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Stuck in a Snack Rut? It's Time to Break Out

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Think outside the 100-calorie pouch. Beyond granola bars, apples and vending machine junk food, there's an entire world of snacks out there. Shake up your snack routine with one of these 10 savory snacks.

Mini Chicken Fiesta
Fill a small corn tortilla with 3 ounces of chicken. Sprinkle on 2 T cheddar cheese and top with 2 T salsa.
189 calories, 3 g fat

Simple Carbs-n-Protein
Eat 1 hardboiled egg with 3 pretzel rods.
198 calories, 6 g fat

Punched-Up Popcorn
Pop 1 bag 100-calorie popcorn.
Shake on:
1/2 t cumin
1/2 t garlic powder
1/4 t chili powder
100 calories, 3.5 g fat

Better than Wings
Dunk celery sticks in 2 T blue cheese dressing.
90 calories, 6 g fat

What a Pita
Fill 1 mini whole-wheat pita with 2 T hummus.
160 calories, 6 g fat

Cheesy Dunker
Dunk 1 string cheese into 1/4 c marinara sauce.
95 calories, 3.8 g fat

No-Cheat Chips and Salsa
Drag 15 baked tortilla chips through 1/2 c salsa.
150 calories, 2 g fat

Beans in a Pod
Steam 1 c edamame. Sprinkle with good sea salt. Shell and eat.
179 calories, 7.5 g fat

Bean-n-Guac Rollup
Fill one small corn tortilla with 1/4 c mashed black beans.
Top with 1/4 avocado, diced, and add 2 T salsa.
199 calories, 8.7 g fat

Lett-uce Eat Tuna
Mix 3 ounces tuna with 1 t lemon juice and 1 T light mayo.
Season with black pepper to taste.
Place mixture in 1 cup of lettuce leaves.
144 calories, 4 g fat

Creamy, Crunchy, and Tangy
Toast 1 slice multigrain bread.
Spread with 1 T goat cheese and then 1 sliced tomato.
133 calories, 4 g fat

Do you eat the same snack every day, or do you shake up your snacks? What is your favorite savory snack?

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Yummmmmmy!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share these delicious snacks. Report
Some of these sound good enough for a meal. Report
im not good at cooking but these recipes are really helping me out.
Great ideas! I usually have a problem in the afternoon, around 3-4. Report
Great ideas - one of my biggest diet challenges is growing bored with the foods I choose to eat. And then I turn to the foods I shouldn't eat. Report
Thanks for the great ideas. I also enjoy a good fruit smoothie with low-fat yogurt Report
This is also in slideshow form elsewhere on the site

While they are great ideas, I think it's only fair to add the same disclaimer from that page here, that the pictures are not representative of accurate portion sizes. Especially after the article awhile back about "food porn".

I do agree with the general sentiment, though, that there are lots of better options than the pre-packaged 100 calorie pouches, and any of these would be more satisfying, as well. :) Report
Except for the celery - which is not better than wings when it comes to taste - everything sounds good. Report
There were a few suggestions I will try. I've noticed that I've become burned out in regards to my snack regimen because it is so predictible. Report
Lots of great ideas. I never buy the 100 calorie packs - they are a bunch of empty calories. These sound like some yummy snacks. I also like whole wheat pitas with homemade tzatsiki sauce. You can get lowfat plain greek yogurt at the grocery store. Add some lemon juice, fresh dill, and chopped cucumbers. Report
I tend to eat a variation of the same snack: yogurt and flax seed or my favorite...yogurt and flax seed smoothie with 1% milk and frozen fruit with a shot of sugar free Italian soda sweetener in it. It tastes like a milkshake, and there's so much variation I never get bored. Calcium, fiber, and yummm. Report
I love my own energy bars. But when I get sick of eating energy bars, I eat a small banana with some all natural peanut butter. Or I put 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter in 1/4 cup of 1% fat cottage cheese. Canned tuna and a few leafs of lettuce and 1/2 a tomato with balsamic vinegar is also my favorite snack. All yummy and nutritious. Can't go wrong with those. Report
Great ideas - thanks
Thanks for all the yummy sugestions. I am so stuck on the 100 calorie pouches that I forget to look elsewhere. These look so much tastier and healthier, too!! Will definitely give them a go~ Report
glad you posted these as they are good ideas for lunches too - add a salad with oil and vinegar and presto! Report
The pita and the tuna make my mouth water! And that salsa... Definitely going to try some of these! Report
Great suggestions!!! Report
Great ideas, but the pic of the egg just about makes me sick. Looks like PB in an egg! Report
This is JUST what I needed!
I always have a hard time thinking of new snacking options!
Bring on more! xx Report
I just had a similar snack, which I bought from a local deli:

Avocados, California (Haas), 0.25 fruit without skin and seeds 72
Salsa, 0.75 cup 54
Shrimp, cooked, 6 large 33
Snack TOTALS: 159

It was just enough to take the edge off.
Great ideas and a lot cheaper than the 100 calorie bags. Report
Thanks for the great idea. Also thanks for the idea of what portion a snack should be. I usually over eat on snacks and these put how much I should be eating into perspective.
I am so glad you posted this! I will definitely try these! Report
It's true, I do eat the same snack everyday! It's just simpler for me to go grocery shopping... as well as be able to track what it is I am eating.

Great Ideas! I will deff. be trying them out. Thanks Report

I absolutely love it when you guys do the simple recipes with the pictures included!

Thanks!! I will be using these ideas! Report
I love these ideas, especially the burrito one. Thanks! Report
I love spicing up my popcorn! My fav is some garlic & onion powders along with some paprika. I love thinking beyond the salt shaker! Report
The popcorn idea is genius, I can't believe I never thought of using those spices before! Thanks! :) Report
Yes, I tend to eat the same snack every day... Thanks for those ideas! I am going to give a few a try! :-) Report
Love it thank you for the info. Report
Oh man... I am drollin now.. thanks for sharing Report