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See this image largerLittle did I know in five years after this picture, I would be married to this wonderful man. (1 comments)See this image largerWith my favorite dancer, Lotcus from D.C. Looking so huge next to a beauty like her, ugh!See this image largerOur wedding day. I had to have a extra panel put in the back of my dress to fit it right. (3 comments)See this image largerAll of usSee this image largerMajor Victory and me from the first season of "Who wants to be a Superhero?"See this image largerFat Momma from "Who wants to be a Superhero?" A wonderful warm woman I hope to meet again. See this image largerEric from "CHiPs". I was in his arms for about two mins while waiting for our pix to be taken. ;DSee this image largerA girlfriend and I with a Spartan man. Goddess, I love sci fi. See this image largerMe with another of my favorite bellydancers, Tempest. She is a tribal that gave a class in my area.See this image largerOur cat, Silver who is not impressed with my Weight Loss cookbook and lifestyle change. See this image largerThe household sweetheart, Puddin.See this image largerNovember 7, 2010 weight in See this image largerFinally in a tight size 14. Can't wait for them to be loose on me.See this image largerWearing a XL size dress and not looking pregnant. YEA!!!!!!!!See this image largerHow I looked from July 3 and then July 11 from the frontSee this image largerHow I looked from July 3 and then July 11 from the backSee this image largerHow I looked from July 3 and then July 11 from the sideSee this image largerWhat I am hoping for my first goal 175 poundsSee this image largerMy final goal of 150 so dreaming of it.See this image larger22 Days on hCG VLCDSee this image largerMy oldest daughter, 20 yrs and six month old grandson.See this image largerAmerica's Next SweetheartSee this image largerMy 17 yrs old daughterSee this image largerTaken Dragon Con 2011. I was so proud of myself of my weight loss and my roomies were cheering w/ me(1 comments)See this image largerTo Vamping up at night for Dragon Con 2011. Weight loss is sexy, ain't it?

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