The Three Pounds that Control Me

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Are you obsessing about a certain number on the scale?  Are you depressed when you don’t see the number you want?  I’m focusing all my attention and effort on about three pounds right now.

If you’ve read any of my blogs like Scale Haters Unite! or Pointing Fingers and Calling Names, you know that I’m typically not in favor of focusing on a number.  Why would I be totally obsessed about roughly three pounds right now?  Why would I be dwelling on it throughout the day and now writing a blog about it?

Our brain weighs about three pounds and it controls every single move we make, and every thought we have.  My brain determines whether I am filled with encouragement, optimism, and commitment, or whether I am drowning in pessimism, doubt and discouragement.  The choice is mine and mine alone.  One way of thinking will help me reach my goals, and another way of thinking will guarantee my failure.  So my scale is still in the bathroom corner, neglected and currently weighing dust particles, while I turn my attention to filling my brain with the things that will help me have a positive outcome in my healthy lifestyle routine.

So how am I building strength in the ''three pounds'' to help me succeed?   Here are a few things I’ve done lately:

I started gathering a large amount of motivational pictures, healthy recipes, and other things that inspire me on Pinterest. You can find my boards here. Feel free to copy anything that inspires you.  I am choosing to craft an attitude that will allow me to be successful, and am trying to eliminate the attitude that drags me down.  Think of it as weeding your garden so only the good things grow. You can also find motivational quotes and motivational slideshows at  

I was motivated recently by one of my team members who gets up every morning and does a one-minute drill of jump roping.  At first glance, you might think, ''One minute, so what?''  Well, I decided to do one-minute wall squats.  That sixty seconds might not sound like much, but if I could keep that habit up every day for the next ten years, I will complete 3,650 minutes of wall squats.  Don’t you think my lower body will be stronger for doing that?  Now I’ve added one more minute of brain work.  Before I get out of bed, I grab my phone or iPad and look at the motivational fitness pins that I've found and pick a poster for the day.  Scrolling through those gives me strength to get out of bed and face the day with courage and resolve.  That one minute of setting my mental direction is making a difference in how I face my day.  I’m grateful that my friend shared her one-minute philosophy with me because it’s helping me make healthier decisions.  Banding together with like-minded individuals on SparkPeople has definitely helped improve the way I think about my life now.  The longer I've been on this journey, the more I've realized that even 60 seconds of fitness can make a difference. 

I’ve also been sharing my food intake more regularly with a couple of SparkFriends to keep me accountable.  Just that little action of sharing pictures, recipes, and thoughts about food is helping me strengthen my resolve to eat healthier.  It’s the grey matter between my eyes that decides what I eat and any way I can strengthen it to make healthier choices is a good thing. 

I’ve been ''pinning'' healthy food options and going through SparkRecipes more frequently and making meals ahead on Sunday that are easy to grab and go.  Eliminating the need to use the ''three pounds'' to decide what I want to eat when I’m tired and hurried is a way to prevent myself from eating junk.  Learning where my potential pitfalls are and finding ways to avoid them has made it easier to go along on the journey.

By focusing my brain on positives, I am more successful.  Each time that I’m successful, it helps me to get more traction so I can continue moving in the right direction.  So my challenge to you is to focus your brain every morning and develop a mindset that will help you make sure that your day is successful.  In many ways, I find this easier than thinking negatively about my potential.  Not only does it help me mentally, but it also makes me feel physically better, as if I'm carrying a lighter load.

Are you winning in the brain game or do you think you need to make a few changes to the way you think?  What is a 60-second challenge that you can add to your day that will help you get healthier?  Do you have a positive mantra that you can share?

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SES823 6/15/2021
thanks Report
EVIE4NOW 4/13/2021
thanks Report
ELSCO55 8/15/2020
Thanks. Great. Report
Thanks Report
I love that one minute idea - baby steps! Report
I am already a positive person so my plan for my new place is to post inspiring quotes around the new fitness room I have planned. That & a routine which will include some morning activities. I do best w/ a set schedule. Report
Listening to a motivational song and reading motivational messages before getting out of bed every day is a great, upbeat way to start my day. Thanks for your article. Report
Great blog, thanks for sharing! Report
Agree with you completely! Well Said! I believe that when something happens to you beyond your control,whether your fault or not, find where you do have control and change. Sometimes, however, the only thing you can change is your attitude/outlook. Report
thanks Report
Wonderful article. Thank you. Have a great day Report
Excellent blog. Great suggestions.. I'll be adopting the one minute. Report
Thank you for this article. Report
Thank you! I was really inspired by reading this blog. I am going to aim for 1min plank every morning because, as an older woman, I find that strength is something I need to maintain - particularly upper body strength. Report
Great blog! It is amazing what our mindset can do for us, one way or another! We just have to keep reminding ourselves to be positive! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Report
This is awesome, thank you!!! My scale is driving me nuts and I so needed to hear this. My clothes fit better but my scale says I weight 3 lbs more. I was ready to throw it in the trash, maybe I should. Report
Awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

