Plus-Size Workout Wear for Fall

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Since I started working at SparkPeople this April, I've gotten into the habit of wearing workout clothes to work on most days of the week. It helps me fit in fitness breaks throughout the day without having to spend time changing clothes. But because I'm wearing fitness gear so much, my old ratty yoga pants and oversized T-shirts just aren't cutting it anymore. If this is what I'm going to wear every day, I want to look cute, too! Luckily, it's getting easier and easier to find cute workout clothes in extended sizes. (I wear a 14 or 16 depending on the brand.)
Fall is a tricky season for exercise clothes. It can be quite cool in the mornings but then warm up throughout the day. There are also sometimes weeks of lingering summer heat or sudden, overnight cold snaps. At least that's what it's like here in Ohio. If you don't like the weather, just wait 24 hours and you'll get something completely different! My strategy is to dress in layers and to always keep some of my summer clothes in the rotation until the first freeze of the season. Here are some of my current favorites and some things I'm putting on my list for fall shopping.

In My Closet
Athleta Shiva Top: This is my all-time favorite top. I have it in four different colors! With 3/4-length sleeves, it's perfect for the transition from summer in to fall. The fabric is a cotton/polyester/spandex blend that hugs the body in the right places, while the tunic cut makes it skim across the torso in the most flattering way possible. ($42; available in sizes from XXS/00 to 2X/20.)

Athleta Kickbooty Pant
: This classic yoga pant is both flattering and comfortable. The breathable fabric is designed to wick sweat away from the skin while making your butt look amazing! It's also designed to not get that unflattering shiny look as it stretches. I use the small pocket sewn in to the waistband to hold my fitness tracker but it's great for a key, too. ($79; available in sizes from XXS/00 to 2X/20.)

Athleta Rishi Jacket
: This hoodie takes it up a notch with fun colors and flattering ruching on the sides. It's also cut long to cover your backside. This jacket is a bit on the heavy side so it's great for particularly cool mornings. But once the sun comes up, it gets too warm. ($128; available in sizes from XXS/00 to 2X/20.)

Old Navy Printed Compression Capris
: I get more compliments on these affordable workout pants than on any of my other much higher priced ones. These run a little long for capris, which makes them perfect for transitioning from warm to cool weather. The fabric is designed to wick sweat away from the body and the pants include a hidden pocket in the waistband for a key. ($24.94; available in sizes from XS/0-3 to XXL/20.)

On My Shopping List
Old Navy Micro-Performance Fleece Jacket: I admit that my default jacket is a hoodie, but this zip-up is much cuter and slightly less casual. The mid-weight fleece makes it good for cool mornings, but it's light enough to wear indoors without overheating. ($19.94; available in sizes from XS/0-3 to XXL/20. A similar style is available for $26.94 in sizes 1X/16-18 to 4X/28-30.)

Woman Within 3/4-Length Sleeve Tunic
: I love tunics and I love 3/4-length sleeves, which can be tough to find combined in one garment. Not only is this top perfect for falling temperatures, it comes in 14 different colors! ($10.99-$13.99; available in sizes M/14W to 7X/48W.)

Woman Within Fleece Vest
: When it's not quite chilly enough for a jacket but you need a little extra warmth on a long walk, there's nothing better than a soft, fleece vest. This one comes in 11 different jewel-tone colors. And the length is just right to cover your bottom without looking boxy. ($26.99-$31.99; available in sizes M/14W to 6X/44W.)

A Big Attitude Capri + Baseball Shirt
: For warmer fall days, this cute combo would be perfect. I love that the top and bottom have matching color panels. It's almost impossible to find gym clothes in larger sizes that also feature cute cuts or colors. ($69.98; available in sizes 1X/16-18 to 5X/32-34.)

Ryka Women's Motion Boot Cut Pant
: You can adjust the length of these fun workout pants with the drawstrings at each ankle. They feature ruching at the waist for a flattering fit. The fabric is also designed to wick moisture away from the skin. ($65; available in sizes S/0-2 to 3XL/20.)

Calvin Klein Performance Asymmetrical Zip Jacket
: Want! Want! Want! This cotton/Modal/Spandex blend jacket features a longer cut in the back than the front to cover your booty without making you look too boxy. The super stylish design would perfect to transition from a morning walk right into the office. ($84; available in sizes 1X/14-16 to 3X/22-24.)

Moving Comfort Flipside Long Sleeve
: So cute! This long-sleeve T-shirt is reversible and made of moisture-wicking fabric. It includes two handy pockets and thumb loops to keep the sleeves from riding up when you want to stay warm. ($70; available in sizes XS to 2XL.)

Athleta Cavassa Strata Skirt
: This adorable, patterned skirt would be perfect to wear over leggings when the temps dip. Then you can just pull it off and toss it in your bag when you're ready to hit the gym since the fabric is totally wrinkle-free! ($69; available in sizes XXS/00 to XL/16. The unprinted Strata Skirt is available up to size 2X/20.)

Lola Getts Racer Back Tank
: The gym where I do personal training doesn't have A/C so even as the temps drop it can still be quite warm. This tank would be perfect to wear under a cute jacket that I can just take off as soon as I start hitting the weights! ($51; available in sizes 0/14-16 to 2/22-24).)

ToeSox Half Toe Yoga/Pilates Socks with Grips
: I hate having cold feet when the temperatures starts to drop but I enjoy both yoga and Pilates. I think this year I'll try out some grippy socks and see if that helps. ($15; available in sizes XS to XL.)

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for fall (and for a long overdue shopping trip)!

(All images belong to their respective brands.)

