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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerHi All. Happy Thursday! I have 2 servings of veggies and 1 serving of fruit with breakfast. :) Happy eating folks!See this image largerLunch: Hami melon, thai-inspired rice noode bowl with char sui, bok choy, mushrooms, okra, onionsSee this image largerI accidentally poured peppermint extract into the French toast batter and decided to still make them with vanilla and nutmeg. They are yummy and refreshing but after 2 slices it's a bit much.See this image largerI made dinner at home again! Okra, bok choy, mushrooms, orange Asian shrimp. An orange and an Italian kiwi. It's SOoooOo yummy!See this image largerYummmmy smoothie for lunch and yummy veggies, fruit, and shrimp for dinner!See this image largerSee this image largerChinese spinach, Colby jack cheese and 2 eggs, tatertots and ketchup, cherries and an orange slice--Breakfast.See this image largerLunch, yummy!!!! Quick tuna sandwich, orange slices, cherries, Hami melon, organic banana, and peach yogurt. Sooo good. Sorry I had to bite it before I took the pic! See this image larger2 hour workout check and completed! Went to the gym straight after a social gathering early in the am (after a mini wink in the car:). I debated on going in and decided to do so. I'm sooooo happy that I did. I had fun, sweated some and feel amazing. This is me preworkout.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLunch to complete 5 today: tuna salad, 5 whole wheat Ritz, cherries, Hami melon! #eattherainbowSee this image largerYummy breakfast: Smoothie with cherries, manderin oranges, yogurt, and melon. And a sausage and cheese sandwich.See this image largerYummy lunch: tuna salad with 2 soft boiled eggs and romaine lettuce. An apple and half of an orange.See this image largerYummy dinner: porchini mushroom pasta with homemade veggie and cheese pasta sauce, 2 pieces of bread and butter. Yum! :)See this image largerApparently I burned over 3000 calories today through work and hitting. The gym for a quick but tough 1 mile on the elliptical--JUST under 15 minutes it took me!!! #Improvement! :) This was me before I did the elliptical. Braving it out at the gym with my cellulite and running short shorts! :)See this image largerSo far super early in the am: pasta with homenhomveggie Alfredo sauce and bacon.See this image largerYummy breakfast: eggs bacon, apple slices, pancake bites. #eattherainbowSee this image largerYummy lunch: Tuna salad, 4 whole wheat crackers, and 2 Colby jack cheese sticksSee this image largerYummy 2nd lunch: sausage sandwich with lettuce, tator tots, and 1/3 of an apple.See this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerYummy breakfast: sausage with lettuce sandwich and smoothie made with kiwi, carrots, and mango! :)See this image largerYummy breakfast: seafood goyza.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGluten free chocolate chip pancakes, 1 sausage, and oj for bfast. Happy day y'all, stay hydrated!See this image largerYummy lunch/dinner: noodles, broc, corn, and shrimp. :)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerDinner: all of this yumminess! :). Less than 700 calories and I'm still 400 Cal under daily limit! :). It may look yucky but it was delicious. Hi all!!!I've missed you! :)See this image largerDinner: Parmesan crusted portabella mushroom cap, butter bean & mushroom gravy over jasmine rice:) Giving #meatlessmonday a go:)See this image largerHi Sparkers!!! Im back at it. Up 9.2lbs since I was last tracking. :( Back to tracking, back to gyming. Weight is sure to drop off again. :)See this image largerHey all! 90 min on stationary bike w/o my phone! I watched the shows playing at the gym! :). Yay!See this image largerHere's my pre-workout snack:) I get to complete Week1,Day1 of C25k tonight! Woooohooooo! :)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLast night I went to the gym before going out. Stay out til 3a, went straight home and got dressed for the gym. Went to the gym and busted out 36 mins of intervals on the elliptical. I feel great! Now I'm off to find a beach and enjoy the sunrise! Happy Moonday yall!See this image largerFinally about to go to sleep! Watched the sunrise @the beach, did 2nd workout there (unplanned:), and journaled some:) Today is off to an epically beautiful start! Before beach: 36m intervals on elliptical @Beach: 50!!! Pushups!, 45ish tricep dips (went to burnout on both), sunrise stretch/holds/teeny mini martial arts drill.See this image largerI 💓 this 32oz baby right here! It reminds me to stay on track with drinking water:)See this image largerI am SOoooO proud of myself! I so didn't want to work out last night and thought of all my usual excuses. But I reminded myself that it's not how I feel that gets results, it's what I do & NO ONE gets in the way of my progress, not even me! When I came in I agreed to 30min on elliptical or 45 on bike. At 5min I wanted to quit but I didn't! 1 hour and 20 minutes later on the elliptical I'm just now leaving! #Iregretthatworkout--SAID NO ONE! :)See this image largerYummy dinner: homemade Mexican casserole! This is my first attempt and it's soooo delicious! :)See this image largerWoke up in the middle of the night (3a ish) so I decided to get the first workout of the day in! 84 minutes and 50 incline pushups later here I am! :)See this image largerLunch:. Sorry for the bites but it was sooo yummy couldnt help myself before I took the pic.See this image largerMade my first chocolate vegan cake! :)See this image largerIntended to do 30then 60min on bike, did 86 min! :). Going out for Thai food tonight so might get to squeeze in another elliptical play session before I call it a full night! Wooooooooo! #Feelsgoodtofeelgreat!See this image largerMy glutes and sides of my back are sore from squats, dancing, and core work. Only 34 min on the elliptical tonight. Crunches/ab work and pushups before bed. It's uber chilly and rainnnnyyyyyy so I'm glad that I pushed through to hit the gym period! #shoutouttomybrotherfortellingmetojustgo!!
