Things That Don't Suck about Getting Older

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Yesterday was a pivotal day. I said goodbye to being a 20-something and today I woke up as a 30-year-old woman. 
I don't really feel different, but I also kind of do. Maybe because when I was growing up, 30 seemed so old (certainly I don't feel that way now). It also seemed so "grown up" when I was a kid, a teen, and a college student.  Turning 30 has been on my mind a lot these past few weeks.
My dad, now nearing 60, has always told me that mentally, he doesn't feel any different now than when he was 25; it's only our bodies that show and feel our age. I think I understand that more and more as I get older. Each passing year, whether it's New Year's Day, a birthday or an anniversary, is a chance to reflect, regroup and refocus. You can choose to change or start fresh. But no matter what, these life events remind me that I need to appreciate the passage of time more than I do. It goes SO fast, and I can say for certain that every year I get older, time seems to fly by even faster than it did the year before.
Everyone who is older than me says that life get better with age. But I'll be honest: I sometimes have trouble seeing the upside of things. When my husband threw me a surprise party last weekend to celebrate, I felt sad about all the people who didn't come instead of being happy to mingle with those who did. And now that I'm another calendar year older, I can't help but think of all the things I haven't done—rather than recollecting all of my accomplishments to date. And then there's the big elephant in the room: babies! I thought that by 30 I'd feel ready (I do want kids), but I don't feel any more "ready" than when I was 22. I guess that only shows how little I really knew when I was younger!
Of course, even a glass-half-empty girl 30-year-old like me knows that it's not all bad. I mean, personally, I've always looked way younger than my age, so I'm actually hoping I look old enough to be perceived as a person with experience and credibility. (When I first joined the SparkPeople staff at age 22, my boss thought no one would take me seriously as a fitness expert because I looked, in his words, "15 years old.")  But there are even things about your body, your mind and your life in general that get better as you get older. So to celebrate each day you wake up alive, and each year that passes—and you're still here living it—here's a big list of things to look forward to as you get older (as told by SparkPeople members!).
  1. You're wiser.
  2. You know who you are as a person better than ever.
  3. Insurance discounts!  
  4. You are more secure and confident than when you were younger.
  5. You better appreciate life and the people around you. You don't take anything for granted.
  6. Being carded is a compliment.
  7. You have stronger resolve.
  8. There's still plenty of time to try new things.
  9. You worry less about what everyone else thinks of you and focus more on doing what makes YOU happy.
  10. Love.
  11. Relationships.
  12. Sex.
  13. You're still on this side of the ground!
  14. You can spot "BS" much quicker—and you're less willing to take it.
  15. You see the bigger picture.
  16. You take better care of yourself physically and emotionally.
  17. People take you more seriously.
  18. You run faster. (This is actually true, especially for women whose speeds peak between 35 and 39.)
  19. Senior discounts.
  20. You have found yourself.
  21. You know there is so much more to come.
  22. You get smarter!
  23. You worry less about silly things.
  24. You discover your inner strength.
  25. You're more likely to try new things.
  26. Everything makes more sense.
  27. Having kids. Being a mom/dad.
  28. Having grandkids. Being a grandparent.
  29. In a hostage situation, you are likely to be released first.
  30. You are better able to learn from past mistakes and grow from them.
  31. You're more likely to stand up for yourself.
  32. Perspective.
  33. You know how to work smarter, not harder.
  34. Your earning potential increases the longer you are in your profession.
  35. New doors continue to open.
  36. Your attitude and gratitude.
  37. You care more about having your style than being in style.
  38. Making a life becomes more important than having a life.
  39. You get more relaxed about getting older.
When I was younger, I thought I'd have everything "figured out" by the time I was 30. Now I know that's not true; but I do expect that I'll figure more things out each passing day. I also know and fully believe that getting older can be great when you take care of yourself nutritionally, physically and mentally. When you are healthy, you can slow down the effects of time—and get more out of each passing year.
"Do not regret getting older. It is a privilege denied to many." -- Unknown
Let us all embrace our ages and be grateful to be alive another day!
Do you think that everything gets better with age? What do you think is the best part about getting older? 