To me, you reminded me just how powerful 60 seconds can be! Report
Mantra: Focus on What you Want and What you Have
Mantra: I am Worth It
Mantra: I ain't no punk, I got this (for grueling workouts) Report
Starting the day positive is an absolute to a great day! One minute of exercise over a period of time makes a huge difference - good one! Thanks! Report
Always felt I had to do a good work out 1/2 hr or so or not at all, have to decided to do hula hoop for 3 mins in the a.m. and my stairs at least once..see if I can build up that way.. 60 second challenge is really not that much... thanks. Report
I know I need more changes, but this is exactly what I am focusing on right now as well - renewing my mind. Report
Great blog, thanks for sharing Report
I'm a person of faith. Every morning before I get out of bed, I give thanks for any number of things. Starting tomorrow morning, I'm going to give thanks for the wondrous creation that is my body.
Awesome blog and great material to take to "the bank" (read the brain). I am so obsessed with the number on the scale and cannot seem to break the obsession. But I am now going to seriously try. Wish some of these blogs could be printed so they can be re-read easier and absorbed. I like to share these great things with my fellow TOPS pals and do not feel like writing it all. However, for now, I am going to TRY and live this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing. Report
I love this blog and I love this idea :-) I'm adopting it, right now :-)
Thank you! Report
Thank you this was very helpful. are you sure that 5 min o less is healthy. i would not have looked at exercising that way. the point is to get started Report
Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed! !!!! Report
This is without a doubt the best piece I have read on Spark so far. Don't get me wrong, almost everything I have read has been great, but this is wonderful! Inspirational, useful...why I visit Spark each day. Thank you,
Chris Report
Great blog! I loved your ideas-thanks. Hugs! Report
Just the shot in the arm I needed. Our pastor's sermon a couple of weeks ago was about focus. And we are drawn to the things we focus on. (His example when if you look over a cliff/high place you have that feeling like you're going to fall.) So this totally goes along with what he was teaching us spiritually ... now I can apply physically. Thanks for the encouraging/well-timed word. I'll see you around Pinterest! :) Report
Thank you! Report
I'm going to pinch your 60-second idea! Thank you! Report
Michelene, this is a great post!
I've been saying for years that people need to throw out their scales. One minute in the morning, another minute in the afternoon, maybe another at night while your watching TV - all of these add up to a more fit body and mind. I agree - don't ever think that 60 seconds isn't enough. It's a step forward and we can't get from one place to another without making each step count. It truly is a matter of re-training our brains!
Thank you so much for this blog! I read yesterday about someone who did the one minute jump roping - which won't work for me for several reasons - but one minute wall squats I could certainly do! (or at least try!). I drove to work today wondering about what I could do in the morning, and now, because of you I know! I think I will also add planks. I am up to 45 seconds with maybe a minute could be possible! Report
I have been obsessed with the scale. This blog helped me to think about the real issue of being healthy so I will put my scale away for now and just focus on exercising and eating healthy. Just yesterday, I did push ups on my kitchen counter while cooking dinner, I think I'll try this everyday for now on! Thanks for sharing :) Report
The best "Blog" I've read in a while! I have the following quote written on the board in my office at work:

Your input determines your outlook. Your outlook determines your output, and your output determines your future! Zig Ziglar

If we consistently feed our brain positive & motivating information, then we will begin to see positive results in our all areas!

Love the 60 second idea! Will incorporate it! Report
I really needed to hear this today as I always struggle with my brain as to how I respond to myself and my needs. I have posted on my desk wall " Savor your successes and let go of the failures" but I think I need to add "Positive in; Negative out". I beat myself up more than anyone else could ever do and ironically I would never let someone else do it to me so why do I do it to myself. That is the $1,000,000 question. Report
i like the ideas about 60 seconds and pinterest - i'd like to incorporate them into my day. Report
I agree we should focus on other things besides the number on the scale..
I do 5 minutes of stretching before getting out of bed . Followed up with 10 minutes of pilates. While I am stretching I have positive thoughts about the day ahead..
But no way am I going to give up weighing myself every other day.
I have 3 pounds on my mind. That's how much lee way I give myself. I want to stay 135 lbs. If I go up 3 lbs, It's time to check it then and now. After losing 200 lbs, I don't ever want to gain. The scales is my friend. Helps keep me accountable. Report
Thank you for the motivation. I needed it today. Report
inspiring blog. 1 minute suggestion works Report
thanks for the nice article. My motto is 'To get the butt you want you have to get off the one you have"..............! Report
I need to hear more of this kind of inspiration to keep me "On fire" and "On task". Thanks Report
Thanks for th encouragement! Report
Yes, I am winning! My mantra is "negative out, positive in". This began with the people around me when I started this journey in ernest. It made a big impact for me not being sourrounded by the negativity and sabatoge. I'm pretty positive in general, but I seek all the positivity I can find. Beginning my day with reading positive thoughts, motivational and spiritual devotionals, etc. I also keep my Dreamboard/Vision Collage with me in my bag, and on my Sparkpage, and I look at it regularly to see where I began, and how far I've come. Also, I've checked off a number of my dreams, and I need to update it with new ones. It's very motivating, and I am more successful having my positive attitude. Report
Thank you for sharing. Great reminder. Report
Loved you blog! Thank you. Report
Very motivating! Your Pinterest board is wonderful. Report
Really cool blog. I enjoyed it a lot. I liked seeing how 60 seconds add up in a year, makes you realize every little thing can add up to big changes. Report
I always weigh daily, because back when I didn't I found myself up at 214#. Never again. Report