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One More Reason To Drink Your Water

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I'm routinely asked why SparkPeople focuses so much on drinking water. The idea that you need to drink 8 glasses a day is a myth, right? Although the amount of water you should consume varies from person to person, there are a lot of reasons to make sure you're getting enough. If you're looking for a few, a new study confirms that water drinkers tend to have better diets.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, used data from a government health survey of 12,000 Americans to make their conclusions. Researchers found that "people who drank more "plain water" tended to eat more fiber, less sugar and fewer calorie-dense foods," versus those who got their fluids from other beverages (such as soda, juice, milk, etc.) This doesn't mean that drinking water made them healthier eaters. But it does show a relationship between drinking water and a healthy diet.

Drinking water in place of higher calorie beverages can also help with weight loss and weight management. Looking for an easy way to lose over 14 pounds this year? Instead of having your daily Coke with lunch, try a glass of water instead. You'll save 140 calories per can, which really adds up over time. Drinking water is also important as you increase your level of physical activity, can help you feel fuller throughout the day, and is a simple goal you can set for yourself. Staring with simple goals can help you build momentum to reach bigger goals when adopting a healthy lifestyle.

What do you think? Do you try to drink a certain amount of water each day? Have you noticed a correlation between drinking water and your overall diet?

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Not only do I believe in at least 8 glasses, but in my case, I believe in the formula -
* your weight number as ounces instead of pounds
* divided by 2
* total number of ounces of water you need to drink.
Example, if I weighed 200 pounds, I'd call that 200 ounces, divided by two, and I should drink 100 ounces of water. Right now, I weight more so I drink more. It makes a difference to me in so many ways... Report
I've always been a big water drinker. I don't have a problem exceeding 8 glasses a day, heck, I usually have that much down before finishing my morning work out Report
I make of goal of drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Sometimes 7 glasses may do it, other days I need more than 8. I don't want to drink more water than my body feels it needs otherwise I feel a bit sick and sloshy for awhile. Report
Thanks for the insight. I gave up diet soda's last summer and other than 2 cups of morning coffee, I only drink water. (Gotta have my am caffeine) I feel better and am not bloated. Glad I made the change. Report
I think people who drink plain water tend to be people who are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Although I am a water drinker and I also try to eat a healthy diet, I don't think drinking water has a causal relationship to the rest of my diet. Report
I am focused on drinking four liters of water daily. It's not that hard and it does make the biggest difference in my energy levels and believe it or not...sleep. I sleep better when hydrated. Who knew? Report
Driking eight GLASSES of water of day is impossible to me. However drinking the same amount from a bottle, or using a straw in a enormous sized cup works. A mental things. I guess I don't like drinking out of glasses. Report
Can't say it's made me eat healthier, but I can definitely attest that I have more energy when I drink more water. Days when I drink several 16.9-oz. bottles, I can conquer the world! (When I'm not in the bathroom, that is). Report
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day has helped decrease the frequency of my migraines. Report
water is best thing, i drink water bottle called perfectwater and while working out drinking that never gives me muscle spasms or i am tired Report
I feel much better when I drink 8 glasses a day. However, I do not feel full from drinking water; in fact, it seems to increase my hunger! Report
I had always heard that water helps fill you up, keeps your pipes clean and really helps with dehydration, so I drink lots of water. Some days 64 oz. It really helps with your complexion too. Report
Generally speaking, the only beverage I drink is water; I don't like coffee and I'm not really big on tea. If I need cafeine I will have a diet cola. However, I don't try to drink a certain amount of water each day. I drink when I exercise and I drink when I'm thirsty. I don't see a reason to push myself to drink more water than I feel like drinking. Report
Before I began this journey, I stuggled to drink two glasses of water a day. Now that I have cut out diet soda and fruit drinks, I drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Report
I'm not a big water drinker. Never have been, but I am trying to at least drink one or two water bottles a day. Having the purifier in the fridge helps cause regular water is just gross and to buy bottled water gets expensive and you have all the empty bottles causing waste. Report
THANKS!! I no drink soda or juice. I drink a lot of water. Report
I am a true believer in drinking lots of water. For starters, I drink very little of other kinds of drinks. I try to limit tea and coffee. I hardly have soft drinks at all. I just love how water makes me feel fresh and lively. When I don't have enough of it, I feel tired, heavy and I am sure it impacts on my mood as well. What can I say, I'm a believer! Report
