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See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerGoal: decrease this belly.See this image largerGoal: decrease this belly.See this image largerToday is D1/90 Challenge that was inspired by a fellow Sparker! I'm officially training for a 1/2 marathon!!! This is one of the scariest things I've ever attempted but I'm so excited because this is a huge challenge & I know I will be so proud when I accomplish each day! Pic:D1 sweat:)See this image largerToday I chose to make a healthier version of tuna salad (less mayo & less yolks +avocado & oil from tuna)--It is just as yummy:) In pic: tuna salad on baby lettuce, water in my pretty new carafe, grapes& strawberries.See this image largerSo, I just found out that my favorite Na'an is 190cal/half piece! So, cardio and sweat is a MUST tonight because this snack is going down:) In pic: veggie lentil soup (I made:), baby lettuce w/ poppyseed dressing & garlic na'an.See this image largerToday is D3/90: Gym happens tonight, I need to find my water bottle but I'm still excited to run:)See this image largerD3/90: 20min on tredmill, calves super tight, toes in pain and odd pain in left glute. Headed home to take off shoes and do some yoga streches, kung fu & dance cardio to round out this workout. Ran @+4 so that new! :) Pic: mini sweat:)See this image largerD4/90: feeling great this am! Got up, went to store, now to eat breakfast, do some homework and fix a friend's computer :) Goal: to squeeze a jog in before I take her comp back at 3p. In pic: Breakfast--mixed greens salad w/ mex cheese & homemade vinegrette, roasted chicken quarter w/ bbq, & (a wayyyy smaller portion than normal) bread w/o butter! :)See this image largerD4 Again: Yesterday I just didn't wanna workout so I counted calories extra hard and didn't workout. Today I'm on it! Wanted meat but didn't go to store to get any. I subbed it for a potato! In pic: 2whole eggs, 2 egg whites, 1 sautéed potato. Not pictured: Challah w/ cream cheese and cherry preserves.See this image largerHorray, I only spent $54 on groceries for this week! Yes healthy eating!!! Also, I resisted 2 buffets on the way home even though I was SOOOOOOO hungry! Instead I made a salad with the items from the store. In pic: homemade avocado cilantro dressing, cold shrimp and salad. *by far the best salad dressing I've ever made! Sorry pic doesn't look the greatest but it's contents are:) Oh & dessert: watermelon, yum!See this image largerI haven't posted in a while. But I'm back! :) Found out cholesterol is up there so bringing it down is a priority!!! In pic: pan toasted tortilla, mex cheese, home made avocado/s. cream/hummus spread, vegan crumbles with , & baby lettuce. This is sooo yummy!See this image largerFirst thing to eat today (not on purpose, just couldn't decide what I wanted). Still no workout in over 2 months but that will be null soon as my body is healing and soon I'll be back at it! In pic: Vegan crumbles, spinach, or. corn, jasmine rice, scallions, in a plum/ sauce. :)See this image largerI've been fluctuating from 286-290 for months now! :( so I joined the diet bet to break the monotony and use the $ as an extra push to get over this 4lbs hump!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerWorked out 2x yesterday, feeling great. Tad sore arms but nothing I won't handle. Breakfast is yum and healthy today. Hope all is great on your journey today!See this image largerSee this image largerToday I weighed in at 268.8, omg!!! Wow ! Down from 293 just a few months ago. I feel amazing and am EXACTLY 10lbs away from my goal weight!See this image larger540am workout still going! :) 2 hours and counting. #ripitofflikeabandaid #Lastweek
See this image largerI chose the Chipotle veggie salad with minimal cheese & beans instead of the chicken burrito with tons of cheese and sour cream! #progress #smallsteps

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