Just Don't Eat The Whole Cake

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A few old college friends and I were at a birthday party, sitting near the birthday cake and talking about our dieting struggles and how hard it is to lose weight. We spoke of how many failed attempts and programs we had under our belts.  We decided it was terribly daunting and only a miracle could save us from our fate of being overweight the rest of our lives.  We griped about how society, work, stress, so many things played into the weight loss equation.  One of my friends' youngest children, who had been listening, came in and sat at the table, listening intently, and then said, ''Just don't eat the whole cake.'' So pure!

That is really the essence of it all. One slice has less calories than two. You can always track it in your plan. No more throwing out the ''day'' because of a treat. ''Just don't eat the whole ___.''  Split it with your friends, your husband, a take-home box.  The truth is, our portions are just too big for most of our activities during the day.  We don't burn off enough calories.
I'm not saying this lightly. Honestly, we can choose to be happy. If things get tough, we have to get tougher.  At 460 pounds, I didn't have it in me to get tough, but I did have it in me to make baby steps.  That was the toughness that I needed at that time.  Through these very baby steps, I lost 200 pounds and gained the ability to walk again.

Do you eat cake?  I do.  I have it as a treat, but cannot have such treats in the house.  I imagine we all have foods like that.  Once I get started eating them, I lose control and spiral into some sort of insatiable frenzy.  Those foods never come into my house.  When I go out, I will eat them in small portions if I crave them severely.  I don't always deprive myself of what I'm craving.
I've found that eating ahead of time helps if I know tempting foods are going to be around.  By filling up ahead of time on fiber and protein-filled foods, I don't leave enough room for the tempting stuff.  Fiber really is your friend in this battle, and partnered with protein, the two are hunger killers.  Be sure to drink plenty of water, as the fiber will swell a bit in your stomach, creating a full feeling.
Back to the simplest thought at hand.  Don't eat the whole ______.   I challenge you to leave some of whatever on your plate as an exercise in control.  Start with a scrap if that's all you can muster.  Then build from there. 
NEVER EVER TREAT YOUR BODY LIKE A GARBAGE DISPOSAL.  If food is unwanted or unneeded, then toss it out. Give it away, set it outside for hungry animals...  No, you are not wasting food.  A TRUE waste of food would be to put it on your body and have the ill health effects it could give you as an overweight person.  I speak from experience.  You then have to work off any weight gain, as well.  So, isn't the food better off somewhere else, like maybe with a sick or hungry neighbor?
Take the very pure advice of a child:  ''Just don't eat the whole cake.''  Children see things so simply without having to overanalyze the matter at hand.  I also found that the more pure and simple (close to nature) food I eat, the more weight I've lost.
You can do what you set your mind to do.  Eating a bit less at each meal is a good start.
Are you ready to put down the fork and not eat the whole _______?

Do you derpive yourself of the foods you enjoy or do you plan for them so that you can still eat them in moderation?

