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2008 is now gone and in the past, and there's no need to continue focusing on my shoulda, woulda, coulda's. What I CAN do is take my life learned lessons and allow them to guide me in my future.

In 2009 I'm claiming my happiness, my health, my peace, my love, my joy, my faithfulness to God, my healthy and stronger marriage, my healthy self-esteem, my prosperity and the abundant life that my God promised me.

In the next coming months, my goal is to lose at least 40 lbs before I seriously begin trying to start a family. I deserve a healthy life and so does my future unborn child. I deserve to be happy for my family.

We all deserve to be healthy and it just takes us putting our minds to it and being determined to let nothing stop or deter us from reaching those goals. I know that everyday won't be easy, but everyday that the Lord allows, I have a chance to make a difference--we all do.


I'm DONE allowing my life to pass me by!
I'm DONE with living to please everyone but myself!
I'm DONE with my weight!
I'm DONE with being unhappy!
I'm DONE with not loving myself!



My Daily 20 min. Exercise Accountability

Thanks to my new Exercise Police Coach (CAROL54904) and my exercise buddy (FATCATTN) I have agreed to start over again and get in 20 mins of exercise daily and check in with them. Because I want to make exercising a habit and not just another chore, I'm only going to do 20 mins a day and no more for a solid month. Then next month I'll increase my workout time by 5 mins and so on until I build my time up and hopefully by then, exercising will have become a way of my life. So to make myself even more accountable, I'm going to post my daily workouts on my page. So here we go!

SW: 236.8
Daily WO time: 20 mins

11/10: 10 mins SP Jump Rope video & 10 min SP Jump Start video
11/11: NONE (I have excuses but I'm not going to allow them to become a habit either)
11/12: Doubled up for missing yesterday; 15 min SP ab video, 15 min SP Desk workout & 10 min SP Jump Start video
11/13: 10 min SP Jump Rope video & 10 min SP Jump Start video
11/14: 10 min SP Day 1 Bootcamp video & 10 min SP Jump Rope video
11/15: 10 min SP Day 1 Bootcamp video & 10 min SP Jump Rope video
11/16: 15 min SP ab workout & 6 min SP Butt Blast video (1 min of that was streching)
11/17: 20 mins of SP Jump Rope video (broken up between this morning & this evening)
11/18: NONE - at hospital all day with my uncle & family
11/19: NONE - at hospital all day with my uncle & family
11/20: NONE - at hospital after work, just tired
11/21: 20 mins of SP Jump Rope video (broken up between this morning & this evening)
11/22: NONE - emotional day, mostly depressed, could have exercised but didn't
11/23: 15 mins SP Desk Workout video, 2 min mini walk w/ Leslie Sansone & 3 min mini walk w/ Leslie Sansone
11/24: 10 mins SP Jump Rope Cardio video, 3 mins mini walk w/Leslie Sansone (twice) & 2 mins mini walk w/Leslie Sansone (twice)
11/25: NONE: Cleaning house--forgot & too pooped to workout; Did do some vigorous sweeping outside in front of my house to clear debris and trash
11/26: Cleaning house all evening, preparing for family arrival on tomorrow
11/27: NONE: Too busy eating
11/28: Does Black Friday Shopping count? My poor feet are so sore!
11/29: NONE
11/30: NONE
12/1: NONE: Funeralized my uncle
12/2: NONE
12/3: 10 min SP Jump Start video & 10 min Gospel Aerobics Online (youtube)
12/4: 3 min mini walk w/ Leslie Sansone (x2), 2 min mini walk w/Leslie Sansone (x2) & 10 min Gospel Aerobics - Hope w/Paul Eugene (excellent workout!)
12/5: 10 min Gospel Aerobics w/Paul Eugene
12/6: 30 min Bill Blanks Cardio Bootcamp and 15 mins Beginners workout on
12/7: 10 min SparkPeople Jump Rope workout and 10 min Gospel Aerobics w/Paul Eugene - 'He Will Work It Out'
12/8: 30 min Billy Blanks Cardio Bootcamp workout
12/9: NONE: Dealing with emotions

***START OF 10 DAY CHALLENGE (DONE GIRLS STYLE) The Goal is to complete 1000 crunches, 1000 squats, 1000 lunges, 500 bicep curls, 500 tricep curls, 300 mins of cardio and 80 glasses of water by Dec. 20th***

