Watch SparkPeople Medical Expert Birdie on Oprah's Weight Loss Show Today!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
After losing more than 140 pounds, SparkPeople member (and resident medical expert) Birdie Varnedore appeared in People magazine in a size-8 bikini, then on "Good Morning, America." The mom of five from Florida was also featured in Chris "SparkGuy" Downie's New York Times best-selling first book, "The Spark."

What motivated this busy mom and doctor to lose the weight? Birdie wanted to live a long and healthy life for her five children, and so did her husband, Nick, who lost 115 pounds on SparkPeople. A neurologist, she has referred hundreds of patients to SparkPeople and spreads the Spark whenever she can. We're thrilled that she has another opportunity to share her story with others.

Today, she's appearing on Oprah's Ultimate Weight Loss Finale. (If you watch closely, you can see a before photo and after video of Birdie in the promo video!)

Birdie (DR_BIRDIE) tells us that she delves into the personal side of weight loss, so we're certain that this is a can't-miss show. Check local listings for time and channels.

I know where I'll be at 4:00, which is when "Oprah" airs here. How about you? Will you tune in?

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I was in the audience that day! Birdie rocked. Due to Birdie having to sign a waiver that she could not mention specifically some things since Oprah ownes all subject matter regarding her show...blah blah blah blah blah! Report
Birdie is amazing an inspirational, but I don't understand why SparkPeople was not mentioned at all. If it helped her, why wouldn't Oprah want to share that information with ALL of her viewers? I think it does the audience a huge disservice to withhold information that could help them. Report
I was so happy to see you on Oprah's last show about weight. You are such an inspiration knowing that SP helped you lose the weight. Report
May not be legal to mention or the other reason could also be,if Oprah mentions any business people flock to it,and the other companies will get mad because spark would get the clients and not them Report
I didnt catch this. Can you post the video? Report
You look Awesome -- keep up the good work!! Congratulations for being on Oprah!! For such a SUCCESS STORY!! Report
You are a true inspiration to me!! Thank you for your determination and willpower Report
I'll sure be watching!! Report
Wonderful and motivating show. I too was disappointed Spark People wasn't mentioned or maybe I just missed it! Report
I did watch the show with my Patient, and she look Awesome,so Happy I get to watch the show, very Good motivation. Report
I watched Birdie and she looked sensational. An inspiration. But also shows weight problems can happen to anyone. Report
Awesome, can't wait to see! Report
it's too bad Tuesday's Daily Spark went out at 10:00 pm Tuesday night, as I would have loved to have watched it..oh well, congrats on the weight loss. I do hope she mentioned Sparkpeople.. Report
I was disappointed she did not mention Spark People. Her weight loss however is awesome. Report
Amazing! Report
You are amazing!!! What a strong and beautiful woman you are!!!!
congratulations! Report
Looks like I saw this blog a little late, I'll have to catch it on replay:)
That's awesome! It's about time that Oprah noticed SparkPeople! Sorry I was not able to watch. :( Report
I saw the show yesterday and I am so totally impressed. Such a busy Mom, Dr and wife, She did awesome ! ! ! Report
Awesome! Way to go Birdie, you an inspiration! Report
The entire show was great, and Birdie rocked! Report
Congratulations on your weight loss. No I won't tune in because I personally don't care for the Oprah Winfrey show. Report
Congratulations, Birdie. Way to go, WOW. We're so proud of you and your DH! Report
I saw the show today before I read the blog above. I am proud that Birdie is a fellow spaker and feel she is a great inspiration! Wonderful achievement!!! Report
excellent, awesome, wonderful, what else can i say!! Report
I saw this story on Oprah today-very inspiring! Report
Awesome an inspiration to all!!!!! Report
I DVR Oprah everyday, now I have a reason to get home and watch. I too can use a helping of motivation. Report
WOW!!!.........wait just a second........OK!!!!! DVR IS SET TO RECORD!!!! thanks for the info!! Report
Thanks for letting us know about this, I will be watching at 4:00 PST here in Reno NV. Report
Yes, I plan to watch at work. We have flat screens in my office. I also meant to DVR it at home but I forgot to schedule it. Report
dvr baby! Report
Birdie, you look FABULOUS!!Congrats to both you and your husband! I will watch Oprah today. Thanks for the inspirational story. Report
Wow! What an inspirational story! I can't wait to watch! Report
i will try to watch the show Report
So many wonderful success stories with SparkPeople! It is motivating to hear the stories of people taking charge of their health - people we can all relate to in some way. I especially love to hear when people are able to get off of medications and reverse health conditions by living healthier. Report
I'm going do go set my vcr right now so I won't miss it. Report
Congratulations to you and your husband. Awesome !
I will not be able to watch. Report
Will tape to watch with wife later.

Excellent Job!! Report
I definitely will be watching ! Report
Congratulations to Birdie and her husband. What an inspiration. It is very encouraging to see the accomplishments of others. It offers hope that I will also reach my goal of weight loss. Report
How fantastic! I will be sure to watch it! Go SparkPeople! Go Birdie! Report
I already have her set!! Thank you for my inspiration today!!!
That is so INCREDIBLY inspiring. Amazing. I have never had to lose a large amount of weight and I am always so amazed that people can make such a major change in thier lives. Absolutly incredible! You go Girl!!! Report
there a few times I wish I had TV. This is one of them. Report
Such an inspiration! Report
Way to go! I can't wait to watch! Report
This is such a motivating story! You go girl! Report
Go girl!!! You look fabulous!!!! Report