One-Bite Steps

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Do you ever find yourself wondering why you should keep trying?  Are you considering giving up because your progress is slow or nonexistent?  I'm specifically talking about continuing to get and stay healthy, but the thoughts I am sharing could also be used in other areas of your life.

Getting out of a rut can be hard work.  You get tired of fighting to change yourself or the ''thing'' in your life that needs changing, and you just want to lay down in the rut and give up.  Accepting "what is" becomes easier than struggling to get to "what could be."  The vision or dream becomes lost in the midst of everyday life.

I’ve seen hundreds of posts during my time on SparkPeople where people ask variations of the same question: "Why should I keep trying?"  Hope has faded and they’ve lost their way momentarily.  We all go through that.  How do you gather the energy to suit up and get back in the game?  Why should you?  One of the things that has kept me pushing forward is the opportunity to experience more in life.  When I was heavier, it took all of my energy to get through the general tasks of each day.  There wasn’t anything left for finding the "what could be" in my life.

I bought a book a few years back at a Starbucks called Where Will You be Five Years From Today?  You can find the book online here. It’s a very thought-provoking little read, and one that I think I will read every few years.  At the time I bought it, I was a few months away from beginning my healthy life transition.  I am amazed at how much life has changed in almost four years. 

So, how do you get from where you are right now to that inspired life?  Major achievements in life start with a dream, get formatted into goals and then require routine work, effort and review.  I didn’t magically lose over 90 pounds, start racing on a routine basis and transition from morbidly obese to healthy just because I dreamed or hoped it could be.  It all happened as a result of hard work, and I continue to work hard to maintain what I've achieved.

Get out a piece of paper right now and write down what your dream is. Describe it in as many ways as possible.  No dream is too big.  How do you get there from where you are now?  That is the toughest part.  Have you heard the old question, ''How do you eat an elephant?''  The answer is, ''One bite at a time.''  Tackling a big endeavor can be done in tiny steps that you take every day.

So here is your first one-bite step: If you’ve never completed your Getting Started Guide on SparkPeople, then today is that day.  Set some SMART goals that will get you one step closer to achieving your dream.  B.J. Marshall said, ''If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.''  It’s not enough to just sit and hope and dream.  You have to aim, focus, and then take the steps necessary to get to the goal.  In a football game, a team plays with the big goal of winning the game.  In order to do that, the team must develop plays to help advance the ball on the field.  The team fights with every ounce of strength to get to the end zone.  If someone takes the ball away, the team focuses its energy on getting that ball back.  When the game is over, the team goes back and reviews what worked and what didn’t work.  Then, new goals are developed to help reach the goal in the next game. 

The same is true for you and me today.  We need to know what the goal is, and then take the steps necessary to win the game.  Do you really want to quit and become one of the spectators in the stadium, watching everyone else have fun playing the game?  Why let the hard work stop you?  No one has proven that you can accomplish great transformative goals without hard work.  If you read anything at all about people who have achieved accomplishments, you will find that they had a dream, focused, and did a lot of hard work to make that dream come true.

You have two four-letter word choices that can help you decide your destiny. Ask yourself each day if you want to WORK or be LAZY.  It usually boils down to that for me.  I don’t want to leave a legacy of lazy.  I don’t want to get to the end of my life and have people say, ''Man, she was one lazy woman!''  I want to hear people say, ''I couldn’t keep up with her.''  I remember back about 15 years ago, someone asked me why I didn’t act my age because I was learning to rollerblade and she thought I was too old for that.  My thought was, why would I want to act my age?  I still feel that way now.  Live life and chase your dreams.  You will be so glad you did.

Draw your line in the proverbial sand today.  Will you define your dream, set your goals and do the work?  Will you just settle for what is or will you get up and chase what can be?  What one-bite step can you take today to inch closer to your goal?