! :)
See this image largerSee this image largerTired. Pushed it. Feel great! Switched up the gym routine! :)See this image largerPost workout meal. Night folks!See this image largerOne of the yummiest and quick meals that I've ever put together! :) Oh and cost effective too @$9ish to make. Shrimp, mixed veggies, she'll pasta, basil Alfredo! :)See this image largerYummy homemade dinner! I resisted the temptation to go out for food before shopping!!! I made Thai-inspired lamb larb noodles with lots of veggies & my signature diy Thai sauce!See this image largerMmmmmm lunch! Amy's Cream of Mushroom soup, cheese crackers and my handy, dandy 'Born to Sparkle' cup! :)See this image largerBeen craving donuts so I made a healthier alt: homemade apple & blueberry preserves atop a peanut crusted crossiant (sp error?)See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSomeoneeelse posted this here but I loved it so much I had to repost!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerYay for being back in the gym. 40min on the elliptical is done yes!See this image largerPost workout meal. Posting to keep me honest and accountable.See this image largerYummy lunch: first attempt at my version of flounder chowder and it is absolutely unbelievable!!!! Now off to go surprise my mom with lunch!See this image largerTotally switched up the workout today! Hit it harder than I have in as long as I can remember...and that makes me happy!!! :)See this image largerYummy lunch: veal Parm sandwich, 1oz stacys cinnamon pita chips, 1.5 oz grapes, salade w/poppyseed dressing, bacon bits, pinch of parmesan cheese and 6 macadamia nuts! Oh and water too:)See this image largerYummy dinner: beef ribs with homemade bbq sauce (spicy and sweet--my best this far:), green beans w/o anything added, Amy's Mac & cheese. Oh and water too:) #therewillbefruitlater #Thismakesme
See this image largerYummy bfast: yesterdays left overs + sweet potatoes:)See this image largerYummy lunch: Garlic Naan, lightly spiced shrimp, Indian spicy veggies on a bed of spinach #ThismakesmehappySee this image largerUp all right with my family spending time and enjoying life. Came to gym super early straight after. :) 50ish min on elliptical, strength training some (working on those pull ups!), 50 more incline push-ups done! Finished in time to go watch the sunrise! Have a beautiful and productive day y'all! :)See this image largerSomething new and renewed.See this image larger30min bike, 50more incline push-ups in the books, + kicks, squats, mini an blasting and mini dancing! :) --Pushups all the way down are getting easier! I can feel it in my back! :)See this image largerYummy lunch (which is breakfast to me right now:) :. Left over lamb, big salad w/ chicken, spinkle of cheese and ancho chile ranch dressing, homemade soup, & my famous 'Happy' cup! :)See this image largerYummy dinner: Miracle noodle (konjac shirstaki) pad Thai w/tofu, 2 eggs, mini chicken/veggie wontons, and rice vinegar with amino acids:). Soooo yummy! Oh, and my famous cup o' waterSee this image larger41min on the elliptical & 25 incline push-ups in the book. Not bad for an am workout with only 45min of sleep:)See this image largerYayyyy for this workout! September 2018 was the first month in longer than I can remember wherein I made a conscious effort to be consistent with my goals. Slip ups be damned, I did fantastic and I am proud! Thanks to all that post, leave comments, and encouragement! Tonight I rounded out September with 4 pull up attempts (move 1.5'' about), up from 3! :); Other random cardio; and 60 min on the bike. First time I hit 10mikes in over a year, I think.:)See this image larger10+ miles on the bike, in 63mins. It's 3am. And I'm not sleepy. Still a tad sore from hitting it the last two days but I'm doing the happy dance as I'm rocking October already:)See this image largerYummy brunch: my homemade tomato kale soup, salad with poppyseed and blueberries, apple, chicken thigh, and banana.:) This is my post workout meal from early this am!See this image largerYummy breakfast: Breathing, fried plantains (first time making the m and they are delish w/cinn & sug), salad w/ poppyseed dressing & blueberries! +my famous cup o' water :)See this image largerI have been giving people the business about pumpkin spiced/flavored things for too long--I'm officially a fan! Yummy snack: Pumpkin spiced bagel with pumpkin spiced cream cheese. *Picture only shows half of the snack, I consumed the other as I took the pic;) #keepingithonestSee this image largerYummy late night dinner: Brats, salad w/ blueberries, poppyseed dressing and bacon. +My famous cup o' water :) #keepingithonestSee this image largerYummy full Brunch: Indian Curry spiced boneless, skinless chicken thighs, mushrooms and peas with cornbread. OMG, so yum! #teamnoricerightnow #keepingithonest
