Flawlessly Add Fitness to Lunch Hour With This Definitive Guide

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
Endless meetings fill your calendar, that research project that was estimated to require just a week of your attention has now stretched into week three, you're stalking the IT desk hoping to get someone to finally swing by to fix your ongoing Excel issue and you can't remember the last time a conversation wasn't interrupted by the sound of your incoming email ding. We get it--you're busy. As workday schedules get more and more crowded, though, the carefree lunch hour suffers, slowly slipping into oblivion. While it might seem like pushing through and grabbing a granola bar on your way to your 2:00 is your best bet for your career, you're likely doing more harm than good.

In fact, studies show that remaining at your desk inside all day actually hurts your productivity and overall morale. Taking a break from your screen and the task at hand gives your brain a break, which offers a moment of clarity to focus on solutions and your end goal. Workaholics are actually setting themselves up for a slump that is difficult to overcome.

Ready to set yourself up for success? Prepare to be pioneer of the lunch hour reclaiming revolution with this complete guide from our friends at Fix. With tips on everything from packing a bag the night before, maximizing your 40-minute workout, refreshing and refueling, you'll be able to fit in an hour to better yourself and be a better employee in the long run, no matter how busy your schedule. 

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LEANJEAN6 11/2/2019
I love the pictures Report
FISHGUT3 10/28/2019
thanks Report
WHITEANGEL4 10/24/2019
Thanks, heading back to work and need lunch hour excercise Report
TOKIEMOON 10/21/2019
My best workout was walking with a friend on our lunch hour. Report
WHITEANGEL4 9/19/2019
Will need to try these suggestons Report
PATRICIAANN46 8/11/2019
Thank You for a great article...………... Report
KHALIA2 8/10/2019
Great article! Thanks! Report
KITTYHAWK1949 8/7/2019

Thanks but not sure workout at lunch is doable with only a 30 minute lunch time and eating mindfully.

Great idea!! Report
WHITEANGEL4 4/13/2019
Needed info Report
Thank you! Report
PLATINUM755 4/4/2019
Excellent share...Thanks! Report
THINCPL2004 3/23/2019
Enjoyed the article, great ideas, love the charts! Report
RAZZOOZLE 3/20/2019
thank you Report
OLDSKOOL556 3/4/2019
Great info!👍 Report
JANIMOEN 3/2/2019
I used to do a 40 minute HIIT bootcamp at a gym 5 minutes from my office, but found I would get heartburn at my desk in the afternoons. I guess it’s too much to do that major workout then eat lunch and sit at my desk the rest of the day. Plus I found it stressful to make sure everything was done in one hour. Report
RO2BENT 3/2/2019
I don’t really take a lunch break Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I like the concept of dry shampoo, but I can't find one that works like I think it should. Report
Great ideas! Thank you so much! Report
When I worked, I always ran steps in the tallest nearby building for my lunch hour--fabulous, low cost (free), climate-controled workout. Report
I like the idea, but don't feel this is realistic Report
great idea Report
Not realistic. I doubt the writer actually follows this plan. Plus, few companies have showers. Report
Unrealistic to get in a full workout during lunch and shower and eat in an hour. This plan had you eating when? Also most jobs don't have showers. I wish this was possible, I'd love to workout during lunch and not have to worry about being musky for the rest of the day Report
I'm fortunate to have an hour for lunch (unless I schedule educational meetings then) and a Planet Fitness 5 minutes from the school. I recently got the "black card" membership just so I could use their "total body enhancement" treatment and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes afterwards. I don't bother with a shower (not going to get sweaty walking in the air conditioning) so I don't need to lug all that gear with me. But I think I'm just very lucky; for most people, this plan is a bit unrealistic. As one commenter pointed out, it takes 15 minutes for her just to get to the gym and change -- let alone shower after working out. I think the best most people can do is take a short walk during lunch. Report
What a great plan Report
I still miss the days when I had a job where my office and gym were on the same road! Report
Great list. Very helpful! Report
...and then there is the commute to they gym. Lunch hour workouts are incredible, but they are very time consuming and require working at a place where you have the flexibility. I tell you what, being able to do so is a HUGE perk. Report
This assume you get a lunch hour, and have a gym on site. I get a half hour and have no gym here. Would love suggestions for those of us with schedules like this. Report
This is fine if you have a shower at work and we do not. It is a chore to go walking on a summer day outside without getting super sweaty. Report
This is fine if you have a shower at work and we do not. It is a chore to go walking on a summer day outside without getting super sweaty. Report
My office doesn't have a shower, but I discovered No Rinse Body Bath and No Rinse Shampoo (I buy it from Amazon). Now, I can sweat as much as I want during my lunch run and smell and feel fresh until I can shower at home at night. It has changed my life. No - I am not affiliated with the company that makes it. Report
In an ideal world this would work well. In reality, most of us must run errands, pick up young children from school & would actually like to scarf down something for lunch! If you punch a time clock you MUST be back to work at least 5 minutes early to be 'on time". No, lunchtime workouts just won't ever happen for me. Report
Made me think of the good old days when I had a very physical summer job (and I was fitter and thinner) and your breaks were just for resting and trying to get as much food as you could into you. Happy Days! Report
My workplace has a shower in the small gym on site. If you can't shower, body powder can help you feel less yucky.