So the way to read my activity numbers is:
the amount completed/the amount left to do

12/10: NONE: Dealing with emotions
12/11: (Challenge DAY 2)(End of 1 complete month exercising)
Crunches 100/900
Squats 100/900
Lunges 100/900
Bicep curls 50/450
Tricep curls 50/450
Cardio 30/270
Water 9/71

EW/SW: 236.2 - Down .6 of a pound...It's better than nothing. I feel better and I can see a difference in my stamina. So yay for me! I'll try to do better with eating for my next month

New Daily WO time: 30 mins (Adjustment for 10 day challenge)

12/12: (Challenge DAY 3) My legs are so darn sore!
Crunches 200/800
Squats 200/800
Lunges 200/800
Bicep curls 100/400
Tricep curls 100/400
Cardio 60/240
Water 18/62

12/13: (Challenge DAY 4)
Crunches 300/700
Squats 300/700
Lunges 300/700
Bicep curls 150/350
Tricep curls 150/350
Cardio 90/210
Water 27/53

12/14: (Challenge DAY 5)
Crunches 400/600
Squats 400/600
Lunges 400/600
Bicep curls 200/300
Tricep curls 200/300
Cardio 120/180
Water 35/45

12/15: (Challenge DAY 6)
Crunches 500/500
Squats 500/500
Lunges 500/500
Bicep curls 250/250
Tricep curls 250/250
Cardio 150/150
Water 44/36

12/16: (Challenge DAY 7)
Was out in the streets most of the evening and had to come home and take care of a few things. Only got in my cardio for the night.

Cardio 180/120
Water 52/28

12/17: (Challenge DAY 8)
Crunches 600/400
Squats 600/400
Lunges 600/400
Bicep curls 300/200
Tricep curls 300/200
Cardio 210/90
Water 60/20

12/18: (Challenge DAY 9)
Crunches 700/300
Squats 700/300
Lunges 700/300
Bicep curls 350/150
Tricep curls 350/150
Cardio 240/60
Water 60/20 (didn't get my water today)

12/19: (Challenge DAY 10)

12/20: (Final Challenge Day)

***End of Done Girl 10 Day Challenge***

EW/SW: 235.8

(Entered a Spark Break until the New Year)


(Returned from Spark Break)

Felt the oncoming of a slight cold, so I took some meds and slept the rest of the evening

1/2: (50) 3 count jumping jacks

1/3: Leslie Sansone 2 mile High Calorie Burn

1/4: (Morning) LS Get Up & Go 1 mile
(Evening) LS 2 mile High Calorie Burn

1/5: LS 2 mile High Calorie Burn

1/6: NONE (Went home to be with my mother)

1/7: LS 30 min Walk Strong w/ hand weights

1/8: LS 30 min Walk w/hand weights

1/9: (Mid-morning) LS Power Mile
(Afternoon) Bounced & sat on fitness ball at work & incorporated some crunches
(Late Evening) LS 30 min Walk Strong

1/10: NONE (Unless you consider Chucky Cheese w/ 2 kids a workout!)

1/11: (end 2 months)
30 mins Jump Roping

EW/SW: 236.8 - Back at square 1 (Not happy at all!!)

1/12: LS 2 mile High Calorie burn

1/13: LS Power Mile, Sat on fitness ball at work did crunches, LS High Calorie Burn 2 mile walk


Crunches on fitness ball & 1 Power Mile at work, didn't leave work till after 10:30 pm so I only got in LS 1 mile Get Up and Go instead of 2 miles

1/15: Crunches on fitness ball & 1 Power Mile at work; left work at 9:30 pm, had to run to Wally World (Wal-Mart) Did LS 2 mile High Calorie Burn before bed (approx. 11:45pm)

1/16: I was so absolutely tired when I got home from work, I wasn't up for a walk with Leslie, but I did get in 50 3-count jumping jacks!

1/17: LS 30 min Walk Strong w/5 lb dumbbells

1/18: LS Muscle Mile 1

1/19: REST DAY

1/20: LS Walk Strong (2 miles w/5lb dumbbells) & LS Muscle Mile (w/5lb dumbbells)

1/21: It's the day before my TOM and the fatigue and beginning aches & pains began so I only felt like doing LS Muscle mile 1 w/5lb dumbbells. I needed to have done 2 miles, but I just wasn't up for it

1/22: 15 Mins of Jump Roping; LS Muscle Mile 1 w/5lb dumbbells

1/23: Went to a church program and didnt' get home 'til after 1 am....too tired to workout then.

