Motivational Quotes You Should Print and Look at Daily

By , Alicia Capetillo, Editor-in-Chief
Motivation is a fleeting concept. No one wakes up every single day feeling like they want to go crush their workouts and eat all the kale. No, some days, even the most dedicated people just want to blow off their workout, sink into the couch and eat leftover pizza.

If you're someone who struggles to find motivation daily, though, it could be worth looking into why you're not excited about your fitness or eating routine anymore. Perhaps you've grown tired of walking the same loop around the city after work. Maybe the meal plan you've set for yourself used to please your taste buds, but lately everything is just tasting bland. It might just be that you've reached a new level of health and need to step things up to continue feeling challenged and inspired to achieve. Even the most exciting plan can get stale after so many weeks of the same, and it's important to change things up every so often to continue growing, getting stronger and getting healthier. 

As you work to find your motivation again, something as simple as a great mantra or quote can have the power to push you to make it to that 5:30 p.m. workout or get over to the grocery story to buy ingredients for that tasty new recipe you bookmarked. The next time you're feeling blah and can't fathom going through any kind of effort to be your best self, steal one of these powerful quotes for an added boost. Repeating the words to yourself in your head or in front of a mirror might just be the thing you need to get through this motivational slump and get back to achieving.

What's your go-to motivational quote? What saying gets your pumped for achieving your goals?

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NANHBH 12/30/2018
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All great quotes Report
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great quotes. Report
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Great quotes! Thanks for the motivation and inspiration! Report
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Great quotes! Report
NANCYPAT1 12/28/2018
Great quotes! Report
CECTARR 12/28/2018
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NOVELAFAN 12/28/2018
Every little bit helps. & No guts, no glory. Report
SPEEDY143 12/28/2018
NEVER QUIT!!! Report
MLAPEDIS 12/28/2018
This is my go to quote: “The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now.”
— Zig Ziglar Report
97MONTY 12/28/2018
Thanks Report
PLATINUM755 12/28/2018
Oh I love these...keep them coming! Report
MARTHA324 12/28/2018
Persistence not perfection! Report
PICKIE98 12/28/2018
Believe in yourself. Report
LIS193 12/28/2018
Great quotes! Report
Tony Robbins once said,"no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying". Report
AQUAGIRL08 12/28/2018
Wonderful quotes! Report
BBDELTA 12/28/2018
These are good quotes. Thank you! Report
AALLEY2 12/28/2018
love Report
PHILM75 12/28/2018
Awww none of the quotes are visible on the mobile... Everyone here IS motivation for me! May your day be wonderful and the coming year be everything you wish. Report
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Yes! The body achieves what the mind believes! Report
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