I found a 30-40 minute walk with the last 10 minutes as a walking meditation really was beneficial for my state of mind.

I'm currently unemployed and my future employer (yay for the offer on Friday!) has a small gym w/a locker room. I'm thrilled.

John Ratey has written some books on the effects of workouts on learning, too. Report
Who has a shower at work? I mean, who has an actual shower cubicle, at work? So much of...almost everything on the internet, assumes 9-5, Monday to Friday, office work. This is not realistic, even slightly
Shoes can be issue as we get older, just walking around a little can bring knee pain. Many people find that Orthopedic Shoes with custom inserts will change a mis aligned gait and eliminate or reduce ankle, knee, and back pain. If you pronate or supinate read: https:// www.mondaymedical.com/blog/how-to-f
Wow.... doesn't help those of us with a 20 minute "lunch" and no shower at work. People actually have showers at work? Report
There's no shower in my office building, so it's not like the whole 'freshen up' thing is possible. I try to take low end walks, but still end up feeling icky, and when the temp jets up to the nineties, I can't risk that much sweat. Report
Try doing this if you're a teacher. There are no breaks. You're lucky if you can down a quick lunch. Of course, if you're a lower elementary school teacher you get a lot of exercise just keeping up with your class. I know very few teachers who sit while teaching. I know I was on my feet when I was teaching, even when playing the piano. Report
I agree with DMPRIDER. I DO get a full one-hour lunch and I DO actually have a very flexible, understanding boss. And I've still never been able to make a lunch workout work. I have to GET from my office to the gym and change. That's 15 mins. I need 15 mins to freshen up after. That's half my lunch break. I need 10 mins to get back to the office. I've now got 20 mins to workout. I agree, it's better than nothing, and in a pinch I've done it, but I don't consider it a realistic option most days. Report
I see a couple of pretty negative comments. Yes, it takes time. Yes, your boss wants all the work done, but that's why you are doing this...to refresh and improve your efficiency. What's wrong with talking to your boss about it? Using a protein bar as a meal replacement means you can take a bite between keystrokes as well, so no time lost there. I've found that in most cases, it really is just a matter of making a decision, then doing what it takes to follow thru, whether that is an extra 15 min of work before normal hours, or talking with the boss about it, or scheduling meetings with like minded souls (i.e. Runners) during your Runch, not a sit down lunch. OTOH, if you are on a production line, with only 30 min lunch breaks, you are better off exercising before work. Report
A lot of this is a fantasy assumption that everyone has a job that even allows a full lunch time. Many are lucky to grab an apple or go to the bathroom , realistically. And your boss better see you at your desk!! Report
Good article but you do leave out a few steps that do take time. For instance, you need to move from your office to the locker room (assuming you have access to one at work) to get changed to work out. Both those steps (getting to locker room, changing clothes) take additional minutes that you did not factor in. It also takes time to get back to your desk after exercising and freshening up. Report
Great article ... nicely broken down. Preparation is key. Report