See this image largerYummy dinner: Hey all! I found an adult grape juice that I really like! (Cherry Moscato:) Cod spiced with my special sauce, green beans, cherry Moscato wine, and my now famous cup o' water! :)See this image largerYummy snack. & Only 120 call for 6 of these little suckers.See this image largerYummy brunch: Best omelette I've ever made! :) Mushroom, cheese, bacon bits over brown rice and salsa. With my famous cup o' water. Happy Sparking folks!See this image largerYummy dinner: Italian inspired baked chicken, brown rice, roasted potatoes with mushrooms and onions, green beans and my famous big ol cup o' h2o;) What's on everybody else's dinner plate tonight?See this image largerYummy breakfast: Apple cider Moscato, homemade buttermilk pancakes and water. So yum!See this image largerYummy breakfast: Homemade buttermilk pancakes with pumpkin spiced cream cheese & maple syrup. And my water:).See this image largerYummy dinner: Clam linguine Alfredo with green beans, and my cup o'h2o.:) Yum!!!See this image largerYummy brunch: 'Italy meets Japan' Asian marinated roast, cabbage with orzo. :)See this image largerYummy brunch: homemade loaded mashed potatoes, kielbasa, salad with poppyseed dressing. Yum! & My famous cup o' water. :)See this image largerYummy dinner: homemade honey buttermilk cornbread and greens. Yum!See this image largerYummy dinner (#Startingtolookalotlikethanksgiving) : baked chicken, dressing, sweet pits, potatoes and cheese, greens, and cornbread. Needless to say my am workout will be mighty and we'll earned!See this image largerFirst attempt at tuna casserole--SSOOOOO yummy!See this image largerYummy breakfast & productive day already! :) : Homemade ramen soup with chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and scallions. Fruit bowl: banana, peach, blueberries. Water (my famous cup is in the wash:( ) I woke up super early, went grocery shopping, took a chilly healthful walk, put away groceries, planned lunch and prepped dinner too. Now sitting down to enjoy breakfast before I leave for work. #MotivationMonday y'all! :). We can do this. #Alleffortstowardsbuildingthenew #Ju
See this image largerYummy dinner: more soup:). Homemade curry ramen with chicken, spinach, mushrooms, scallions, and cilantro:). Yum!See this image largerYummy dinner: homemade Chinese ground meat, cabbage, scallion, udon noodle soup:) w/ My famous cup o' water;)See this image largerYummy dinner w/ amazing convo to boot! : I made leg o' lamb, roasted cauliflower and zucchini. Also I made peach cobbler and devoured half the pan! It was sooo good and I regret nothing. :). There's peaches, it can't be that bad, right. Lol. Anywho pic included and away to the workout I'll go in the am.See this image largerSee this image largerThis is a test of my will power! Ahhhh. Nah it's not that bad but like seriously!?! Her just had to be here delivering fresh baked donuts as I stopped for gas tonight!See this image largerPlant focused dinner: green beans (only one more left over serving left:), cornbread (same here!), Spinach, and 2 breaded chicken wings with my cup o' h2o. :) I've been doing small meals all day. It was awesome:) How is your evening/day today?See this image largerYummy lunch: homemade Thai inspired rice, shrimp, spinach, onionsand the last of the green bean leftovers:)See this image largerOff to a great start today: up@630a, bfast of celery, bean curd, thin meat shreds, quinoa and brown rice, spinach, Indian daal and black beans. Yum!See this image largerI felt so blah recently but when I cook I typically feel better. Yummy lunch: My version of pad Thai with short ribs and many veggies! :)See this image largerYummy lunch: yaksobi noodles, baby book choy, shrimp, carrots, onions. Yum!See this image largerYummy lunch: Jasmine brown rice, Indian spiced beans & lentils, spinach, scallion pancake w/vegan butter. (Only a snippet of the pancake bread is pictured:)See this image largerYummy dinner: More yakisoba noodles with spicy Thai pepper chili, Chinese eggplant, carrots, zucchini, baby bok choy, onions, cilantro, scallions, and shrimp. Spicier than normal with the new chili powder but yum-worthy still:)See this image largerToday I struggled to figure out what I wanted to eat to break the night fast (breakfast:). So I decided to mix it up and made wheat linguine and even whipped up a yummy veggie sauce (Yay blender!!!). It's so d@#- delicious! :) Veggie sauce ingredients: cherry tomatoes, avocado, 4 mini sweet peppers, Greek yogurt, cilantro, garlic, water, olive oil. Blend it well, add desired spices, pour over cooked pasta, heat to reduce water. Plate. Enjoy.See this image largerFinally got my pizza--I MADE IT!!! 1st time I made the crust, so yummy!See this image largerYummy bfast: yakisoba noodles with baby bok, broccoli, onions, green onions, Thai pepper. And seafood gyoza rice cakes:)See this image largerYummy dinner: I put avocado in my tuna salad! :). Soooo good! Some tonight, some tomorrow--YUM!See this image largerFinally sitting down to break the fast:) Quick Pad Thai with shallots, mushrooms, shrimp, baby bok, an orange, and my favorite cup in the world! :) How is everyone's day so far?See this image largerYummy lunch: salad with baked chicken and homemade poppyseed dressing, blueberry yogurt. Yum!See this image largerDinner time at my house: homemade tortilla, mayo, deli turkey, lettuce salad with ancho chile ranch dressing. #Imadetortillas! Full disclosure: there was another (1/2 size) tortilla eaten before the pic was taken:)See this image largerGuess who re-realized that they like artichokes? Me! :) Yummy lunch: homemade spinach, shrimp, artichokes, with Indian spiced chickpeas and potatoes, atop quinoa and brown rice. Yum!See this image largerNew yummy breakfast: brown jasmine rice with avocado, corn, Indian spiced potatoes and chickpeas, broccoli, and chia seeds. It's really good! :)I've an orange too and as always, my cup o' water! How is your am start today going? (I also made a new-to-me grain that I'll try later this week: bulgar!)See this image largerSwitching it up. I'll probably only eat some of the peaches and drink the water but the larabar is on deck in case i want it:)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerYummy lunch: Haven't posted one in a while so here it is:) Cesar salad with cucumbers and tiny bites of chicken, balsamic lamb, kale/turnip greens with cabbage, turnips, and red peppers. A body-kind green juice and my water cup! I'm sooo not finishing all this:)See this image largerA shirt that I wasn't sure was going to fit. But it does!:)See this image largerSalad for bfast. And a meme. #motivationmonday Happy Sparking!See this image largerLast night had dinner out: sesame chicken Malaysian style and fried calamari. So good & only ate half! Guess what's for breakfast? :)See this image largerI saw a meme that said rhinos are out of shape unicorns. I then knew that somewhere, there is indeed someone that gets me:)See this image largerOne on the right is before I added the kale salad but does show the veggie sushi I had an hour after lunch. I took two tiny bits of the buffalo chicken but it tasted like chemicals--yuck! Yes that''s a mozzarella stick and Mac and cheese, haluska (cabbage and noodles kale salad with 2 pepperoni. It was delicious. I didn''t realize how much I missed pasta and cheese! Nice one off meal with small portions and I couldn''t be happier! :)See this image largerI bought healthy snacks! :) This is bfast pt. 1. There needs to be protein but I'm on the road right now so that will have to wait.See this image largerFirst time back in the gym in months! Just under 2 hours; broke a good sweat, tried new things, now able to pull up higher than before and pushed to lift higher on the Superman. Happy Sparking y'all! On a sad note, I broke my cup:(. Go go gadget super glue! :) During the 1 mile cool down on elliptical I watched the finish of the featherweight fight:)See this image largerThe cup was too far gone. The glue couldn't save. It. RIP to My faithful water companion. Thanks for all the water you held. Thanks for the inspiring message you showed. Thanks for being pink and sparkling. Rest well in recycling heaven. :) The last picture I took of it.See this image largerMy substitute water cup. :)See this image largerOmg! Just made the most yummy simplistic french fries! Cornstarched the patted dried cut potatoes, dropped in heated peanut oil. 7 minutes later. Omg! Yum!!!