I have struggled for years to drink water at all. I had a horrible time choking down even a half a glass. Then I started filtering the water and it was a whole lot easier. I keep two half gallon glass containers of water in the fridge and at the end of the day I usually have to refill at least one of them. I don't count my glasses, I just drink when I'm thirsty, but by the end of the day--voila! half a gallon down. For someone who couldn't force the water down, this is an amazing result. I can only conclude that my body did NOT like chlorine. I still can't drink water at restaurants, even when I'm thirsty, cause the chlorine hits my mouth and it's all over. Thirsty or not the water won't go down. Report
When I decided to start living a healthier lifestyle, the first step I took was to cut back on sodas (I was unconsciously drinking over 20oz of soda a day) and started drinking a minimum of 64oz of water. That little step has made quite a difference in my life! Report
Yes I think it is important to drink 8 glasses of water a day. My husband has a gout flare up if he does not drink a gallon of water a day. Report
A huge insulated 4-cup mug of ice-cold water is my constant companion. After one cup of coffee in the morning, its pretty much all I drink the rest of the day. I'm fortunate - I happen to love water. I don't need to add anything else in it except lots and lots of ice. I can tell when I haven't had my quota of 8-10 glasses a day, too, because I get thirsty for it. Report
I drink 14 glasses of water EVERY day. Not hard at all when you drink one glass an hour.
I've been a maintainer for over a year now... so I'd say drinking water does help. Report
I recently heard you should drink half of your body weight in oz, meaning if you are 100lbs dring 50 oz, how does it work, can't you overload your body with body? anyone has any information on this please share.
Thank you! Report
I am drinking more water and less soda. I have noticed that overall I feel much better doing this. Amazing how now I am even starting to crave the water instead of a Diet Coke. Report
I have found drinking about 10 glasses of water works best for me. I drink it during workouts AND I keep a glass full with me at all times (home office). This was a recent change for me, from 4-6 glasses of water and 3-4 diet drinks per day. I can't tell you how much better I feel after stopping the diet drinks and replacing it with water. Report
I never used to drink water until I got kidney stones one summer. The nurse in the hospital asked how much water I had that day to drink and I said none. She was shocked and told me how important it is for the body. I got the stones out and have been an avid water drinker since. I can't imagine my life without it now. Report
I use to push myself to drink 8 glasses of water/day since I've joined sparks back in 2006. What I found works for me is to drink 6 glasses, I am not forcing water down, I am drinking what I believe my body is acquiring. During summer months at times I do drink 8 but I am sleeping better through the nights not having to get up and go to the bathroom as then I cant' fall back to sleep unless I'm really, really tired. So the 6 glasses work for me as I do eat fruits and veggies that are high in water content too. Report
I am a supporter of 8 cups of water because I have seen the difference in the last 3 months in my overall weight loss with the combination of proper nutrition and exercise. My skin is beautiful as well but that could be from my genes. Drink up! Report
I do drink 8 glasses (at least) of water daily, and while it has lots of positive benefits, I can't say it makes me feel full or helps me eat less. Drinking water makes me less thirsty...but not less hungry! Report
I try to get my 8 glasses in a day but sometimes it is hard as I am not allowed to have drinks at work unless I am on break. I have never been a soda or juice drinker so water just comes naturally. I also love hot brewed teas! Report
Hi, I am not a very good water drinker, so to enhance my water intake, I am currently taking half a litre (500mls) daily, with lemon, honey and cinammon. Is this ok and do I lose out on the benefits of drinking plain water? Thanks, Ly Report
I actually love water, its my main drink of the day I also drink a lot of herbal teas, my husband hates drinking water though he has to because he runs most days.
I drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar each morning and at least 4 glasses while at work and more when I get home, I am not a lover of other drinks such as coke and bottled drinks, too sweet!!! Report
I feel sooooo much better since I have started making water my mine main fluid. I can definitely tell a difference if I don't drink enough water. I feel sluggish and less alert. Report
Whenever I drink water my whole body benefits. My legs are less swollen and I generally feel much better. Drinking eight glasses each day is not an easy goal for me. I can sometimes drink 8 glasses of fluid per day but not specifically water. Report
i enjoy and like drinking 8 glasses of water each day. There are times though when i feel like i cant get anymore into me. I was told that if you drink to much it can hurt your brain, true or not once i have a hard time finishing my water i stop for awhile. Report
I like water....tap or doesn't matter to me. But I did struggle to drink 8 glasses in the beginning. It happened eventually and now I stop counting after 8 glasses. Some days I think I drink 10 or 11 glasses. It makes me feel more lively and awake. Report