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KHALIA2 2/22/2020
If you eat the whole cake, you will be sorry! Trust me!!!!! Report
Moderation, save some for tomorrow. Report
Great article. Too much of any one thing is not good, and this is another example. Report
Variety is the spice of life with portion control. Report
I have always had an issue with “wasting food”. But as said, if I eat it when I do not need it, it is a waste anyway. I am getting better with throwing out leftover food from the kids’ plates instead of eating it or saving for later. Report
interesting Report
If I’m craving something, I usually try to work some of it into my daily calories. Eating healthy is a life-long commitment and I won’t give up favorite things entirely for the rest of my life. Report
Great insight! Report
great info Report
This is brilliant common sense. Thank you! Report
Portion control Report
Moderation is key! Report
Even for the people who would, for psychological reasons, like an entire cake--it isn't impossible...simply make a MUG cake in the microwave or toaster oven--that way you're not wrecked Report
Sweets of any kind is my downfall. For the most part I keep them out of my house too. If my husband has some, he keeps them out of my sight. Yes, I know he has some. Report
1/2 is better than none Report
Cake is my downfall. I love it and that is not too strong of a statement. One bite sets off some pleasure center in my brain & there is no stopping me. I have decided it is a food I just cannot have, not even 1 piece...sigh. Report
Good one! Great advice and inspiring! Report
I don't keep tempting foods in the house and feel that I don't need the whole cake nor a slice. Sometimes, I just wanna a taste. Thank you, SparkFriend! Report
This is why I prefer cupcakes at birthday parties. So much easier than having a whole cake tempting me Report
From the mouths of babes comes the truth!
Great blog! Report
Wonderful article and such good advice. There are some foods I just don't bring into the house. for the most part with the really tempting foods, I'll have a little when I'm eating out. that works. Report
Great advice, it's hard to keep cravings from ruining your diet Report
for me, moderation is the key. But I must admit that there are those times when I can go a bit overboard. Fortunately, most of the time that is with fruits during the summer months, but I do enjoy my ice cream so I weigh out a serving and then put the ice cream back into the deep freezer. This way, I am not seeing the container of ice cream every time I open up the freezer that is in the kitchen. Report
For those of us suffering from binge eating disorder, the problem is that we CAN'T not eat the whole cake! One taste of ice cream and I'll wolf down the whole container; one chip and I'll devour the whole bag. Report
Moderation in all things. Report
I love this Beth. We shouldn't feel deprived, and we DON'T have to eat the whole cake. Thanks for your support and inspiration in 2016, and all the best in 2017. Report
Yesterday was my roommate's birthday. She wanted donuts for breakfast and pizza from a specific restaurant for dinner. I completely avoided eating donuts (promising to buy myself a book instead) and made my own pizza to eat while everyone else was eating take out. I did share cake with everyone, but had half the designated slice, which still came out to a whopping 4.7 ounces. We're going out Friday for her family birthday and I've already picked out my "under 600 calorie" menu item. :-) Report
Realizing this is an older blog post, I still have to comment. It is so spot on. This is me exactly. If I deprive myself of so called forbidden foods it always comes back to bite me in the backside. I am working on learning and practicing this technique. If I want a cookie, have a cookie, but just one small portion. If I want a few swedish fish...have a few. Then walk away. But keep the trigger foods out of the house. Thanks for this great blog post. Saving for future, and repeated, reference. Report
Portion control has been one of my most powerful tools. I don't deprive myself of anything, but I do eat smaller portions and give each food careful consideration before I choose to eat it. It didn't take long for the appropriate portions to feel "normal", so I don't feel like I'm "on a diet" anymore although I'm still steadily losing weight.
Like others have said, I do have a couple of trigger foods (chips and salsa being near the top of the list) so when I eat them I just anticipate a weight spike until I've processed the salt and calories, and I am all the more focused on healthful choices in the days before and after a big Mexican dinner out. That's how life is supposed to be! Report
Very nice. Why do we make everything so complicated? Report
I liked this blog but I especially liked the paragraph near the end. "No, you are not wasting food. A TRUE waste of food would be to put it on your body and have the ill health effects it could give you as an overweight person."
This is speaks to me, personally. I have a tough time "wasting" food. I like this alternative outlook. Report
What a smart challenge - to try leaving just a small scrap on your plate and build from there. I have a tough time not eating everything on my plate, especially when I love the stuff. Her challenge is a reminder that we DO have the ability to change lifelong bad habits by starting small. Thanks! Report
I have my cake and lose weight too for sure! Portion control is amazing! I've never eaten a whole cake (or wanted to) but I definitely had my days in the past of consuming a whole pizza by myself...and lo and behold if you're only having a slice or two pizza is ok too. Report
I love loosing weight and eating my cake too. It just goes to show that as long as you control your portions, you can have the foods you love. It may take time and a LOT of will power, but it can be done. Personally, pizza is my "cake." I can eat my weight in pizza, but if I limit myself to a slice with a big salad - basically a salad with a side pizza - I can satisfy my pizza fix and eat my veggies too! Report
When you are an addict you cannot allow even a taste of your drug of choice. I am a sugar addict. I cannot have a little piece of cake. I will end up eating the entire cake. Report
out of the mouthof babes
Thanks for sharing this very timely reminder that I needed to hear. My battle cry when tempted to overindulge in a trigger food will now be, "Just don't eat the whole cake." Such a simple saying but so powerful! Report
Terrific advice! Here is a similar suggestion: 1). Take a friend or family member who is also dieting and split ONE meal, including desert if desired. Report
Such awesome advice! Report
Very sage advise and what an amazing accomplishment! Report
Out of the mouth of babes !! Report
Amen! What an amazing story and so true! Im going to try to start doing this.
Good advice...I have cut my carbs again but am trying to stay within my SP ranges otherwise. Last night, I had just 1/4 c of my favorite dessert. Apple cobbler...I did wish I could have had a whole bowl, but I left the restaurant feeling not deprived and proud of myself for not going overboard. I still had that light feeling in my body of being not hungry...satisfied, but far from full. Report
the thing is that overeating has little to do with hunger. I have learned that I will not eat something if I don't have it. So if I eat cake... a couple of times a year at birthdays, it is one small piece when I'm out. I never have it in the house. I don't buy chips or fries and I might sneak a couple from one of my nephews' plates, but that's it.

I eat healthy, filling foods... fiber is a staple... beans, whole grains, fruits, veggies. And still I gained 20 lbs. Not from hunger. Overeating has very little to do with hunger.... as the saying goes, it's about what's eating us. Still, if I had reverted to unhealthy, bad eating / shopping habits, I probably would have gained 50 lbs.

Yes, don't eat the whole thing is a simple solution. But being overweight is a complex issue. I still believe the best option is to not have access to the cake in the first place. Report
Chips! One of my many weaknesses. I found out about Nut Chips by Blue Diamond recently and they are now my new favs. Great with guacamole. Made from brown rice and almonds with no sugars added. You can have 15 and its only 130 calories. I added it to the food list under Blue Diamond Nut Chips this morning. Report
Thanks for the good advice. My weakness is chips, so I try to not buy them. When I do buy them, I limit myself to a few a day. It is hard, but worth it to break the chip habit! Report
great advice thank you Report
Thanks so much for this simple advice that you practice. I can and never will be perfect but I can make progress in baby steps. Keeping the sweets out of the house is definitely important. I appreciate your sharing!
This post really resonated with me. It's definitely relatable to my dieting situation. I work along doing fine, then something (who knows what) sets me off and I go into a frrenzy. I do find my taste buds are changing, but it's taken a loooong timne!! That child certainly spoke the truth. Report