1/24: Went to another church program and got back late (after 1 am) but felt bad about not working out twice in a row so I cranked out 100 3-count jumping jacks in sets of 25!

1/25: Ok, I must have pulled or strained a hip muscle doing those jumping jacks cause I woke up with the tightest left hip muscle that I had to limp around on all day! I took the day to give my hip a rest and work itself out. No workout for me.

One Year With Spark People!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

1/26: I suffered with a terrible sleep (lack there of) headache ALL DAY LONG! It was one of those headaches where if you moved too quick there's a delayed reaction when your headache catches up to where you just moved to! Well needless to say, I took my butt to bed early without working out. I felt bad for not working out, but my head was killing me too bad.

1/27: Cranked out 4 miles with Leslie! I did her 30 min walk and then her 2 mile high calorie burn w/5lb dumbbells.

1/28: Woke up with my left hip muscles strained again causing me to limp around all day. No cardio, just did upper body strength training. Upright rows, bicept curls, tricept curls, forward shoulder lifts, lateral raises. I wasn't keeping count of how many I did, just did them until my mucles fatigued.

1/29: LS 1 Mile Get Up and Go (2x, once w/5lb dumbbell), ~100 Various crunches, ~20 Alternate leg and arm lifts for lower back, ~20 lower back lifts, LS 2 Mile High Calorie Burn w/5lb dumbbell

1/30: My dear Hubby came down with the flu today, so after running around this evening picking up meds and juices for the sick and then having to be Mrs. Nurse, I was too worn out to try and get in a work out. So nothing for me.

1/31: I've been spraying everything down with Lysol! Man, I hope I don't get sick! Well, got in a 1 mile walk w/5 lb dummbells. Still playing nurse!

Jan EW/SW: 234 - 2.8 lb loss!

2/1: LS 2 mile High Calorie Burn

2/2: LS 30 min walk (2 miles), push-ups, crunches & lower back lifts (alternating leg & hand)

2/3: None - felt abnormally weak and easily winded. Not sure what was going on--went straight to bed

2/4: LS 4 Really Big Miles w/ stretch band! This was an awesome workout...and I made it through the entire workout!!

2/5: LS 4 Really Big Miles w/stretch band!

2/6: I was working off of the 4 Really Big Miles dvd, but only did 2 miles. It was still a great workout because it was much faster than her normal two mile walks.

2/7: NONE - At the hair dressed practically all day, then had to travel to Baltimore for a church program I had to sing on and didn't get home til 2 am.

2/8: LS 4 Really Big Miles w/Stretchie band

Done Girls Biggest Loser Challenge Week 1:
Starting Weight: 234
Current Weight: 231.3
Pounds Lost: 2.7

2/9: NONE - Just down right tired!

2/10: 2 miles of the 4 Really Big Miles

2/11: 45 mins of jumping rope, jumping jacks, squats

2/12: Took my LS stretchie band to work and did upper body strength training

2/13: 2 miles of LS 4 really big miles

2/14: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! NONE - Unless you consider house cleaning exercise

2/15: 2 miles of LS 4 really big miles

Done Girls Biggest Loser Challenge Week 2:
Starting Weight: 231.3
Current Weight: 233.2
Pounds Gained: 1.9

2/16: NONE

2/17: NONE: Got home really really late

2/18: LS 4 Really Big Miles w/stretchie band

2/19: NONE

2/20: NONE

2/21: LS 1 mile Get Up and Move w/ my Mother!

2/22: NONE

2/23: LS 4 Really Big Miles w/ stretchie band

2/24: 45 mins of "Shimmy" belly dancing on FitTV

2/25: NONE

Feb EW/SW:

Member Since: 1/25/2008

Fitness Minutes: 2,269

My Goals:
1. Better self esteem and to love me for me.
2. Goodbye 200's!!
3. Begin exercising again.
4. Make being healthy a lifestyle and not a yo-yo diet!

My Program:
1. Walk, walk, walk! Whenever I get a chance.

2. Incorporate exercise into my work day

3. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables

4. Control my portion sizes

5. Water! Water!! Water!!!

6. Stop late-night eating

Personal Information:
I'm 26 years old and currently reside in the Richmond, VA area. I was born in Hampton, VA.

Other Information:

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