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PLCHAPPELL 12/8/2020
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_CYNDY55_ 7/25/2020
Thanks Report
It’s all fun and games, in the beginning........ Report
great inspirational blog! Report
Great article! Report
Thanks. I need to get that book. Report
LOVE LOVE this blog. I cannot express what it has done for me today - I am 75 years old but still have dreams of things I want to achieve - and the energy to do them, if I bother to look for it. I've been taking a back seat in life because of 'my age' - now I will be acting on plans set long ago. Thank you. Report
Thank You for the great message. Report
Sounds manageable. Report
I have been lazy most of my life (I'm 68) but I'd like to change. This article helps give a little push. Report
thanks Report
Thanks, I need to write my goals and put them on the mirror to remind me.
great article
Thank you! Report
Thanks! Report
Thank you Report
Great article Report
Goals is a plan for success! Report
This is what I needed to hear today, as we are having a dessert pot luck (that I organized :( ) Report
I copied the article so that I can refer to it and follow it. I have been ready to give up so many times and I have tried to set realistic goals without success, so I am going to try writing them down again while referring to this article. I need this.
Just what I needed to hear. Thank you. Report
I love this article. Report
Thank you, I do NOT want to be remembered as one LAZY woman either. Report
Thank you. Really needed to read this. Report
Great article and advice. Someone asked me last year if I was going through my 2nd childhood and I said "yes." It confirmed that I'm on the right track--living & loving life, trying new things and still growing. Act my age???? Not if I can help it. Report
RONOSOF - some examples of one bite steps for me today are to log my food in sparkpeople so I know how many calories I'm eating, walking the half mile today to the pool instead of driving there, doing some water exercises instead of just laying in the pool chair, grilling salmon instead of BBQ or burgers. Each little choice I can make to stay healthy is a step in the right direction. Report
what are some examples of "one bite steps?" Report
Thank you so much for this blog. It is exactly what I needed this morning. Just six months ago I was lethargic and without any energy or Perseverance. I was tired all the time. I now work out 3-5 times per week and have been eating better. I have gotten off track with portion control and eating high caloric foods again.
Time to get back in the race.! Report
An AWESOME ARTICLE. This is what so mamy of us need. Thank You Very Much For Sharing It. God Bless You and Everyone. Have a Wonderful Memorial Day and Week. Report
Thanks! You are an inspiration to all of us. Keep sharing and caring not only for yourself but others as well. Report
Thanks for an incredible post. I've just found this site...and am in the process of setting goals. It's easy to say 'My goal is to look thinner', when I see myself in the mirror each day. Your post has reminded me of the most important thing to me. Quality of life. You've encouraged me to look beyond the surface. Thanks for that. Report
Thanks so much for this very inspirational blog! I just spent a couple of hours at my doctor's office today talking about my recent weight gain which is the most that I've ever weighed. This blog was just what I needed to help me refocus my efforts. Report
Thank you! I really needed to read this today. I have felt like giving up and now I feel like I have just had the little push that I needed to get me back towards reaching my dreams. Report
Very motivating blog! So needed it today!! Report
This is REALLY what I needed today! Sometimes we all feel like giving up and I was SO ready to give up today.. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Report
We teach our first semester clinical nursing students to write SMART goals for their client focused care, so it's nice to see the concepts used AWAY from my work arena.
LOVE the sarcastic humor in that epithet "Man, she was one lazy woman!" -- what a GREAT reminder of what I do NOT want to be (or at least remain)!
Thanks - Maryjean Report
This is the motivation and inspiration I need today. Today I will write out my dream and start to make it a reality. Report
Great blog!! You are such an inspiration! Thank you! Report
another great, thought-provoking, inspirational blog Mich!! Thank you! and those books are awesome, thanks!!!
Enjoyed story, will pass it along to my TOPS Pals and family. My husband, mother in-law and I are working out together and eating healthier. We did loss quit a few pounds in the pass but regained some. So back on board! Thanks again!! Goofysmile! Report
Thank you for your encouragement Report
This blog entry makes a lot of sense to me. I am right now in the process of just starting my journey with sparkpeople. One of the things I am working on this week is setting goals. I have a real proplem with making realistic goals and this article has prompted me to go back and look at what I have decided to do and make changes. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

Sarah Report
I firmly believe that acting your age is highly overrated. Then again, maybe we can start a new trend-- middle-aged people are SUPPOSED to be learning how to rollerblade, hula hoop, join a band, skydive, insert your adventure here. Life is too short to be lazy. Work can equal fun; it often does. Great article--love your attitude!! Report
It looks like they've changed the cover of the book but it is on that link: The Five Book by Dan Zadra - it's red and has a big white colored 5 on the front of it. Report
I can not find the book mentioned at the link provided. Anyone else having similar problems? If anyone can provide the authors name, maybe I can find it elsewhere. Thanks. Report
Thank you, Micheline. Your great post was just what I needed. I get myself weighed every week at Curves, and this last Monday was one of those rare 'didn't lose an ounce' Mondays. Logically, I knew that this is natural and that I will move past this and lose more. But emotionally, I immediately felt the "why bothers?" Luckily, I have just kept on with my program this week despite this negative thought process. Your blog reminded me of a favourite quote by Winston Churchill: "Kites fly highest against the wind, not with it". Thanks again! Report
A little over two years ago, I was told ,Tisha you will probably die in the next two years or so if you don't lose weight. That was the catalyst for working my butt off and losing 200 lbs. I wanted to live and I wanted to live as the woman I had been most of my life, healthy, energetic and full of life. My word was LIVE. Every ten pound lost put me closer to being the women I used to be. So now I am that women, and I will do all I have to do to continue to live and enjoy my life Report
Very inspiring. I really liked the sentence "draw your line in the sand". Report
I've been feeling down because of some medical issues lately. I've been feeling like "why try if I'm just gonna be sick like this?" but this blog has definitively motivated me to keep persevering. Thank you so much!

Lisa Report
Just the kick in the pants needed to get back on track! Thanks!!! Report