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VIDEO: Hands-Only CPR Made Easier

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Even though we have written about hands-only CPR several times here on the dailySpark, we would like to share a fun video with you to help save lives. Ken Jeong, an actor/comedian/physician, teamed up with the American Heart Association to create this funny video using a popular disco tune to help continue promoting hands-only CPR. As you watch the video below, you will see that the video offers some simple tips on how to perform hands-only CPR, which will hopefully get people to be less afraid, but more willing to perform CPR when needed.

Do you think the tips from the video will help if you need to perform CPR?

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This is SO funny. I have my CPR class next month... I think I am going to send this to my teacher :)

Ps. You should be protected by the Good Samaritan law. I would be more worried about not doing anything. Report
WHAT a Wonderful way to show this. However, based upon the propensity to sue
i would only use this on my family. I learned as a life guard and this skill is very useful. However, my instructor was sued by a mother whose child was bruised - no broken ribs no nothing just bruises which he probably got while falling off the diving board or being pushed by his buddies but the expenses were his !! be careful of whom you help Report
Bee Gees?? I wasn't a huge fan of them even in high school. I guess what ever works (even disco is beter than the crap kids listen to nowadays and at least ladies dressed like ladies back then ) if it saves lives its worth it. Report
Love this! I've always told my kids disco was a good thing, now I have proof. And it's a perfect song to remember. Report
Hope I'm never in a situation where I need to do CPR, but I listened to that video more than once... just in case. Report
Another song that can be used that has the same rhythm is "Another One Bits the Dust"
...another one's gone, another one's gone, another one bits the dust, yeah!
Sometimes our ER has a sick kind of humor at 3am! Honestly, we save most of them. Report
Great video!!! Report
Great video, great information! Report
The whole purpose of teaching is for someone to LEARN. It has been shown over and over if you can make learning fun people remember more in both the long and short term, and THIS video is totally entertaining.

I wouldn't feel uncomfortable at all teaching this to my 14 year old granddaughter - most young teens aren't around someplace where they would need to know CPR, but this could save the life of a grandparent - even of a friend who had a hidden heart problem (unfortunately, we've seen too many young high school and college athletes make that sudden crash). We know that our young teens have almost universal access to a cell phone.

I don't have a problem with lightening strikes, but I've had to do full CPR three times in my life. Twice at a lake for potential drowning victims (blue, quit breathing and face-down in the water) and once at a Wal-Mart in the middle of the day. All three went to the hospital and all three left the hospital under their own power

Never stand behind me in the checkout line. I always pick the one that breaks down. Report
Hilarious! This was certainly more fun than my CPR re-certification class! Zzzzz Report
I always worry about remembering the timing - this video and "that" song will definitely help. LoL Report
Over the years they've lowered the requirements for how many breaths "have" to be given, as it was discovered the breathing wasn't as important as keeping the blood moving through the body by the chest compressions.

And frankly, I doubt many people feel confident enough to put their mouth over the mouth of a stranger! These new guidelines are long-overdue; hopefully, they will "allow" people to step in and help when someone is in cardio arrest. Report
I did training the other day and learned about CPR. The song the trainer used was Pussycatdolls' "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot as me". Don't sing it at loud though. The most important thing is to ring for an ambulance before you start. Report
My husband just went through a refresher course on CPR, and doing the compressions to this particular song was mentioned! Report
Yes, it makes me more confident that I could do this if I had too. Report
My wife, a nurse, is telling me that that hand-only CPR is being recommended as the preferred method in the medical field to protect the workers. Good stuff to learn! Report
I've been CPR certified a number of times, passed the exams and all, and yet terrified that I'd orget it when the crisis came. Thanks! Report
So useful & easy to remember. Excellent! Report
It may be funny but 2 steps is so much easier in a crisis situation than trying to remember all the steps learned in my CPR classes Report
THis is absolutely great !!! Sending this to my family! Report
I'll defnitely remember the tips now! LOL Report
The last time I took a CPR course, one of the other students in class (who was a nurse) told us about the Stayin' Alive rhythm. That's much easier than trying to shoot for a certain number of compressions per minute. Report
loved it - great message Report
Fabulous! My CPR certification is up for renewal, so I'll keep this video in mind when I go for training. Thanks! Report
Loved it !!! I have been a nurse for 30 years and each CPR renewal has been different. This Hands Only method makes things so much easier for everyone, Pump Hard and Fast keeps blood flowing until help arises. Trying to count and do mouth-to-mouth was very tiring. Report
Great video! Short and to the point. Easy to remember. Report
I thought this video was very clever and fun. That is the recipe that is needed to be popular and informative. Great job!!! Hopefully many people now will know what to do it the need arises. Report
Great information, we live in a senior apartment building and I think I'll ask the office if we could get someone in to demonstrate the hands only CPR method. Report
Very clever and a great way to get the message across. First call 911, then start the chest compressions immediately. Report
Wow! I did not know he was a physician! Great, LIFE SAVING video! I have to agree, though . . . wish there'd been a shot of exactly where to place your hands. It is 2 fingers above the end of the "hang-me-down" part of the sternum. Excellent video and now I will NEVER get that song out of my head!! Report
Good information and fun. But a shot of exactly where to place hands would have been helpful so as not to break the sternum. Report
This was more fun then actually a CPR class would be. It is short, sweet and to the point. A clever way to get the word out. The next time I have to take CPR for work, I know what song will be running through my head.. lol.. Report
I was laughing so hard I missed part of it! Had to replay it, BUT it is simple, short and to the point! I love it.. Give it an A-!! Report
Great message but, sorry, I give the video a 'C' - not THAT funny or clever. Mr. Jeong should have been the one giving CPR. Report
great advice well delivered. Report
Seeing CPR performed this way is SO much more helpful than just reading through the technique. I still would like to take a class but feel more comfortable now should I be in a position to need to do CPR. Report
Great Video !!! ....and such an important message. I sure got it and I bet it will save many lives! Oh, and funny too. Report
Call 911 first. Report
As a CPR instructor......I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! I have to find a way to copy it so I can use it in class, since I can't access You Tube or even play video on here. I will definitely use this in my next class!!! :)
No doubt the most useful CPR video I've ever seen, and I've seen a LOT of them. Report
OMG..that was so funny. And useful! Report
excellent way to keep the rhythm Report
it is great that we came to just chest compressions as most people will not do mouth-to-mouth Report
I love it! Report
LOL, this video is funny. I use to love the B-gees back in the day hehe Report
Who knew that disco could save our generation yet again!!!
I have to laugh every time I see this, we've known him for 6 years. Nicest, most humble guy ever and never thought I'd see him on SP! Can't wait to show this to him! Report
This video is absolutely hilarious! I think it will be very effective!! I've shared it on my facebook page...its a start to spread this information! Thanks for posting this! Report
The CPR class I went to last summer used this tune and one other that I can't remember off hand. It was a fun class and really stuck in my head.
P.S. The other tune was "Another One Bites the Dust", Just as funny and useful. Report
HA! Hilarious! That is definitely the type of teaching tool that is effective :) Thanks for posting! Report