We Tried A Bakers Dozen Yogurts--So You Don't Have To!

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Until now, the dailySpark has been reviewing foods one at a time. We're trying something different. We'll review several varieties of one food, then share the pros and cons with you. We won't pick a "winner," because taste is subjective. We will share our comments and opinions in the new series Supermarket Survey.

How often do you buy a food at the grocery store, only to get it home and try it--and dislike it. It's too sweet, not flavorful, too thick, not filling enough, etc.? It's disappointing--and expensive! That's why we're we're doing these large-scale reviews.

We started with yogurt: fat-free vanilla and low-fat strawberry. We tried them all: organic and conventional, creamy and chunky, thick and thin. We even tried a soy yogurt.

Take a peek at our evaluation and our comments!


Cascade Fresh had fruit on the bottom, a very natural flavor and a natural color. It looked darker and redder than the other yogurts when stirred.

Dannon was sweeter than the other fruit on the bottom variety, and it had great chunks of real strawberry. Our testers were big fans of the fruit on the bottom varieties because they like to control the amount of fruit in each bite.

Silk was hit with the tasters who loved FrankenBerry cereal as a kid. This is a soy yogurt, and most people said they'd like it more if they didn't think of it as yogurt.

Stonyfield Farm had a great natural color (meaning it was a reddish pink and not hot pink), large chunks of fruit and a nice creamy consistency.

Yoplait Original is a blended yogurt but still has fruit chunks. This was a favorite for a few tasters.

Yoplait Whips had mixed reviews, but the reviews were strong. Some people LOVED this light, fluffy yogurt. They thought it would be a great substitute for whipped cream. Others thought it had a strange aftertaste. It reminded some people of a dessert their grandmothers made--and they loved it.

Yoplus+ was tops with our reviewers. It had chunks and was very creamy and smooth. The strawberry flavor was strong, and it was nicely sweetened.


Both Dannon yogurts had good, intense flavors. They were good on their own with no additions.

The Horizon yogurt had a slightly sour taste and was really creamy. We agreed it would be perfect in a parfait.

The OIKOS yogurt had great texture. It was thick, creamy and flavorful. However, it wasn't sweet enough and had a very mild vanilla flavor. We wanted to add sugar or honey to it. It would be good alongside some sweet fruit preserves or berries.

Stonyfield Farm's yogurt had the truest vanilla flavor. It was very runny, but that would be good if you wanted to drizzle it on granola or fruit.

If you want thick, custardy yogurt, go for the Yoplait, which was the thickest. It was very sweet and creamy--perfect for a dessert. (no photo available)

What is your favorite yogurt? Do you prefer creamy or fruit on the bottom yogurts? Do you like this new food feature? What other categories of foods should we review for you?

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I like Fage or Trader Joe's non-fat plain yogurt. I drizzle a tiny bit of agave nectar syrup on it for a little sweetness then top it with blueberries or strawberries, sometimes a little crushed cereal like bran flakes or shredded wheat and finally some no salt pistachios. I love the creaminess of the yogurt, the sweetness of the fruit and the crunch of the pistachios and/or cereal. It fills me and I'm good til lunch. Heaven in my mouth! Report
I basically like any yogurt and any texture - as long as there are NO artificial flavors, colors - this includes "bug guts" like CARMINE (fakey red color ewww it is actually from a type of snail called cochinal.), added plant-based thickeners like guar gums, agar agar, that type of thing, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, etc. It just needs to be pretty much the milk or nutmilk and the yogurt cultures and some sugar or honey or stevia. Or left where I can add my own sweetener, since I tend to want it tart and not as much sweet. It really kinda depends on what I'm using it for - sometimes I use the plain yogurts to add a savory creaminess to entrees that might otherwise use sour cream or even cream cheese. I can't do the soy any more - soy does not play nice in my gut and when I have it, my stomach feels like someone is kicking me inside. No good. It's harder to find (and a bit more complicated to make) yogurt made with nut milks - almond milk, hemp milk, etc.).
get starter, or a plain yogurt like Danon that has live active cultures. buy youself some local dairy or organic milk. make yogurt. it's SOOOOO easy!!! and i'm learning to eat it plain so i don't have all the INSANE amount of sugar that all these yogurts contain. adding fresh or frozen fruit is tasty... Report
O'soy 4oz, is perfect for morning, not tooo sweet, non-dairy and I don't want more than the 4 oz especially if I add some granola and a piece of fruit in the morning. Report
I love publix store brand, then light and fit Report
2% Fage drizzled with agave syrup Report
I use Stoneyfield Farms O'Soy (less carbs / sugar per serving) with 2% cottage cheese for a snack (1/2 of the yogurt - 2oz. and 1/2 c. cottage cheese). It's just enough sweetness and great protein balance. I sometimes add cantaloupe to it, to get in my nec. "per day" fruit servings. YUM!!!!! Report
I absolutely love Fage Greek Yogurt, with a cup of fresh blueberries, mmmmmm.... Report
I love this series but might like seeing even some more detailed comments. Thanks! Report
I was curious about trying the greek yogurt, and this really helped me form my decision. I think I'm gonna like this series!

