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Win 1 of 10 Camelbak Groove Bottles

By , SparkPeople Blogger

If you've spent any time at all on SparkPeople, you know that we like water. A lot. We drink upwards of 8 cups a day and encourage members to do the same. Water is an important of a healthy body--after all, our bodies are mostly water. (Read why we encourage people to drink up.)

So when Camelbak asked us to host a giveaway, we said yes! During long or hot runs, my Camelbak is my best friend. I can store my keys, ID, and cash in the convenient packet, and I don't have to worry about dehydration.

In addition to their super-cool water "backpacks," Camelbak has a new product: a reusable BPA-free water bottle with a built-in filter. The Groove, which costs $25, is, well, GROOVY! We love it!

They say:

  • Hydration Capacity: 20 oz (.6 L)
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • CamelBak® Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee™
  • Easy to refill and easy to use bottle with a filter built into the straw. Turn tap water into fresh, great-tasting water anywhere you go.
  • Durable, BPA-Free, easy to carry and spill-proof.
  • Flip & Sip: Sip with ease, flip shut for storage and no spills with the patented CamelBak Big Bite™ Valve.
  • Provides great tasting, freshly filtered water anywhere – in the only reusable bottles designed and proven to help people stay better hydrated
  • Big Bite Valve proven to help you drink up to 24% more
  • Dishwasher safe.
To the Camelbak Groove, we say: "WooHoo!"

Now you can win one. 10 lucky readers will get a Camelbak Groove of their own!

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

Do you use a reusable water bottle? How much water do you drink daily?

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OK - this wonderful water bottle showed up in the mail and, like "loveunderlined" I had forgotten about entering...! Thanks so much SP and Camelbak - I am loving it! Report
It took me forever to realize I must've won this on Spark, hahaha. Thanks! Report
*YAY* I cannot believe I won! What a nice suprise :) TY Sparkpeople!! Report
I have several water bottles, some at home and at work. I love water bottles with straws! I drink so much more water if it has a straw! Gotta get at least 8 glasses per day plus more if it's a workout day! Report
I use to be "allergic" to water and only drank diet soda. Just recently I started drinking water and have been watching the pounds wash away! Once I learned what water really does for you and how healthy it is, I find myself drinking it for my body! Report
Nice I would love to have one water is my favorite and only drink that I drink..
I have a BPA free Nalgene bottle my wife bought me and a nifty but very fragile aluminum SIGG 1 litre (wish we still had imperial quarts !)
Swiss bottle (niether one was more than 25 dollars either and they are probably just as good as the camelback). I bought the SIGG at the U of A bookstore for $23. The thing I do not care for is the damn thing dents far too easily, (Do NOT look at it the wrong way). Report
I drink tons of water - but I do have a very hard time finding a good water bottle - this sounds like it would be awesome! Report
I don't have a re-usable water bottle so this would be great! Right now I buy bottled water and recycle the bottles when I can but my company does not have recycling so that means lugging the three 20 oz water bottles home with me just to recycle. This would save me so much time and money! I totally love how there is a filter in the straw too, at work I have gross city water and dont feel like lugging my water filter pitcher around with me! :) Report
yep got a bpa free reuseable bottle at costco...2pk for 15.00....but no thrilled with the top..would love to try this new bottle w/ filter Report
I keep a glass full of ice water on my desk every day. Sip during day. Not a fan of water, but love the way it works on my body. Report
I recently put in a water filter system (one that fits under the sink and into your already existing water line[cost was initially about $50, it also helps when your boyfriend knows how to install it]), I no longer have to buy bottled water and it's good up to 4000 gallons of water. My problem of course is a container to put my water in while on the go. This would be great. Donna Report
i so love this and i need one Report
I recently bought a Camelbak backpack for long bike rides. I don't always remember to drink enough, so I keep a case of disposable bottles in my car so I can drink anytime I think of it. It's not great, I know, but it's better than not drinking. I'm getting back on track, slowly. I walked, biked, ran, and spent 5 minutes on an elliptical machine today. (Yay!!) I'm testing the theory that if I start with just a few minutes on the elliptical at a time, at minimum resistance, I mind be able to control my sacroiliac joint problem (by strengthening the surrounding muscles). So far, so good. Report
This sounds like a great bottle. I've switched to stainless and aluminum bottles but a PBA free plastic one would be handy.
I love water,drink lots of it,for my lung problem,I guess from 8 to10 cups a day,or more,so good for you,summer here I`am with a bottle all the time.I would love one of these Report
It would be great to win one of these bottles! Easier than Powerball! Report
Water is my beverage of choice. Report
I usually refill a regular bottle of water 2 or 3 times a day. Winning one of the camelbak bottles would be awsome! Report
I was looking for something like this about a year ago. If I don't win one, I'll have to go out and buy one! (I've checked - I can get one locally.) Report
Right now my fave bottle is my LLBean with the koozie cover to keep it cold. I drink usually 10-12 cups a day. Report
I drink lots of water, but stay home most of the time. I would like to win/get this for my Husband while at his job, fills up with water constantly. He is a truck Driver/yard dog. Currently he uses bottles from drinks he gets in the store, for about 2 months before he throws it away and gets another one. Report
I use a stainless steel bottle right now. I like it and it does help me get my 8+ glasses in a day, but my one major complaint is that I can't put it in the dishwasher so I know I don't get the little valve pieces as clean as I probably should. I'd love a bottle I could put in the dishwasher and sanitize without a lot of extra hassle. Report
I have a CamelBak waterbottle with the Big Bite Valve, and they are 100% right about how you drink way more water! I used to drink out of a Nalgene screw-off top and couldn't figure out why I was having trouble finishing the bottle. With my new water bottle, I sip away without even noticing and I've found that I've nearly DOUBLED my water intake using this type of bottle.

