Sweat in Style with These 10 Fit Apparel Brands

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
With everyone from Carrie Underwood to Beyoncé entering the workout wear space and the term "athleisure" now firmly implanted in the lexicon, it's now more acceptable than ever to rock your fitness wear to the gym, the grocery and nearly everywhere in between. The influx of fitness apparel hitting the market also means there are more options than ever before, which is great news for anyone who doesn't fit into a cookie-cutter ideal of what a runner, yogi or athlete looks like.

Whether you're in the 5'2" and under club, have a personality as large as an Olympic-size pool or live for a great deal, there's a brand out there that has your back. Discover your fitness soulmate and hit your next workout with a renewed sense of confidence. Just be prepared to answer the, "Oh my gosh, where did you get that?" questions as you make your way from the parking lot to the treadmill.

1. If you know the best things come in small packages: Lululemon

Short girls, rejoice. No longer will you have to wear cropped leggings low on your waist so they cover your ankles or roll your way-too-long pants up into a bunch because lululemon offers complimentary hemming, right in the store. Store associates will pin your pants (and even long tops) to your preferred length, then you just swing by a few days later to pick them up, all custom fit to your height. Presto change-o.

2. Deal divas, rejoice: Old Navy

With athleisure trends on the rise, it's easy to spend a pretty penny putting together the perfect workout wardrobe. Not so at Old Navy. Owned by the same parent company as Athleta, Old Navy carries everything from leggings and tanks to sneakers and pullovers for a fraction of the price. Their activewear carries the same desirable features—sweat-wicking, comfortable—you've come to love, without the huge price tag. The most expensive item you'll find in their current collection is a jacket clocking in at a digestible $70, with most other pieces hovering around the $15 to $20 range. At prices like that, you officially have permission to load the cart up.

3. If you live life out loud: HUMAN 

You're in your eighth rep of a ten rep set. You're sweating. This is tough. Maybe you'll just stop at eight. But, no you're rocking that sleeveless dress to your cousin's wedding next week and you need to get the gun show ready. You glance down and catch a glimpse of your shirt. "Everything hurts and I think I'm dying, but I think I can do one more rep." Oh, yes! Yes, you can! Pop culture-inspired motivation is the name of the game at HUMAN. Find your favorite Disney pun"Legally Blond" quote or a silly T-rex trying to chaturanga and giggle your way through your whole workout.

Photo courtesy of HUMAN

4. For the yogi whose feet won't namaSTAY: The Path Balance Legging from Cory Vines

There are few things worse than being pulled out of your perfect warrior-three pose by a slippery mat or sweaty feet. Give your form a chance with these unique leggings from Cory Vines. The stirrup-style gives you the grip of a sock, without thick fabric getting in the way of your practice and connection to your mat.

5. When life gives you curves, flaunt them: Katie K Activewear  

This year, Ashley Graham rocked her killer bod on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and even Barbie finally embraced her curvy self. Body positivity is certainly having a moment and, luckily, is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. According to the website, Katie K founder launched her plus-size brand "on her firm beliefs that all women size two to twenty-four should have a beautiful, high-end option for clothing for exercise or a casual day out." Couldn't agree more. With bold patterns and sizes from small to 3X, the affordable collection is sure to empower you through your next workout.

6. It's not Target, it's Tar-JAY: C9 by Champion

In a word, today's modern woman is busy. Like, so busy. There's the carpool and work and that happy hour with the really killer margaritas and laundry and of course Jacob forgot his baseball cleats again and dinner and you'd really like to finally finish at least a chapter of "The Girl on the Train" before you crash hard on your soft pillow tonight. If convenience is the name of the game, your friendly neighborhood Target has you covered. After grabbing the bread, skip over to the clothing section to check out the athletic apparel available through their C9 by Champion collection. Any item you need to add to your wardrobe, including maternity and plus-sizes, C9 probably has it. If the cute patterns and flattering cuts don't do it for you, the prices will surely have you slamming on the shopping cart brakes. Plus, with activewear lines for men, boys and girls, you can outfit the entire family on your next grocery trip. Efficiency win.

7. You make me feel like a natural woman: tasc Performance 

MOSOtech from tasc Performance is an all-natural fabric made from organic cotton, bamboo viscose and lycra. In addition to wicking away moisture like a boss, the fabric is also anti-odor, meaning you're less likely to get side glances of concern when you have errands to run right after your 5:30 p.m. spin class. If traditional fabrics leave your skin feeling irritated or if you're just all about doing it right for Mother Earth, give the NOLA Crop a go.

Photo courtesy of tasc Performance

8. For fit mamas-to-be: Beyond Yoga

New research shows that a mother's level of activity while pregnant could influence how much their children exercise and move later in life. Give your future baby girl or boy a jumpstart on an active life with Beyond Yoga's collection of maternity gear. The wide, stretchy waistband can be worn over or under your baby bump and the patterns are so cute, you'll want to wear them months after your bundle of joy comes into the world.

9. For the downward-facing dog: The yogzi from Noya Yoga

Yoga is all about peace and feeling your body working as one beautiful machine, but it's difficult to get centered when you're constantly readjusting your shirt as it slips past your belly button in your inverted poses. The yogzi, a yoga onesie, wants to eliminate that annoyance. Stay with me—the three-in-one design sews your loose-fitting and flattering tank to your leggings, allowing you to master any pose without fabric impeding your movement.