I think a great food to feature would be low-fat and/or fat free or "lite" BREADS! I always see so many varieties in the stores, but a couple that I have tried (and wished I didn't) were very bland and some downright nasty. I hope to see bread next! Report
I usually buy the store brands yogurts but if I do name brand I usually get the Dannon Fit and Light. Usually though I use plain yogurt and add my own fruit and oatmeal and a pack of Splenda. Report
I like yogurt and love this new format comparing several varieties! Keep up the great work. Report
Brown Cow yogurt is my favorite. Plain whole milk yogurt with the cream on the top. It is the only yogurt i enjoy plain! Report
My preference is the Weight Watchers brand....key lime pie or cherry cheesecake...just the right amount... Report
Try Tillamook Vanilla Bean yogurt. Tastes like their ice cream. Report
Stoneyfield is my favorite yogurt for most flavors! I love the fact that it has so many cultures in it, and am always stocking up when it is on sale. My kids HATE yogurt, but when I buy the Chocolate Stoneyfield, I can't keep it in the fridge! They love it! They think it tastes like pudding. The only kind of yogurt I buy that isn't Stoneyfield is orange Yoplait. (tastes like a creamsicle!) Report
I like Stoneyfield lowfat strawberry. I find other yogarts too sweet. I used to be able to find it at Wal-mart, but now I only see it at Whole Foods and it's more expensive there. Report
my fave kind has been the breyer's yo crunch yogurts--not very many flavor varieties, but i love to get it because its got granola in the lid that you can put in it, and its very filling that way--i could eat lots of those other yogurts and still want more b/c there's nothing in them. these yogurts are a good last-minute addition to a rushed packed lunch. Report
yoplats whipped is the one i perfer, gives me that feeling i had dessert, and takes care of that sweet tooth when it goes crazy. Report
I usually buy Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt (or another organic brand called Greenway - this one is blended) because there is no HFCS and also because it is vegetarian (it doesn't contain gelatin). There are a couple non-organic yogurts that are veg-friendly, but I don't have the patience to comb through all the other brands when I already know these are ok. Report
Of those listed my favorites are Stonyfield Farm low fat/non-fat, activa, and yoplait. I am curious to try Greek yogurt, I've heard it's pretty good. Anyone have advice on that? Report
We use the plain yogurt in place of sour cream Report
Cascade yogurt is a hands down favorite! It is high in protein, uses only fruit juices to sweeten, and cultures in the cup for maximum culture benefit. It is less sweet and thick than a lot of the popular brands, but the exchange is worth it. I like Trader Joe's 2% plain greek yogurt for it's creaminess and the fact that I can mix in honey and fruit myself. Report
Since I find nearly all American products of every variety way too sweet--and yogurt is no exception--(I am American, by the way) Oikos vanilla is about the only flavored yogurt I buy. Otherwise I buy plain (stoneyfield, oikos, nancys, or the like) and flavor my own. Report
We buy Stonyfield Farms in the large containers...it's more economical that way. I use fat-free vanilla and my husband uses the whole milk. We then mix our own fruit in and sometimes make smoothies with our immersion blender. I mix the yogurt with Kashi GoLean also. Report
I just love stonyfarm vanilla yogurt...
i mix in with my reliv and fresh fruit, ice too and blend up a "tasty" "yummy" shake/drink! gottaluvit Report
I love the Yoplait yogurts! Especially the Strawberry and the Peach varieties. They have an even healthier version than the one tested here.
I eat FAGE non-fat Greek yogart. It is the best. 0 fat. 90 cals. and 19 g protein. To flavor it, I add unsweetend applesauce (Mott's Blueberry and Strawberry are the best). Report
I wanted to get away from yogurts with a lot of sugar because I eat way too much sugar so I started with a non-fat greek yogurt called Chobani. I eat the plain one because their flavored ones are still full of sugar. It took a few times to get used to the lack of sweetness but now I love it and it has tons of protein! It's my favorite and I can eat it plain now but if you're just trying it mix in some fresh strawberries and you'll have a great tasting natural mix. Report