I would absolutely recommend this bottle for anyone having trouble fitting water in...the version without the filter is only about $15! Report
I drink plenty of water. But when I get the urge for something sweet I usually opt for a juice 'watered down' with sparkling mineral water. This bottle though looks pretty cool!! Report
I would love to win this. I have a couple of water bottles that I use. I drink about 6 bottles of water a day. So the bottles add up. Report
I have had a hard time drinking enough water lately. This would definitely help me get back on track Report
Nice bottle!!! Report
I love my camelbak. I drink at least 3 a day. If I don't win this one I will buy me and my mom one. Report
no I use one bottled water & keep refilling it for the day Report
Having one would be great! I do use a recyclable container for my water, Report
This sounds so useful; much more convenient than pouring filtered water into another water bottle and better than buying bottled. I want one. Report
I drink coffee all the time, wish they would make one to keep coffee hot. Plain water makes me sick, but I'd give it a try if I had one of these bottles. I don't drink anything else except coffee otherwise, hate fake sugar drinks. Report
I would love to win this. I inadvertently left my favorate water bottle in an art gallery in New Mexico. Report
I drink 8-10 of my cups of water daily. Unfortunately I don't use a reusable bottle. I do re-use bottles, but it's just not the same. Report
My daughter has one and uses it all the time.....I'd love one too ;^D Report
I try to drink at least 8 cups, in my reusable bottles, plus some herbal or green tea. I don't think Canadians can win prizes but I am happy just to have SP, and I hear that Target stores are also coming soon to Canada. Report
I drink a lot of water, but don't use reusable water bottles. At least I recycle right? Report
I have been drinking water , alot, now for YEARS. In the past, I had a liter bottle I would freeze part and fill with cold bottled water for the day. But several years ago, I learned about BPA in those bottles, and wanted to avoid that chemical, and oped for my first Camelback, 1 liter bottle. LOVE it so much, I have bought several holders to keep the water cooler. Drink a whole bottle a day, besides my other liquids (tea) Stopped drinking any soda years ago....can't stand the taste of it anymore! Report
I drink upwards of a gallon a day when I use a water cup/bottle with a straw--I will often drop an herbal tea bag into my cup to add a little flavor to my water, which also helps me drink more. I use gatorade bottles also (32 ounce) but prefer straw cups because it's just easier to drink more with a straw...sure hope I win this one, as I was looking at them the other day and debating whether I could fit it in my budget this month--I'll get one eventually, even if i don't win. My kids love Camelbak bottles, too. Report
sure hope I win one...sound great and I drink the entire time I'm at the gym, which is 6 times a week (on avg.) ! ! Report
I drink water all day long. I gave up drinking pop(diet) this would be perfect we have to go to the store and buy gallons of water. our water is awful. Report
I use either a 320z snapple bottle or one of thos minute maid apple juice crafes...I believe.....don't quote me though.....the carafe holds all my daily water needs..... Report
I saw this the other day at Target and sooo Want one. I almost bought it but being I have 6 camelbacks already I passed. But was thinking of getting it today and then I saw this! I hope i win!!! Report
I have LOTS of reusable bottles -- can't have enough. But I've found that the Camelbak does make you drink more. Yey for Camelbak! Report
Awesome! I could stop using so much bottled water!! Report
This sounds great! I will need a reliable, healthy water bottle when I start commuting to and from college courses in June! Report
Yes I use reusable bottles but not this fancy! Report