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I think at any age it is a perfect time to evaluate & motivate for yourself & even for others, those younger & older, regarding "Things That Don't Suck about Getting Older"; it's through helping ourselves that we are, in turn, able to help others. Keep Sparking at any age! Report
NASFKAB 11/27/2019
Great. Report
CECTARR 10/16/2019
One day you'll realize how young you are right now. Enjoy it Report
ZYNDALL 9/25/2019
Great article Report
2BDYNAMIC 9/15/2019
I celebrate each and every year I am privileged to live! God has certainly blessed me in countless ways, and never do I dread another birthday. Besides, when this life is over I know where I will be living for all of eternity and that is good! No regrets! Report
KOALA_BEAR 7/1/2019
How silly to have this article written by a 30 yr old! Maybe it should have been co-authored with some one 60. And get her to update what her observations are now, 7 yrs later. My husband is older & had some health issues the past couple years. His back problems limit mobility so I am on my own for many activities. They say youth is wasted on the young, physically that's true. Looking back I realize I had no idea what older people I knew were going thru. Didn't really care then either. Still feel & think young, act a bit more responsibly. In my head I am still young looking but the mirror is showing that is now a delusion. Age spots more than grey hair, but no wrinkles yet. I am taking off weight & hope I can accept that when I get to my goal, it won't magically turn back the clock & make me young again. Now that would be motivation if diets/lifestyles worked that way.
I never paid much attention to my age once I hit the milestones of 16 & 21 until 65 when I could retire from a very stressful job. Waiting on Medicare coverage like many others. I am in good health, financially secure tho far from rich. Report
KOALA_BEAR 7/1/2019
How silly to have this article written by a 30 yr old! Maybe it should have been co-authored with some one 60. And get her to update what her observations are now, 7 yrs later.
I never paid much attention to my age once I hit the milestones of 16 & 21 until 65 when I could retire from a very stressful job. Waiting on Medicare coverage like many others. I am in good health, financially secure tho far from rich. Report
TISTYEN 6/24/2019
My mom (who just turned 82) always says, "It's hell to get old, but it beats the crap out of the alternative!" I like the one about the hostage situation (but hope I never have to put it to the test). Still, I sometimes can't help feeling old when I have coworkers who weren't even born when I graduated from college.
This is great article. Helps me learn to enjoy my age now. Report
XREPHA 6/3/2019
I'll be 60 next year! Bring it on!!! Report
TRIMNUP 6/3/2019
In her 80's my grandmother was telling me, "You're not old til you can't get the rocking chair moving anymore." I don't worry or fret about getting older. I'm 65 this month. I can still move the rocking chair but my grandchildren think I'm "ancient". LOL Report
PAMBROWN62 6/1/2019
Whenever someone complains to be about getting older, I always ask them to think about the alternative. If you are not getting older then you are not alive. I want to be alive as long as I can and I want to enjoy whatever I can about getting older. Report
LIVELYGIRL2 1/25/2019
the comments are interesting here also. Well I'm in the older group. I mean past 40 plus and such. My mom lived to be in her 90's. I saw that most of it is ones health and attitude. Also use it or loose it. I probably do more activity, exercise, conscious of food choices . The ones who complain the most, mostly don't do those things at all . To me it's all about having energy, and a decent attitude. However, if one had bad health, it probably would be way harder to maintain ones outlook. Report
I enjoyed being almost every age I was I think but I enjoy getting older that means I'm still alive..... Enjoy everyday. Report
When my son turned 23, he told me: Mom, I can't think of a single advantage to growing older anymore. LOL! Report
I laughed at this article-well most of it. I don't mind being 65. Report
As I use to tell my children and the children in my classroom, when you stop getting older you are no longer in this world. Report
In another 30 years you'll look back on 30 as being practically childhood. Don't forget to enjoy every moment! Report
I used to tell my students when I was in the classroom, when you stop getting older, you are no longer in this world. Be happy and live, Coach! Report
Good article, getting older is not so bad there are many great things about it. I am not waiting to die I am living every moment to its fullest. Report
I think it is funny that you are talking about getting old when you are only 30. You are still just a kid. Relax. Report
Young at heart!!! Report
At 70, I can't say I feel old, but I am aware that many doors seem to be closing that used to always be open. Treasure everyday because you don't always have unlimited choices. Report
age is just a number but I agree a lot of things (not everything) get better as the number goes up. i'm 68 years young Report
I will be 73 in a month and as I look back over my past decades I have to say my 50’s were the best. My kids were grown up and doing well, my hubby and I were both still working and loving our jobs and life was just pretty great.
