Watch: Blogger Takes on the Haters Who Called Her Fat

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Posting anything on the internet can bring a lot of comments and feedback -- some positive and some negative. I wonder though, if it weren't for the anonymity of the internet would the same people that leave negative comments and feedback say the same thing in person? I doubt that they would, so when you get brave people to post blogs and videos, they open themselves up to a lot of scrutiny. Our very own Coach Nicole experienced this several years ago with comments made about her on her YouTube workout videos. I don't know if I could've taken those negative comments as well as Coach Nicole, but I didn't believe one word of the negative comments that were posted.

For Coach Nicole, she chose to just delete those types of comments, but I recently came upon a Youtube video by Meghan Tonjes that addresses negative and rude comments made on her Youtube videos. In Meghan's video, she specifically addresses what I call the Negative Nelly's out there in the land of the internet that called her fat. Meghan says she is fat and is actually technically obese and not trying to hide it, but what others may not know is that last year she was morbidly obese and 60 pounds heavier.
I think Meghan's message is inspirational and a great reminder that we are all on our own journey and we never know what part of the journey someone else may be in at the moment. Health and fitness come in all shapes and sizes and just because someone is overweight or obese, it doesn't mean they are not healthy, fit or awesome. So let's learn from Meghan's message and remind ourselves just how far we have come in our own journey and how awesome we really are!
To view the video, please click play or click here.
Please be advised: there is some foul language used in the video.


Do you blog or vlog? How have/would you handle these types of negative comments?

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You go girl!! You are more that what you weigh. Your weight is not going to make you beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb. You are beautiful regardless of what you weigh. Report
Thanks, Meghan!
Hmmmm. Can I take some of that spunk with me to face my ex? You ain't getting me down! Report

You Rock, Girl !

99.9999% of people have room for improvement.
There is nothing wrong with not being perfect.
The problem is when we stop trying to improve.

I hope some of those imperfect meanies read this


Love your attitude! You look marvelous and congrats on the 60 lb weight loss! Report
Way to go with the great attitude! My 7 yo daughter said you were pretty and she like your glasses. Report
That beautiful woman is the epitome of AWESOMENESS!!!
We need to pass this on to anyone who needs some true, down to earth uplifting for their self confidence. We need to take a page out of her book and try to incorporate it into our lives. Report
Very cool. Report
One thing comes to my mind, it is a quote that I have heard for years. I do not know who started it but it says, Beauty is skin deep but ugliness goes to the bone. People who say negative things to hurt another person are the ugliness. Report
Good for you! Keep doing what you do! Report
Good for YOU! Keep on claiming who you are, and finding the beauty and goodness in that. Report
OMG I love her. Report
Thank you!!! Report
Awesome vlog! Congrats on losing the 60 pounds so far! Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration to many people! Report
Good for you - love yourself and you can love others! I feel sorry for all the narrow-minded, mean-spirited people who call names and label people because they show their complete ignorance. Remember this first and foremost: GOD DOESN'T MAKE JUNK! So, be careful whose work you criticize. Meghan, you are a beautiful girl and you will reach all your goals! Report
That was great, good for you...
We are all a work in progress...Jesus made us all beautiful. Report
I love it!!! Good for Meghan! Report
You're so beautiful, I don't know what's wrong with people! I loved your blog. Remember the majority of people are behind you.
RIght on!
Amen to that!! Report
I love it, love it, love it! You are right on and I just try to not even hear or see haters anymore. All they did was bring my self esteem all the lower. I don't need them to hurt me anymore. I've lost 60# almost and I'm still fat but I will show them. And besides, there are ALWAYS bigger people than us! Thanks for writing this and for your vlog too, that I can agree with 100% Report
Meghan Tonjes rocks. Period. Any shape or size that she is, she is hilarious and an amazing singer. Keep up your amazing work Meghan! Report
I agree. Report
Way to go! I was very hesitant about starting to bike because I often dislike exercising in broad public, and was worried about jeers. But I joked with a friend that I supposed if someone did that to me, and called me fat, I could respond "At least I'm doing something about it. What are you doing about being a jerk?" My friend thought that was great snark. It was enough to get me started anyway, and I have had no problems! Report
F.A.T. = Fabulous. Awesome. Terrific!
She's 100% right. Fat people can be healthy, accomplished, super clean, artistic, great mothers, gardeners, lovers etc. (like me) Report
You have a new YouTube follower =) Report
I really appreciated watching this. I have my husband and other people telling me I'm not fat, "don't call yourself fat", 'ewes not fat, ewe's fluffy' and other such nonsense. I tell them... "I'm fat! You can't call it anything different and make it different from doing so. Maybe if I say it enough to myself, I'll do more about it. Stop lying to me; I'm fat." Now I'm ready to do something about it. The journey has begun, it's not easy, but it's a journey...been more on this size than off since I've been 14 and now I'm 45...hopefully it doesn't take that long to be healthy. The journey begins with the first step. Report
That is an AWESOME blog!! I loved it-tell it like it is, and thank you for sharing. I was actually waiting for some kind of rap song to come out-lol. Report
That is BY FAR the best vlog that I've seen so far!! BRAVO!!! Report
I am so proud to be a member that has you in it. You are an inspiration to me. Report
Wow! You are one strong lady!!! I'm so impressed with how you dealt with the insecure people who tried to tear you down to their level. Way to go. You not only stood up to them for yourself but for a lot of other people too. Yes, I'm impressed with you! Report
Thank-you for making me laugh today! Your attitude is outstanding. I was going to let my 7 year old son watch it until you said the naughty word. You confidence is wonderfully refreshing. I have been trying to get through to my son that just because someone is overweight that it doesn't mean they are a bad person. Kids are so vision oriented. Yet my 8 yr old daughter is super sensitive now and is afraid to do anything for fear of being embarrassed. You seem to have a healthy balance.

