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See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerUnder 250 calories breakfast after a 45 minute power walkSee this image larger4th weekend sober, decided to treat myself and make a pizza approx 350 calories. #winningSee this image largerday 25 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 8/18/2018See this image largerDown 12 lbs in 1 month and just been stuck at 238 for the last week but been consistent with the gym and the circuit classes are awesome. I cant wait till i start seeing some of this fat melt off, as of now i see no difference but I feel it. Was a little embarrassed to post this but it's just more motivation for me.See this image largerday 30 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 8/23/2018See this image largerWent to the Doctor today for my monthly weigh in, its official down 12 pounds. Blood glucose went from 147 to 88. Been going to the gym 3-5 days a week with Tues and Thurs in bootcamp class. Have been consistent with my sobriety, meals and exercise. Starting to feel really good about myself, finally!See this image largerWent for a 2 mile hike through a S.Florida desert of burnt saw pal.ettos and pines earlier today lol. At Jonathan Dickinson state park, the heat was brutal. Note to self: next time rent a kayak or find a shaded trail.See this image larger2 hour boot camp class today, I love my trainer even though i want to sometimes punch him lol...See this image largerSlayed today even though i skipped the gym and just wanted to come home and take a nap, I gardened instead. Tomorrow is weigh in day!!!See this image larger220 calorie dinner. 1 cup of Trader Joes cauliflower rice with 3 OZ of jerk seasoned baked chicken tendersSee this image largerStarting date 7/27... can you see a difference in the dubSee this image largerday 60 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 9/18/2018See this image largerBeat my goal in the gym today with my new Nikes. Exceeded 3 miles in 10 minutes on the bike, held a proper plank for 3 minutes straight and 2 hours of boot camp. WhootSee this image largerMade up for my cheat day yesterday and still have a luttle wiggle room for a healthy snack.See this image largerA tiny bit of progressSee this image largerDidn't do too bad today for a non-gym day. Stayed under 1000 calories (all healthy)... Washed my comforter and as soon as i take it out of the basket she crawls into it as always with clothes/sheets fresh out of the dryer. My hairless companion 😂😂😂See this image largerI'm just not hungry... My calorie intake has been pretty low so far this week. My settings are 1000-1200 calories a day and I haven't been meeting it. I don't feel like I should force myself to eat if I'm not hungry. By the end of the night I might make it to 900 calories... Any thoughts/ opinions on this?See this image largerNot bad for a non-gym day. I was feeling a bit ambitious and finally put the second coat of paint on my living room walls. Procrastinators delight.See this image largerSober since 7/25 and down 26 lbs. Today was weigh in day. Feeling proud of myself.See this image largerIt's only 1 PM... This was just from mowing, blowing, watering plants and picking weeds. Now I'm a filthy mess, just cooling down before a shower then off to the next adventure for the day, whatever that may be I'll figure it out when i get there.See this image largerAfter 3 hours of gardening i decided to treat myself to a pedicure. Now it's time to get ready, my trainer at the gym invited me out to go to a spiritually inspired event tonight which should be interesting. Never underestimate a woman who mows her own lawn and her ability to clean up nice lol. Makeup time begins in 5 minutes. Hope everyone has an awesome evening!!!See this image largerLast night was very interesting. To say the least i won't be going out again for a while. I think i looked good though lolSee this image larger255 calorie dinner... Salmon, cauliflower rice and vegSee this image largerToday was weigh in day, down 28 lbs and still sober since 7/25. Seems the days i don't want to go to the gym always end up being the best workout days. Killed it today. If you dont feel disgusting after your workout you're not doing it right. Thanks for allnof your support on this journey thus far.See this image largerFor dinner i made somewhat stuffed peppers with ground turkey, quinoa and kale with a little bit of mozzarella. Was going to use riced cauliflower but had a change of heart.See this image largerI received the nicest compliment ever today at the gym, this lady that also joins in the classes whom is extremely physically fit said to me "everytime i come here i see you and you are always staying till the end and pushing hard, I don't know how you do it" then she proceeded to say I'm an animal which i took in the nicest way possible lol made me feel good... No pain no gain... now to wash this sweat off and call it a day. Love ya'll sparkersSee this image largerWas in beast mode today, everytime I go to the gym I get better.See this image largerFasting blood work tomorrow... 30 lbs down. Feeling goodSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThat moon though... Beautiful Sophia view on my way home from the gym...See this image largerWhen i started going to the gym in August and today... last post for the night. I hope you beautiful sparkers have an awesome evening! And as always thank you ALL for your motivation and support always 😘 #BeforeAndNowSee this image largerBeautiful day in SOFLA with my buddy peanut.See this image largerDoctor visit today, 2 month difference. Best visit yet down 33 lbs total since 7/25.See this image largerAs of late I'm down 39 pounds since 7/25 but I've been self persecuting about not going to the gym since I've been sick for the past 2 weeks and to boot these 2 weeks theres a stabbing pain in my scapula, like im walking around with a knife in my back but it's all getting better. Back to the gym soon, i forgive myself for the excuses I've made for the fried chicken and pizza 😂😂😂 love ya'llSee this image largerSo after losing 40 pounds and being the healthiest I've ever been probably in my entire life and after being told i could never get pregnant and emotionally coming to terms with that about 3 years ago; there is a bun in the oven.See this image largerSee this image largerI've completely fell off track with being pregnant after losing 40 lbs. I gained back everything I lost but after having my boy I was back down 20 lbs. I'm now 5 weeks postpartum and slowly starting my weight loss journey again this week. With a newborn this will be no easy feat but I will not be self defeated!

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