I find that 6 glasses per day is more reasonable for me on most days. In order to drink 8/day I have to force myself, and I end up feeling a little queasy. Especially since I have a limited amount of time to drink at work (no drinking allowed in the Operating Room, lol), so I can usually only down about 3 glasses during the 10/hrs/day I'm there. Five glasses from 6 to 9pm was definitely not working!! Lol.
On days when I'm home, and usually exercising more (running around with my son, vacuuming the car, etc), I can and frequently do drink 8 glasses. But it's just not usually feasible. Report
I agree with FITFORLIFE25 and MARINASHU. It curbs your appetite and makes you feel better. Just do it! Report
I always carry a water bottle everywhere I go. I drink at least 10 cups a day of liquids (mostly water) and sometimes more. I now drink coconut water after exercising for the electrolytes. It really helps me recover. Report
I do try to get all of my water in, though, after being on Weight Watchers, I look to 6 cups of water and several other drinks for my liquids. The other drinks are usually tea or milk, not soda or fruit juices. I'm working on the 8, though, and still get my milk and tea. Report
I def try to get my 8 plus glasses of water eat day. i find it helps to curve my appetite cuz in the past i would think i was hungry when infact i was just thirsty. i find i do feel alot better and my skin looks better too.. Report
Based on conversations with my doctor and a nutritionist, BOTH of them said that drinking 64 oz. or more of water was NOT a healthy goal. My doctor indicated I was overworking my kidneys and additional water could put my body's balance OUT OF BALANCE. So all the hype about an 8 glasses of 8 oz.ea goal for the day is wrong for me. They both said that all liquids apply to hydration!
I think there is more value in listening to and attending to one's body and making observation(s) as to what makes you feel better and what makes no difference. Since having kidney stones during my 3rd pregnancy, the urologist said the best thing I could do to avoid reoccurrence was to become friends with water and avoid all forms of carbonation. I felt that was a very reasonable goal / perspective to move forward with. That has taken me through until now, and I see no reason for that to change. Report
We put a PUR water filter on the kitchen faucet, and now I'm drinking fresh filtered water all the time instead of diet soft drink. What a difference. I feel better, and I'm glad to be off the soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners(probably hard on the kidneys), and acid which is bad for one's teeth. Report
I have a feeling that the reason people who eat healthy get their water in is because it's been pounded at us for years that we need to drink 8 glasses a day, so people who are health conscious will do it whether it is actually healthy or not. And this is a correllation, not a causation, so I think saying this study is "another reason to drink your water" is stretching it a little. Report
I've maintained an 8 glass of water minimum most of the time I've been on the weight-loss path. Now I'll be honest I do count unsweetened green and more so now white tea in that count. I was told my an exercise phisiologist - that for the body to even have a chance of going back to it's intended shape I should keep it hydrated. I believe it's true - when people look at me they don't believe how much I've lost because I don't have lots of saggy skin. I also use a body moisturizer daily - hydration inside and out! Report
I think this is a great article and I applaud all the water drinkers out there. I don't like plain water that much. But I love sparkling water (not sweetened, no calories, but with bubbles and a tiny dab of flavor), which I buy by the case. But I also drink lots of unsweetened iced tea (I brew it at home and keep a pitcher in the fridge). It's usually black tea, so it has caffeine, but I would think all the antioxidants and positive substances in tea might cancel out the small amount of caffeine. Anyone have any idea if this is true? Report
I know for a fact that I feel better when I drink plenty of water. This is especially true if I'm working out. I'm one of those people who feel faint when I haven't had enough water. Just do it. Report
Thanks for clarifying that the link between drinking water and eating healthily is CORRELATION, and NOT causation!

Another benefit of drinking water for me is that it curbs my appitite. Especially when I want to snack because I'm bored or tired or upset, drinking water instead of eating makes a big difference!

Plus, I try to do 20 wall pushups every time I go to the bathroom. I know if I make it over 100, I'm drinking enough water that day! :) Report
I'm not a water drinker normally either, preferring sweetened iced tea. I'm a southerner. I have noticed, though, when I do drink only water, by the third day or so, the water actually starts tasting sweeter to me. When I don't drink it regularly, it tends to be bitter, even though I buy the purified water. So, the trick is to drink only water. Why can't I get that through my head? The down side to me is I'm constantly using the bathroom, every half hour or so. Sometimes, it even interferes with my sleep. I'm hoping it's because I have a lot of flushing out to do and it will get better with time. Report
I try to make sure I drink at least 8 glasses a day. I also drink coffee and tea. I have cut out sodas. Report