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See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerday 1 of my streak for "Consume at least 8 cups of water per day." earned 1/6/2015See this image largerday 22 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/6/2015See this image largerThe "funeral" was good. There was no service just a huge family get together. It was nice. My favorite photos of my grandparents are attached. Poor Grandpa, I feel awful for him. 56 years married See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerWent to the park today and played with the kids. We went to the treehouse and climbed to the top, then to Children's Village to play and put on puppet shows, then a short walk and came home. It is beautiful out! Loving the weather right now!See this image largerTook my brother's dog for a walk this afternoon. It's a bit chilly and windy but we went out for about 30 minutes. πŸ˜€See this image largerDinner was AMAZING! Found a new recipe I love and only 10carbs per serving πŸ˜€See this image largerDecided I need a before picture to compare to later. I have already lost 6lbs but that doesn't make a huge difference in the before pic when you have over 100 to lose!See this image largerAnd side pic of before.See this image larger#keto Family ordered pizza but DH stopped at the grocery store for me so I could buy dinner for me. 😊See this image largerCrazy curly hair today! Went to brother's high school graduation last night and the rain we had afterward made my hair super curly! I didn't track at all yesterday but I told several people about #keto and how it is helping me lose weight. 😊See this image largerWent hiking with my husband and kids today. We had a great time. πŸ˜€ Can't wait to go again!See this image largerBiking today with the family.See this image largerHopefully this guy is worn out from our walks...otherwise I will be getting a 2am wake up call because he wants to go for a walk. 😝See this image largerEarly morning walk with my brother's dog. Just happy he slept all night. πŸ˜€See this image largerJust finished one of the longest walks I've ever taken so I could walk my brother's dog (I'm dog sitting). Not sure how far it was but can't wait to find out!See this image larger#deliciousdailymoment Went hiking with my kids. They are an amazing source of encouragement and inspiration everyday.See this image largerMy goal is to back on track with keto. Today I bought myself a "get motivated" present. #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerRelaxing by the fire and getting ready for a busy weekend of cooking with my new #keto recipe book.See this image larger#deliciousdailymoment First recipe from my new #keto cookbook. Cheese Baked Eggs...had to cook the eggs more than 2x the length suggested. I hope this isn't a sign of how the rest of the recipes are! It was delicious when it was done though! 😊See this image largerSmoked chicken, steamed asparagus, and salad with cucumbers. πŸ˜€ Getting back on track this week.See this image largerDrinking plenty of water today! Time to get back on track and stop being distracted!See this image largerMade some easy peanut butter fat bombs to have as snacks. Tried one and it was delicious! #ketoSee this image largerWent shopping for DH's Christmas present with the kids and promised they could help pick dinner at the store. We got a rotisserie chicken, bag of salad, and an avocado. SO proud of them for making healthy choices tonight!See this image largerAll the fudge, candies, cookies, and chocolates in the kitchen at work and I'm here eating my unwich 😊 I thought about eating some fudge but decided it isn't worth it.See this image largerAll the fudge, candies, cookies, and chocolates in the kitchen at work and I'm here eating my unwich 😊 I thought about eating some fudge but decided it isn't worth it.See this image largerOne of my students got me silicone baking cups and a cupcake pan!! Now I can make my eggs and other things without wasting paper liners! I love it! πŸ’•See this image largerMerry Christmas spark friends! Best part of my day so far...DH and kids got me new cookware and a gift card for healthy groceries. Hope all my spark friends have a loving and happy holiday.See this image largerUsing my new pan to make asparagus, mushrooms and onion. LOVE the way my husband and kids have supported me in this journey!See this image largerAdded some frozen green beans and some chopped onion to my smoked sausage for a #keto-friendly lunch!See this image larger#keto Trying something new to me. Fried chicken with coconut flour. We'll see how it turns out!See this image largerMaking some roasted veggies to go with my dinner. Saved enough carbs to enjoy as much of this as I want. #Keto Tomorrow is my weigh in so fingers crossed I've been pretty lax this week.See this image largerZesty Salmon and Amandine Asparagus for dinner to celebrate getting into my 230s!See this image largerBaby shower for my sister-in-law today and even though I REALLY don't want to go I will. (The father is a drug dealer and SIL has been doing meth with him while she is PG and I have a hard time supporting her!) I have planned ahead though and hopefully can stay on or close to my #keto plans!See this image larger#keto Fallen off the wagon the last couple of days but tomorrow is a new day. I fell off because my wonderful nephew was born last night. 19" 5lbs 14oz and HEALTHY! It's a miracle since his mom did meth off & on while pregnant. She's clean now so praying she stays that way for him!See this image largerI'm an auntie again! Feb 5th my nephew Marious was born and yesterday my nephew Samuel (picture) was born! I'm such a lucky auntie! Also, less than a week until my gym opens. I have to be fit to keep up with these boys!See this image largerDon't mind the cheesy grin! Just finished my first gym workout in YEARS. Starting with cardio and will move to weights in the future. So excited #planetfitness opened today!! Can't wait to come back tomorrow.See this image largerGym day #2 πŸ˜€πŸ’ͺ🏻See this image largerGym day #3. It feels so good to be exercising again!See this image largerGym day #4. Had lots of fun today...a lady at the gym was following me because she didn't know how to do the circuit training! She told me I was doing great and to keep it up. So nice and encouraging!See this image largerDay #5 at the gym! Love having a gym membership. 😊 And today was my weigh in and another loss. Happy Friday sparkers! I hope your day has been as good as mine!See this image largerWent to the gym and worked off those mini corn dogs!See this image largerBeen going to the gym every weekday. I think I have a new obsession! I love the gym. 😊See this image largerToday I bought a 1X shirt for our family photos next weekend!! It's been a very long time since I last wore a 1X and felt comfortable in it. P.S. Don't mind the dirty mirror! Kids are always getting something on it lol.See this image largerMade garlic steak bites for lunches I can take to work this week. Trying to get back to my #Keto life and start feeling better!See this image largerMeal prepping for the week today. #keto breakfasts and lunches to take to work include egg muffins (see photo!) and homemade broccoli cheddar soup.See this image largerCooking an awesome #Keto breakfast to start my weekend right!See this image largerBacon and chive deviled eggs...amazing #keto snack! Recipe from ketoconnect.See this image largerGarlic butter chicken with cream cheese #keto recipe. It’s a keeper!!See this image largerFirst day at the gym in 2019! Goal is 5x/week plus weekend workouts with my kids at home. Also meal prepped almost a month worth of #KETO breakfast and dinner!See this image largerNov. 2011 Start Pic #1See this image largerDec. 30, 2011 Down 15lbs!See this image largerFeb. 17, 2012 Down 30lbs!(1 comments)See this image largerNov 2011 Start Pic #2See this image largerDec. 30, 2011 Down 15lbs!See this image largerFeb. 17, 2012 Down 30lbs!(2 comments)See this image largerBefore Pic Date unknownSee this image largerBefore Pic Date unknown

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