LIVE from the Spark Your Life Convention

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Greetings, everyone! I'm blogging LIVE from the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, known today as the site of the Spark Your Life Convention!

So far, it has been a pretty great day! I got here really early to deliver the mini muffins for Chef Meg's cooking demonstration.

Then I headed to the registration table to help Tanya check people in. It was SO much fun to actually put names and faces to usernames!

I've spent much of the morning meeting members, watching incredibly inspiration presentations from SparkGuy and others, and basically just moving around nonstop.

I was a bit nervous to introduce Chef Meg, but I knew the audience was full of friendly faces.

This convention has been awesome so far, and it's only half over. A big shoutout to our sponsors Fit & Fresh and Bell Fit, who've been a great help with the convention. We've also great some really neat prizes--and snacks!

Mary (auntyemm) has lost more than 100 pounds. She brought her old skirt to show off!

Before they participated in the Member Success Story panel, BOBBYD31 and MIAMIA7 met SparkGuy!

~INDYGIRL, who was part of the Success Story panel, offered great advice: "If you get a traffic ticket, you don't go out and break every traffic law for the rest of the day. So if you eat a slice of pizza, you don't need to go out and eat an entire pizza."

I got to meet Nancy for the first time!

Our successful member panel: KSIGMA1222, BOBBYD31, MIAMIA7, SHEENADEE, BLAZEGRRL, and ~INDYGIRL.

A big winner on the SparkPoints Wheel! Thanks to Fit & Fresh.

Well, I'm off to listen to Nancy's talk on "10 Lessons from My Journey to Yours." See you all soon, with a full wrap-up of the convention--and the 5K that many SparkPeople members and employees (myself included) are running/walking in tomorrow morning!

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I know you all had a GREAT time!! I was there in "Spirit." Report
What a weekend I had so much fun learned so much more ,Have another one next year Report
I am STILL so excited over the convention! It was truly awesome! Meeting so many wonderful people was so much fun! Sparkguy is such a sincere caring person. THANK YOU SPARK PEOPLE! Can't wait until next year to attend another one! Report
Darn, I joined SparkPeople too late. I live just north of Cinci and it sounds like this was a great motivational thing to do. If I had just found this site one week earlier, I could have gone to the convention. Report
I live in San Antonio, TX - any chance of getting a convention in Texas? Report
great Report
This was an awesome experience. I've sent the link to the book to one of my supervisors to see if she would consider - asking Chris (Sparkguy) come speak at our inservice next August. His message is so much more than diet and exercise. Report
It was such a blast! So much fun to meet you, Stepf--you have such an infectious smile. Meeting everyone that day was wonderful, and the stories very inspirational. Thank you for having this event. Report
It was an awesome and inspirational time for Bobbyd and I! We met so many wonderful people. The staff was so kind and helpful. Thank you Stef and everyone else for making our first spark convention the best time! It won't be our last. Anne Report
i'm so glad it was a supersuccess! my all-time-rave-fave-sparker-extraord
inare, blazegrrl, was there in all of her glory, basking in her fame, letting her pride and beauty shine through for all of the world to see. she's fabulous. you sparkers did a great job picking her to be a spokesperson. i can see her future is full of positive energy and good things. you folks need another professional risk assessor or investment person on sparkstaff????? she's the one! Report
I'm lucky enough to live in Cincy. My husband dropped me off in the morning and picked me up at the end of the day. What inspiring stories from the panelists. Great conversations, fun lunchtime walk and aerobic workout (Thanks Coach Nicole!). My spark has been renewed. Sparkpeople should make sure to move the convention around to other areas of the country so that all can share the spark! Report
I'm glad Cincinnati had its chance to show its Spark. We Sparkers of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are eagerly awaiting the time when we will be selected for a convention! Report
Thank you so very much, SparkPeople for an outstanding convention! I had so much fun and learned new things, too! Best of all, I loved meeting people in person. The Spark team is OUTSTANDING!!!! Can I get a WOO HOO???!!! Report
Looks like a lot of fun. Sure hope I can attend one in the future. I enjoyed the pics. Report
We had a family wedding or we certainly would have been there! Next time!!
Shirley Report
Hope to attend a future convention! It sounds like so much fun! Just reading about it gives me a Spark! Report
I was able to attend and it was great. I'm definitely feeling "sparked" today!! I'm hoping to carry on this feeling for a while... I'm already using some of the techniques I heard about at the conference--- 1) setting goals, 2) starting small, 3) planning - to help me get ready to accomplish some things I've been meaning to do. Report
Sounds and looks like everyone had fun!!! Report
Sounds like a good time was had by all! I hope there's a future convention up in my neck of the woods! Report
Oh, I really wish I could have made the convention this time! It sounds like you are having such a great time. Enjoy every minute! Report
Wish I could have attended. Good job to all! Report
What fun! Thanks for letting us know what's been going on! Report
Thanks to you and your team for such great weekend. It was extra special for us being able to be part of the program and then have the chance to spend more time with you guys saturday and again on sunday. Thank for letting us hang with you guys.
bobby Report
The convention was soooo awesome~ I went with a few fellow metro Detroit spark team members. We all learned so much and are soooo ready to spread the spark with all the wonderful things we learned. The whole team was so fantastic, well worth the 5 hour drive! Thank you one and all spark team members, you all are the best!!! Report
You and the entire team deserve a HUGE round of applause. The wife (TAMZTIME) and I had a great time. We look forward to more rallies and events in the future.
It looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next time Report
Convention was great...staff was friends were great! Thank you Spark People for helping all of us live a healthy life!!! Can't wait for next year's!
Hugs to all of you! Report
*uses Jedi Mind Trick*