I still love my life but health issues are changing the things I took for granted previously. I still love working out and go to the gym four times a week. L love walking, golfing and managed to hike a few times a year. It just makes me feel better. Some things now hurt so you just make adjustments.
We need to enjoy every minute because they are all special. Report
Thanks for the optimistic approach to getting older Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks, Coach Nicole. I feel so much better now after reading your list. Report
I'm 70 and grateful for every day I wake up breathing. Gravity is tough but my mind is young. Report
I dread getting older. I try and wish to change this, but haven't been able.
There are a couple of things I can say I love about aging, not having to deal with my period and hormones in that sense; and having my children gone. Report
This is all true. I can vouch for them all. Report
This may be true until you reach about the age of 50. Then people start to treat you like you are just old. Also job opportunities seem to disappear and hormones play Havoc with your weight emotions and sometimes your overall health. American Society fails to see the wisdom that experience can bring. Maybe I'm just another girl that views the glass as half empty. Report
Dumbest graphic ever to use on a weight loss blog entry. Trigger much? Report
Hahaha!!! That's cute Report
Good article. As I get older having more aches and pains. So good points to remember. Report
Thank you for your information. Report
I am not bothered with my age. Report
I am about to turn 65. I think age is a frame of mind. I know some really old 40 year olds and some very young 80 year olds. My mom, grandmother and great grandmother were all wonderful examples on how to age gracefully. They kept young at heart and were always ready to learn new things. I plan to follow in their footsteps. Report
I like the one about being first hostage to be released! :D Report
Not bad getting older. Report
Aging is unavoidable so the we have to try to make the best of it. One thing is right; as you age so worry less about what other people think about you. It is a relief not to care of whether I wear the same clothes week after week or whether my pants are lose or I don't look as good as my 10-year, younger co-worker. Those things do not matter anymore. Report
I am 65 and 11/12 (my next birthday is this month) and I'm 80 days away from retiring. My investments look good and I can continue to travel when I want to. I'm a bit taken aback by a getting older article written by someone who just turned thirty but it turns out most of the things she says are true at 65 too.

Happy birthday and enjoy your youth, it slips by too quickly. Report
Funny, I'm 74 and feel almost exactly the opposite of the previous commenter. The BEST thing about getting older is having so much knowledge about yourself and others. And feeling proud because I've always been active and am in pretty good physical health. And... finally enough money to pretty much do whatever I want. So many things that in the past were purchased for all the wrong reasons... now I know what I want and what suits ME.... not something to maintain a social standard. I know what looks good on me, and avoid what doesn't, and that includes relationships. I'm happy and content.

Congratulations on becoming 30. You seem very young to me, The road will continue to go up for you. Enjoy every moment of it. Report
I'm sorry but getting older is a "B----h" One day your 30 and the next is your approaching your 70's and it happens all too fast. You lose interest, are more judging, hold lifelong grudges, stubborn as heck. No getting older is cruddy. Food doesn't taste that great anymore, too many aches and pains. Enjoy youth while you got it, because getting older is not fun at all. The worst part to me, is not wanting to do much anymore. Report
My best friend and I ate our first senior meal at a restaurant..we laughed and had a good time. she is now gone and Im glad for the good memory.
Old age may be contagious but we don't have to take it laying down. Report
Not as insecure and you don't care about what others think so much. Report
Best part is living life instead of just surviving. Enjoying the simple things. Slowing down and doing things. Enjoying quietness. Report
It doesn't get better when you get older Report
You are still alive, nothing greater than that. Some folks didn't make it that far. Report