Sneaky Leg-Toning Exercises You Can Do in a Chair

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Just because you sit at a desk all day doesn't mean that you can't squeeze in a little fitness.  There are a lot of sneaky ways you can work your muscles while sitting in a chair—without anyone even noticing. (OK, with some of these ideas they might notice your covert attempts to exercise, but they won't think you're a total weirdo, I promise.)

Check out these simple leg-toners you can do from a chair--no equipment required.

Do you try to exercise from your desk or chair? What are some of your favorite sneaky (or not so sneaky) seated workout moves?

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LIS193 8/2/2021
Thanks Report
FISHGUT3 7/31/2021
thanks Report
ATEAMSIS08 6/8/2021
Just in time since I will be sitting quite a bit again starting next with a new job. Report
:) Report
JUDY1676 12/31/2020
Thanks for the ideas! Report
I love doing "hidden exercises" that to me means not only do I have my regular exercise routines, but i do additional things when nobody knows I'm doing them.
for example, getting the furthest parking spot away from the store when I shop. Report
CARD512002 9/15/2020
Thank you for sharing Report
JRASSETT 9/13/2020
I invested in a cubii and it has changed my life! Report
The idea of doing exercise while in a chair have saved me when injured. Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
thanks Report
Great. Report
Excellent video! Thanks! Report
Excellent Video! Thanks! Report
Great exercise ideas! Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks! Report
Excellent ideas! Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Excellent Report
awesome ideas Report
Great ideas Report
did them Report
There was nada to click on to watch the exercises....just a big white square with a little black box in corner Report
Good idea. Report
I do them and I don't care if anyone sees, I am forever trying to find ways to stretch and get in some exercise at my desk. I work in a physiotherapy clinic therefore I don't look so out of place and if I did so what? I can't help it if i want to show my awesomeness LOL Report
I just tried the exercises at my desk. I can really feel it, and no one even noticed. What a great idea! Thanks coach Nicole. Report
Thanks Nicole for the ideas! Report
Awesome workout while sitting! Who knew we could workout while sitting, on the job! Lol Report
Thanks! I'm posting this next to my desk. Report
Just completed these exercises. I can really feal it it in my hips. Adding it to pinterest so I don't forget to do them. Report
These are great! I have mobility issues due to cancer so I can't do a lot of exercising on my feet. Report
too awesome!!!! Thank you for the insight
I do squeeze in a few moves while working at my desk and can feel the difference in my level of focus and alertness throughout the day from doing so. I also work standing at my desk periodically and try to remember to march in place if I'm on a conference call. It all adds up! Report
Ha, those are really sneaky core exercise too! You really have to tighten the core to sit on the edge of the chair and do those exercises properly. Report
These are great Nicole!
I also recommend using a Bluetooth or speaker phone when at work and every time you talk on the phone, get up and walk around your desk, or do a few lunges or wall push-ups. The lunges and push-ups build lean muscle which burns twelve times more calories than fat does!
The important thing is to keep exercising all day long! Report
Great exercise to do at work. THanks Report
these are easy for me, love adding new exercises to my routine, thanks Coach Nicole! Report
These exercises will be very good for me to do. I am recovering from a broken
ankle and I have been trying to figure out some different ways to exercise sitting down in a chair. Thanks for the video! You made my day! Report
I do these at work. It helps because I have restless leg syndrome.. Donna Report
I do these. Or rather, variations of these. I also point and flex so that my calves don't get too accustomed to being flat or pointed, as I also wear a variety of shoes. I have to do a lot of sitting exercised because I spend so much time on my computer doing schoolwork :/ Report
Nice Nicole! Report
Paul Eugene on YouTube has several good "Chair" exercise workouts. Many older people find them helpful. Report
Love it, thanks! Report
I sit on s sturdy desk, lean back slightly and do those types of ab exercises. Leaning back a little further makes them tougher to do Report
Very good! Report
Wow! I can't wait to try these. Report
What great ideas. I never would have thought of those. Thanks! Report
You can really feel the muscles at work in these simple steps. Ok Coach Nicole, I hear ya... NO EXCUSES NOT TO MOVE MORE!!!

Thank you! Report