You will come to Western New York... it's central to Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Toronto... Report
Since I went to the first convention, I KNOW y'all are having a great time. Wish I was there. Report
Sounds like a great weekend meeting folks and that 5k sounds like the cherry on top. Maybe next year I'll attend because I know this site has helped me. Good luck! Report
The convention was awesome! I drove from Buffalo, NY to Cincinnati - just over 7 hours and well worth it! Fabulous. Report
Ohhh, how I wish I could have been there! Hopefully, there'll be one in the New England area! Report
ditto all of the 'attaboys' and 'wish i weres' and 'when and where's the next?s'

earning and rewarding are NOT one of my requirements, though...i think it could only jumpstart or ignite my any spark might...

so, one additional plea to create and post monthly or at least quarterly could rotate NW, SW, SE, NE and CENTRAL (say, st.louis, kansas city?) that way each location could have a subsequent DIFFERENT time of the year to celebrate/host the fun ... oh, and don't forget our northern brethren...because a Canadian convention WOULD be a REWARD for me to strive for...just suggesting... Report
Sounds so cool!! SP Convention come to COLORADO!!! Report
It was great to meet all of the sparkpeople staff and hear the stories! I also really liked seeing everyone at the race today, too! Meeting you all after the race today made me feel more apart of the sparkpeople network!
thank you so much,
Patty Report
Thank you for the blog and pictures. I wish I had gone. I live in Alabama and could have made the drive. ......sigh.... my loss. All the more reason to go to the next one that comes close. I really appreciate you sharing your weekend with the rest of us. Enjoy!!! Report
Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! I was planning on going but then found out that I wouldn't be able to and then got sick so for sure wouldn't have been able to go. It was so exciting to feel a little bit like I was there when reading this blog so I really appreciate you posting this!!!! Report
Awesome!!! Indy Girl is the best inspiration ever!! She is such a great person! :) Report
That's it! I knew I wanted a great reward for when I reach my goal. When I reach my goal I am going to go to a Spark Convention. Where ever it is!! YAYYY... I can hardly WAIT! Thanks for the blog and the pictures! Report
Wish I were there! Glad to know it was a success! Report
I would love to go to one of these!!! I hope one comes to where I live! Report
I had so much fun and meet so many nice people! I was inspired by Becky , the dietitian, to actually clean out and organize my cupboard's so I can get meals on the table quicker. Good thing my husband is gone for the day. I would have to ask him why in the heck he bought 24 cans of tomato paste- 10 cans of pears- etc. His stuff is going to go on the very top shelf in the back! Good thing he is 6 foot tall! Report
Stepfanie, thanks for bringing us a lively and well-photographed account of the convention! You all look fabulous!! - Susan Report
looks like a great time Report
Ooooh! I wish I was there with you all. One of these good years.... Report
sounds like fun Report
I have heard that analagy with dishes........if you break one, you don't go and break all of the rest of them! Report