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Did you know that one in three women will get cancer in her lifetime? That statistic is one that the American Cancer Society wants to make people aware of, but also wants to help women know and understand that there are actions that can be done to change it. The "Choose You" movement has been created by the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness about the actions that women can take to help change this statistic in a positive way.

To help mark the first anniversary of the "Choose You" movement, the American Cancer Society has teamed up with Hilary Swank as an executive producer for a documentary film that tells the emotional stories of three women and their journey of putting their health first.

According to the news release, the three women featured in the documentary include:

  • A busy business executive and mother of two boys who chooses herself by following her doctor’s recommendation to finally undergo an important cancer screening test based on her family history.

  • A cancer-survivor who strives to be a role model for her young daughters by living an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • A single woman working toward being more physically active as she recovers from cancer and searches for her “Mr. Right.”

  • The documentary film is scheduled to be released online on June 23, 2011, at, where women can join the movement and make a commitment with an online pledge in one of five different health categories: eat right; get active; get recommended health screenings; protect your skin; and quit smoking.

    To see a preview of the "Choose You" documentary film, please click play on the video below.

    Do you Choose You when it comes to your health? Will you be making an online pledge at If so, which health category will you be making a commitment to?

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    I'm actually doing a "choose me" by declining a job that would bring a great deal of added stress and would make taking care of my health low down on the list of "to do's". I just have to tell the boss this week... Report
    It is very important to take care of our health, by eating right and moving our bodies everyday. My husband died in 1998 of cancer, and of course it was a horrible experience for us all. I do pray for everyone, who is going through, such a bad experience, and hope there will be a cure someday. Report
    My family has a history of non-cancer tumors. They all still cause problems and need checked. I like the extra soft robes used were I get a mammograms. I get time read in robe not a everyday thing. Report
    My son had Testicular Cancer so he had surgery and four rounds of chemotherapy. I've read so much on cancer prevention. It isn't about the food you eat but what is IN the food you eat. So much has chemicals, etc. There are so many toxins around us that can cause cancer. I follow Dr. Mercola and Roby Mitchell, M.D. Report
    In 1992, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, which had already spread beyond the 2" X 3" slice of flesh they had cut from my leg. My doctor told me they would know the full extent in three-plus weeks, when the final pathology came in, but the usual life expectancy was six-to-nine months. He said I should tell my family, and make "arrangements."

    I had wonderfully supportive doctors, and excellent medical care. I offered to be a test subject for cancer research – that I'd do anything to live longer – and my oncologist promised me he'd give me "an extra year." The surgeon who removed the remaining cancerous flesh and reconstructed my leg called me "his miracle"... THAT was quite a feeling!

    Long story short, YES: being diagnosed with cancer is life-changing (especially when you are told you have less than a year to live). I was very calm after the diagnosis, but when they were able to remove all the cancer, due to the very unusual spread pattern of the melanoma, that sense of peace was disrupted. My feelings changed to: “I want to live NOW!”

    I had long resigned myself to staying in a bad marriage for the sake of my children and stepchildren. I thought, as people often do, once the kids were grown I could ask more of my husband – a “real” marriage – without risking the kids’ security. We had jobs, a nice apartment, cars, good health care, plenty of healthy food… It could be a lot worse!

    The kids were happy, and we led active and fulfilling lives. Maybe their father WASN’T a part of their lives and unreliable time-wise and emotionally; but he provided a paycheck, and a stability on which I could build a good, safe home and take care of them. As unhappy as I was, I knew Life was GOOD – until they told me I had MAYBE 18 months left to live it.

    I vowed to NOT wait any longer for the loving and supportive relationship I knew was possible. I tried for three more heart-breaking years before I moved out, later ending our marriage. For all my struggles to hold onto “security,” my son and daughter both told me leaving was the best thing that ever could have happened, even though they didn’t know it at the time.

    So my long story didn’t get any shorter… OOPS!

    P.S. As a teenager, I watched my mom suffer terribly for over two years before she died from cancer. Being a “human guinea pig” for ground-breaking chemotherapy research gave her an extra year of life… and just plain stubbornness gave her another! Bette Davis said, “getting old is not for sissies” – well, neither is being diagnosed (or caring for someone) with The Big C!!! Report
    One in three is a staggering figure! I have changed my eating habits, work out 5 to 6 days of the week and quit smoking over a decade ago. Hopefully odds are in my favor... not sure if heredity is unfortunately. Report
    I just had a mammogram two months ago. There is no history of breast cancer in my family. However I take al necessary precautions. Report
    I eat a lot healthier and exercise daily. What a difference a few months make. I used to skip exercise because of arthritis. Now I just work through the pain and it usually feels better AND less weight puts less stress on the joints that hurt. :) Report
    I personally think SP should encourage people to have recommended screenings by giving points for them.
    I think more money to break down the stigma of being examined is needed.. Making examinations free like in denmark has reduced cancer of the breast and womb..
    Also if parents actively vaccinate against the virus that causes cervix cancer we can wipe out
    this threat out.. Report
    I'm a breast cancer survivor who was so disappointed in interaction with american cancer society when I needed help the most! Report
    i lost my best friend to caner a dear sweet friend and my father in law Report
    I pray for all those afflicted with cancer to be cured and live long with many, many birthdays. Report
    I have all ready taken the steps by changing my eating habits and I exercise daily. Report
    Sorry but the title of this made me think of pokemon. Report
    Yes to be Healthier & eat clean. Report