I just love Activia Yoguert. Nice, firm, and not too sweet. Since my husband says he doesn't like yoguert, but will eat this stuff, this is the one I'll stick too. Report
I just tried dannon light & fit carb and sugar control vanilla cream. it is the best. Report
I will ONLY eat Nancy's nonfat plain yogurt. So many people can't stand it- but I hate sweetened/flavored yogurt so much! I love it with walnuts and honey, or raspberries and homemade granola. YUM! Report
How bout reviews on low fat, fat free, reg ice cream! :) I always have the hardest time finding the right low fat or fat free ice cream. You end up wasting a ton of money trying to find the right one and end up stuck with the aftermath, especially if you don't like it. The yogurt reviews were very helpful. It broaden my horizons and I think I will branch out and try a few I've never had before. Oh, and I like creamy without the slimy chunks! :) Thanks so much to all you tasters! Report
I haved tried Danone before and liked it. It was sweeter. Stoneyfield is my current favorite. I've been eating the plain and putting fresh or frozen unsweetened berries on it, so there is less sugar. Report
I agree with the person that liked Target brand (Archer Farms). What I liked was the tangy flavor and the fact that it didn't have high fructose corn syrup in it. Yes, it was on the sweet side and a little bright in color but still great in flavor. Next time, I think I'll mix it with some plain. Where do you get the Greek yogurt? Do the chain supermarkets carry it? I've heard from coworkers that get it at a co-op, it's really good. Report
I normally do Breyers but I am currently on Activia Report
I like the Yo-Plus, and that is what I get when I buy yogurt. Otherwise I make my own (although I do buy Dannon all-natural plain yogurt for my starter). Report
I agree - Fage rules!!! Report
FAGE yougurt is the best. 0 fat. 90 cals. and 19 g protein. Perfect! Report
I like the Target and Albertson's brands but unfortunately, they have a lot of sugar. Report
I'm also addicted to FAGE Greek yogurt! I love it because it's not sweet. Other yogurts easte like candy. Report
I like Dannon lite but my all time favorite is when I can make my own plain yogurt with milk from grass-fed cows. I use a kind of high culture yogurt from Whole Foods as a starter. Very very tangy. I love it and can add my own fruit. Report
I prefer the nonfat plain yogurt and mix in my own fruit and/or granola/or nuts. It is less calories and very tasty. Report
I like the yoplus yogurt. But I also like the Whips. The Stoneyfield ones I tried but I do not think that there was enough bits of fruit in them and the consistency is a bit different than the Yoplus which is really smoooooth!!!! Report
I really liked this article full of good info. My favorite yogurt is Yoplait light. I also like the whips too. Never really tried to many other kinds. I will definately try some of the greek yogurt next time I go shopping. Report
This is good - lots of useful info. I love yogurt but haven't experimented much with different kinds. I usually eat regular Yoplait, but have found it sooo sweet. I thought about writing to Yoplait and asking if they could cut down on the sweetener a bit. I even bought one of those yogurt makers (which, btw, i've hardly ever used). I love greek yogurt because it is a little more tart. But I have to stock up because our local grocery doesn't carry it. Right now I have Mountain High plain - that's good. Very versatile, you can add honey, fruit or use it in place of sour cream. I want to try Cascade Fresh, will have to add that to my shopping list. My dau eats Activia for digestive health and said it has made a difference - her belly feels much better.
This was very helpful.I eat yogurt daily and get bored with the same brand/texture every day. This will help me choose a few others to try! thanks Report
I altenate btwn Dannon La Creme Vanilla and Yoplait thick & creamy/Whips Vanilla or Key Lime pie. Report
I'm another Fage 0% addict- I love it! (I buy at Costco, for those of you who have a hard time finding it). Most days I'll put 1/2 cup Fage with 1/2 Blueberries and 1 Tbsp of wheat germ. Report
If you want great taste, try the Yoplait Source Exotik pineapple-coconut-banana. It's like having Pina Coladas!. Also good is Source Exotik apple flavor. Report