Photo courtesy of Noya Yoga

10. For the print princess: Sweaty Betty

All hail Sweaty Betty, Queen of Prints! Multicolored geometric patterns and floral designs rule in this rhyme-loving universe and we're all about it. Shoppers say that not only does the fabric keep them feeling dry through the sweatiest workouts, they also regularly receive compliments and turn heads thanks to the bold patterns. Plus, if you flip flop on feeling fabulous, the company also sells reversible options for days when a solid black will do. They might cost you, but isn't the confidence you get when you walk into Barre class rocking a style everyone will envy priceless?

Do you have a favorite fitness apparel brand? What do you love about them?

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DEFARGE2 2/11/2021
You don't NEED expensive clothes to work out, but media is trying to sell you on the idea. Report
Clothes are clothes. I exercise just as well in my ratty t-shirt and shorts as in the expensive togs. Report
need to look at these tops Report
CKEYES1 4/19/2020
I use walmart stuff Report
I like my sketchers Report
Thanks! Report
Well done! Report
" walk in strong, crawl out stronger" that singlet is defintely a must have for me. i love the motivational singlets!
i bought a few pairs from www.engineer-fitness.com that were very well priced if anyone else is interested aswell. Report
Such a valuable blog you have written on Apparel Brands. Keep writing such an impressive article.

https:// www.ironrebel.eu / Report
I agree with the pics issue and will expound to my largest frustration and discouragement. I started at 300 lbs (a size many women here are around to start) and I had to wear big cotton shorts and baggie t-shirts. I have lost close to 30 lbs and still have the largest size I could get fitness outfit hanging as a 'goal'; which sucks. I workout religiously and start running and walking more but have only one pair of shorts that are even close to being stretched to be comfortable for fitness wear. I mean c'mon. I was really hoping my next size down mini goal would be a nice shirt and pants instead of something I need to work toward to workout. It's really just not right. Report
Concentration camp chicks Report
Nice looking clothes, but I take issue that every woman in these pictures are thin -- thinner than the average size 14. It's not representative of real women. Report
Gap - between gapfit and gapsculpt I now have active wear that stays put, breathes, and can stand up to weekly washing better than the bargain brands. Report
I love H&M active wear in the quick dry fabric. Especially their pants that come in great colours and prints that just scream happiness and energy :) There's a new line coming out every few months which is not so great for my wallet ;-) Report
I find Nike, Reebok and Calvin Klein t-shirts at Ross for less than $10.00. It doesn't have to be name brand but for the price, why not.? I also wear C9 from Target and get good buys at Kohl's on their Tek brand. Report
I would never even consider spending the money for these workout clothes.. My gym shorts are from Target, except one pair from Nike (bought on sale) and whatever shirt I feel like wearing... Just bought new Asics motion control walking shoes from Ebay (half-price!) because the style was discontinued...but it fits me perfectly! I walk my dog every day in an old pair of jean shorts because they have enough pockets for my phone, IPod, and doggie bags! Report
I have had great success with C9 at Target. I have several capris that are 4 and 5 years old that still look almost new. They also have "long" lengths in their pants sizes. Best quality for my dollar by far. Report
Something for every woman unless you are over the standard small sizing, then it's out the door for you. Report
Great you got short women covered, but what about tall women at 5'9"? Report
I am not going to spend an arm and a leg for workout clothes. I wear capris from WalMart, and whatever t-shirt my hand falls on. Since 95% of my cardio is spent on a recumbent bike, I can wear walking shoes for several years. I don't try to make a fashion statement, just get some exercise in. If people around me don't like what I'm wearing, that's their problem, not mine. Report
BELDAME - Amen to workout clothing that has pockets! I always have my phone on me and I need pockets too! Report
POCKETS. Make yoga pants with POCKETS. I need POCKETS. Cotton, not spandex, and POCKETS!!!
I used to buy Old Navy's wide leg yoga capris, and they had pockets, but now none of their workout stuff has pockets in it. (I did luck out and find someone selling that flavor of yoga pants on ebay recently, so I bought multiples.)
And not those stupid little waistband pockets, either - my stuff gets all wet because I sweat like a dude.
I don't use my iPod when I lift, and I have a padlock with a key for my locker, so I need pockets for my key and my iPod.
POCKETS!!!! Report
I like Torrids active tops and bottoms, Exertek, Danskin, Under Armour and Adidas. Report
Victoria Secret has terrific outfits. I love the bras. The fabrics are fabulous. Report
Moving Comfort: theirs are the only action bras I wear. Report
I like Moving Comfort. SparkPeople used to promote their products, but don't seem to anymore. I am curious as to why not? Report
Totally buying stuff from Human now. Their shirts make me literally laugh out loud! And I'm already known as the funny headband chick at Crossfit - so why not add some more good shirts to go along with them?! Report
Walmart has great active wear and their are really great price. They have plus size as well! I do not waste my money on "designer" wear when I can look good and feel great working out and not spending lots of money! Report
I love Fabletics, and they have really good deals. I can't honestly justify paying over $100 for workout leggings or $80 for a top when I can get cute ones from Wal Mart, Old Navy, or even Fabletics for a fraction of the cost. Report
Athleta -my go place for quality workout wear. It is a little more expensive but really holds up in the wash. Report
Athleta. Wonderful fabrics. Great quality. They have talls! Report
climawear, innerfire, and a new find: Desigual. Report