Thanks for sharing!!

rumbamel Report
I think you are beautiful and can't imagine what the blogger looks like.

Good job on shrinking your fat cells.
Sharon Report
I very seldom blog and I would go spastic if I tried to Vblog! I am so impressed with Meghan! She is so awesome! You go girl! Report
I just want to say you are awesome. That is the best response ever. You rock, keep it up. Report
What a beautiful girl she is and succint to boot. Anyone who says anything negative about someone else is a silly fool who really has too much time on their hands and needs to get a life. Report
I have to say that is a wonderful response to those who practice fat hate. Myself, I would never have responded that well. Report
Great blog! Everyone needs to feel good about themselves. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! Report
Thanks for sharing! How powerful and how true. It hurte when people judge you based on your looks. Out with the bad ...... Report
Fat and thin doesn't make us beautiful. Beautiful is what is on the inside, your heart that pours out of you when you speak. You are beautiful! Report
you are beautiful! Report
Wow! Well done. You have shown another example that being beautiful, sexy, and confident shouldn't have anything to do with the number on the scale. Keep up the great work. You are a true inspiration! Report
I really enjoyed the video I wish I had your confidence in myself that you do . I too am FAT get told daily by people that just don't understand. Made me feel great inside watching the video. Thanks Report
OMG...I love her, she is beautiful and confident and AWESOME. What an inspiration to those of us with body issues. I need to learn to love myself like she does herself, so amazing! Report
Yay! Report
Pretty much said it all.........good one girl!!!
Praying for your grandma..........if you get you UMPFH genes from her I am sure things will work out Report
AWESOME!!! Report
I just loved watching your video. The first thing that came to mind was how intelligent and articulate you are. You truly have a good understanding and knowledge about stuff. I also love the comment about the journey and others not knowing what that journey is about or where on the journey one is. I can relate to that very comment and your video shed a light on my own journey - thanks for the inspiration!!! Report
Loved It!! Thank you!! Report
What a great vlog!!! You are healthy, you are fit and you are so beautiful both inside and out!!I loved this vlog, it showed the how cruel people can be without knowing the true story, but you showed to all of us how wrong it is to jump to conclusions. So beautiful, so full of spirit, and such an inspiration. You rock girl!! Report