? Report
Why the insistence on Facebook? Yes, I'm in a minority but Facebook is not why I joined spark people. Not going there. Report
Starting a Spark Streak and blogging is not the same as doing a challenge. I posted the daily challenges last time for those who didn't want to be on FB but I'm not doing it again.
Spark Admin: Please, it wouldn't be that hard to just set up a team for the challenge and post the daily challenges there as well as on FB. Come on, Spark People is my social media, it always has been. The Spark team format is MUCH easier to follow than FB posts. Do you want to continue as Spark People or do you want to default to FB? Make up your minds. Report
For those who don't use Facebook, the article DOES say "PS: If you don't use social media, feel free to start a SparkStreak and update your SparkPage status or blog every day to keep yourself accountable." Report
Same here - NOT on Facebook! - 2 bad :( - I joined SP to be on this website not to go to another website to complete a challenge! Report
I am not on facebook either and would love to participate. Maybe someone would be willing to post the daily challenge here for us to join in?? Report
Let's do it:) Report
Is it possible for someone to put these in a calendar format like the other challenges? I will volunteer my time to help set it up!!
I do not do facebook, but would love to do this challenge!! Report
I would love to do this challenge, but as many many others have said, NOT on Facebook! I like to get on Sparkpeople during the day, and that does NOT allow for Facebook. Plus I just don't want to be on Facebook! Admin's I hope you can setup this challenge outside of Facebook as well! Report
It seems SparkPeople is trending to Facebook only challenges. Why? Is it difficult to make these available on the SparkPeople website? Please, we are all here for exercise and any kind of challenge is welcome. I don't want to be on Facebook. Report
I agree with many others--please provide a way to do these challenges outside of Facebook! Report
I'm in ! Report
PLEASE stop making Facebook exclusive challenges! Report
Are all of the bootcamps going to be on Facebook now? I want to participate, but not via Facebook.
I'm in! Report
Why do we always ha e to use FB on here. I don't FB and Spark is always using it for challenges etc. I'm getting pretty frustrated with Spark lately. Report
Can I do the challenge without facebook? Report
Me, too! Report
I'll do it! Report