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The clothes are really cute. Report
I love some of these, but I can't pay $70 for a shirt or $89 for yoga pants :( Report
Since I lost weight and am no longer plus size it is so hard for me to find sleeves to the elbow which I prefer. The athlete shirt was cute and half off but the colored ones where shown with shirts underneath because they are see through. That was a turn off. Unfortunately women within clothes are too big for me and even when I was plus size and wore a 1X their clothes run super big so I suggest ordering one size down with them. Report
Cute, cute, cute! I'm also thrilled to see that SparkPeople staffers aren's all size 0. You can relate to my situation! Report
Love the strata skirt! Report
Love the tunic! I really want one now. Report
Since m overweight nd sweat a lot i wear GFA mens gym singlets. GfA gym singlets are Preety loose & comfortable to wear may be you can consider them too.Nice article though atleast m improving my Fashion Taste.Helps alot Report
Your commenters should actually check the sites of what you posted before they complain they are all pricey. Woman Within is super affordable (if you buy 3 shirts they are less than the price you posted, for example, and they offer many coupons and deals of at least 40% off) and is helping me to actually have clothes to wear to work as I progress through what I hope will be a 150+ lb weightloss. Old Navy's online deals are great too-- a work blazer for under $30 recently. You hit all price points in this article. Report
Wow...I can hardly justify more than $20 on any one workout clothing item much less upwards of $85. Sorry, it seems to show being a tad out of touch with the average person and their income. But then so do the food plans that I've seen on SP. However, since you're actually wearing these to work and it is part of your job then I suppose, in that case, it's a bit more justifiable. Report
I suggest Target for workout clothes, too. Comparable to Old Navy's prices, and the clothes last WAY longer then the junky Walmart stuff. Also Costco...hit or miss, but my absolute favorite running jacket cost $25 and is Kirkland brand. Report
Too expensive! I'll stick to my WalMart pants and whatever T-shirt my hand falls on. Report
Thank you sooo much for posting this! I love the garments you chose! I'm not exactly plus size, but have a difficult time finding more "modest", looser fitting work out gear that looks cute. No matter what size I am, I find most modern exercise clothes to be incredibly tight and revealing. Been wearing huge old t-shirts and capris till now, but on the hunt for something more stylish. Thank you for showing that there are more options available and doing some searching for me! Report
Wow, very pricey! It would be cheaper to buy the same outfit at least 3 times at Walmart than to buy one of these once! Report
Really nice thank you Report
Great blog, Megan! Some of those are going on my wish list now too. I especially like those kickbooty pants. Thanks! Report
SparkPeople must pay well! ;)

Old Navy is one of my go-to stores for plus size work-out gear, but people should know they only sell their extended sizes online. You can't find it in stores! Report
I had no idea that Old Navy would have clothes in my size! I will have to check them out. Report
I love that you included less expensive items! It can be discouraging to only see cute workout clothes, and then hit your target heart rate when you see the price ;) Report
Thanks so much for reminding me of Old Navy! The other stuff is really nice but too expensive and I wouldn't know where to find it except for online with shipping charges to Canada I'm thinking. Old Navy is an Old Friend I'd totally forgotten about! Report
Very nice, but I wish you would recommend pieces that are more affordable and stores that are more convenient so we could try them in fitting rooms (target, walmart);)Although you get what you pay for, 90percent of the time..times are tough right now and who doesn't love a great bargain!!!? Report
I would like to see some fitness clothing in larger sizes. The only one i saw that might have something my size was woman within. Report
Thanks for the article! I hadn't heard of some of these companies, so I'll check them out!

A lot of these aren't my size (I'm a 22W), but I'll look for them when I get down to a 20W. Some of the more expensive items would make good rewards! ;-)

Most of these things are way, way too expensive for me. Also, many of them don't really come in 'plus' sizes, if the largest is 2X - or, in one case, only 16! Report
I love so many of these, but my budget doesn't allow me to purchase these unless I can find them on ebay used. Also, the 2x workout gear is WAY too tight for me to be comfortable to wear in public, even though that is the size I wear in regular clothes. Thanks for the suggestions, I might be able to use one or two. Report
Most of those items are out of my budget. Except the Old Navy pieces. I buy C9 by Champion almost exclusively. They have new colors and styles every season and the end of season sales are phenomenal. For example, $6 short sleeve tshirt, $8 sleeveless tees and shorts. Black yoga pants were $22. Report
Cute...I guess SP staffers make a lot more $ than public school employees, though. Report
I hate pants without pockets. Those tiny pockets that are only big enough to hold a quarter are a joke. My car keys are bigger than that. Manufacturers need to start taking women seriously and put pockets in (like they do for men's clothes). Report
Thanks, but most of these items are WAY too expensive for me! I'll stick to my sweats since I'm not working right now anyway! Report
Love that you are featuring some Old Navy workout wear. I love their stuff... it wears and washes well. Watch for a sale cause you can get the stuff at up to 40% ... Very affordable and very stylish. Report
Pricey! Report
There are so many things on this list that I like! Report
Thanks for the tips. It never occurred to me to get better quality workout clothes and actually wear them to work. SUPER cute ideas. Report
You must have a bigger clothing budget than I do. $70 for a shirt? I can't justify it. Report
Went to web page to see details on the jacket. On sale. Will possibly buy- sounds really good.
I have to say that the Old Navy compression capris are my favorite! I've ended up purchasing 3 pairs. I like them more than my more expensive pairs. They are an incredible value.

I have one of those Old Navy fleece jackets too. It's very warm and cozy, but it starts to pill after a few washings. Report
Cute clothes. Thanks for showing multiple prices and sizes. Report
really cute ideas! thanks! Report