Make Healthy Living a Reality in Fall

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As I walked my kids to school today, I noticed that the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors already. It reminds me that cooler temperatures and shorter days are coming and that I need to plan my strategy for exercise and healthy eating during these cooler and stormier months. There are several factors that I must take into consideration: how to get exercise when my kids, my work, the weather, and the flu season keep me from the gym. Our friends at Clorox recently shared some great tips that will help us all make healthy living a reality during the upcoming fall and winter seasons. I incorporated their tips into some of my own. 

Don’t Sit. Get Up and Move.
A study conducted by the American Cancer Society tracked the health of 123,000 Americans and found that women who sit more than six hours per day have a 40 percent greater chance of dying sooner than women who sit for three hours or less. So, get up and! Schedule 5 minute walking breaks into your calendar and walk to a co-workers desk, instead of picking up the phone or sending an email. Research standing desks or exercise balls as an alternative to spending the day in a chair. 

Reduce Stress. Find Things that Make Your Smile.
Creating a balanced lifestyle is a 24X7 commitment. Think about living your life like you're on vacation: drive five miles-per-hour slower, say "hi" to people you meet in the elevator, or try a new restaurant at lunch. Download the SparkPeople Mobile App, which provides healthy tip reminders and allows you to track nutrition and fitness activities during the day. Music is also a great way to bring a smile to your face and give you more energy. 

Get Tone-er (Not Just For Your Printer)
Do a quick desk workout, such as a few dips on the edge of your chair, calf raises while you're waiting at the copier, or take a few deep cleansing breaths while waiting for the coffee to brew. Keep a pair of tennis shoes in your office and do a couple of brisk 10 minute walks each day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Fresh air does wonders for our mental acuity and stress level. SparkPeople’s Desk Workout and 5 Minute Power Boosters for the Office are a great place to fit exercise in during your workday.

Sanitize Your Office
Your office can be an incubator for cold and flu viruses and bacteria, since they can survive on a work surface for up to 72 hours. Disinfect office hotspots regularly with Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes: desk, mouse, phone receiver and doorknobs. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day. If you do get sick, talk to your employer about your office wellness policy: build consensus that it's better business to keep germs at home and encourage employees to get the rest they need to come back stronger.

Stay Hydrated. Drink More Water.
Life can feel like a marathon sometimes. Take advantage of hydration stations in your office to keep your water bottle or glass topped off. Track your water intake in the SparkPeople Nutritional Tracker or SparkPeople Mobile Apps. If you have a hard time drinking water, try using a tumbler with a straw --straws allow you to take in more water with less effort--or sip on hot or iced herbal teas.

What steps do you take to stay healthy during your workday as the seasons change?

I received information about office health tips from Clorox.

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Some really great ideas! Report
Thanks for the tips! I love Clorox wipes - I keep them in both bathrooms, the kitchen, and yes, in my desk at work. Report
Clorox???? I will do it naturally thank you! And my way doesn't hurt me or the enviroment. Report
How come sparkpeople are "good friends" with a chemical company?
One can sanitise with bicarb of soda or tea tree oil.
I dislike advertisements for wasteful consumer products masked as an informative article!
Of course Clorox would recommend sanitizing the office. Report
The cooler weather is more of a prompt for me to get outdoors than those heavy hot days of summer. It's more energizing to feel the brisk snap of colder weather and watch the glory of the fall colors. Thanks for reminding everyone. Report
this was an ad for Clorox, hardly an informative article. Report
Great article! Report
I love to run and bike in the fall. I just slip on warmer clothes. I love to cook healthy filling meals with spices to keep the flu away. The leaves changed color and have been falling of the trees. It is nature's cycle and I make sure I stay in tune with it. Winter will hold lots of outdoor sports opportunities. I intend to cross-country ski to stay active during the cold months. Report
Great Article....great for fighting the depressing winter months! Report
Switch my morning cup of joe to green tea. Report
I get out my crockpot and make soups and stews and freeze the leftovers. A warm cup of something for meal made with good beans, lean meats and veggies is warm and filling in the cooler weather. Report