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See this image largerPicture at the Movie Screening Down 13lbs(2 comments)See this image largerThis is what I will look like summer of 2012See this image largerMy First 5K~20lbs down(1 comments)See this image largerPost finish of my first half marathon. Still down 20lbs though it doesn't look it with the double layered clothes.See this image largerTwo minutes before conquering my fear of heights.See this image largerSee this image largerHaven't been on at all this week. My stay-cation with my hubby turned into prepping for Hurricane Irma. Say a prayer. #battendownthehatches #HurricaneIrmaislookingscarySee this image largerGot in 10k steps and fed a giraffe. What did you do today?See this image largerI overheard my hubby talking to his aunt saying how proud he is off the work I've been putting in. We bickered about the gym I wanted to join but now he gets it makes me happy. Started week 4 at the gym this morning. #consistency #gonnabesoretomorrowSee this image largerWhen your husband gets you need mental health boost and a workout. #waterismyhappyplaceSee this image larger5.56 miles on the bike in 25 minutes after my strength training tonightSee this image largerYes I fully admit pacing around the house for 20 minutes to get that last freaking circle to turn green.See this image largerYesterday's conference call at work. Learned some great things. Did you know that women can reduce the chance of dementia by 80% if they are fit by 50See this image largerWhen your husband celebrated One-derland by buying you new Fitbit bands for every pound and inch lost.See this image largerWeigh In Day.... Been sick with no working out for a month and down 7.2 lbs and 4.25 inches. Guess I needed to get sick to get the scale to move.See this image largerBeen a good day today!!!!See this image largerOverlook at Lake Mead August 2011See this image largerDinner Cruise Lake Mead August 2011 Down 10 lbsSee this image largerMay 2011 down 5 lbs and struggling.(1 comments)See this image largerMy husband and I(1 comments)

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