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter Sometimes I feel yucky, like I have not lost anything, then I see this pic!See this image largerMung bean noodle, egg drop soup with broccoli. I made it. I ate. I feel accomplished. :)See this image largerSee this image largerDinner + more of the tortilla topping separate:) Yum! Corn tortillas w/ mushrooms, spinach, green & white onions in a homemade cheese sauce, romaine and a smidgen of salsa as a topper. Ole'! :)See this image largerHi All! Rando breakfast: 2 left over wing drumsticks, sweet potato fries, brown rice & quinoa, large romaine salad w/dressing:)See this image largerBrunch: cabbage, carrots, quinoa, shallot, tiny ulta-thin loin. Cooked in veggie broth, lamb fat, and curry pasteSee this image largerI made juice! And noodle soup for bfast! :) Juice: celery, mango, cucumber, orange, apple, blueberries, tai Choy, & 1/2 a lime:). So yum! Soup: tai choy, lime, onion, green onions, rice noodles, oyster& fish sauce, coconut amino acids.See this image largerBfast: sushi rice bowl of pickled carrots& daikon, kimchi, sushi rice, and turkey sausage. It's spicy; it's sweet, it's less than 300 calories, and it's amazing! :)See this image largerBfast: sushi rice, lots of spiced cabbage, a little bit of loin, and an egg. So yummy! Happy Thursday!See this image largerClean eating can do wonders for the skin--its beautiful!See this image largerHi All! After a review yesterday, Im back at it hard today! I made juice & used the pulp to make 3 delicious things: turkey sausage meatloaf, juice pulp donuts (w/flax, chia, and oatmeal), & juice pulp brownies!!! :) The meatloaf is the absolute best that I've ever had in my entire life, the donuts are yummy & the brownies are still baking--stay tuned for an update. Bfast: romaine w/ honey poppyseed dressing, brown rice & turkey/veggie meatloaf & 1 bite of the donut. Cheers!See this image largerIts official. I hereby start this challenge and seek to meet my goal. Here is the proof and plan that Ill be following. Now that my eating habits are under control, here is my workout plan of action. Happy sparking. I'm off the the gym!See this image largerBfast pre-gym: chicken thigh, turkey/veggie meatloaf atop brown rice, romaine w/honey poppyseed dressing and a pinch of cilantro and shredded parm. Power juice and water. I will definitely have left over for post gym:)See this image largerDinner: steak bites atop corn, cilantro, and brown rice.See this image largerHi All! Brunch: marinated beef and cabbage with cilantro, shallots, and scallions. Plus the rest of my juice cup and water. I made it from scratch and off the top of my head! I may never eat takeaway again:)See this image largerDinner from last night: shrimp, broc, onions.See this image largerSooo this just happened, I put my hands on my waist and they went in a groove...are those obliques I feel? Why yes, yes they are:) And I have come to terms with having loose hanging belly skin. It feels weird now and I know that even with toning it may not ever go away. Oh well. I am loving my stretch mark though-- Tigerstripes!See this image largerSo I can track my progressSee this image largerBrunch: Romaine, carrots, cabbage salad w/ shredded parm and turkey bacon. Honey poppyseed dressing to top it off.See this image largerDay 2 of 'The 32's' is in the history books:). Instead of 8 activities, I squeezed in 9! :). Im tired but not exhausted; Hungry but not starved. Time for a shower and dinner. I am looking forward to both:) I rounded out with the bike. Heres my progress.See this image largerYesterdays dinner, keeping it honest. It was delicious. I had 2 meals yesterday, this was budgeted for with a low cal brunch. I only at the cheese off the slice and peeled the breading off the frog leg.See this image largerGot up, switched laundry, washed some dishes, started the dishwasher. Now sitting down to Bfast: romaine salad mix w/ shredded parm, turkey bacon, and sunflower seeds. Prepping to switch over dishes and linen to spring pieces, hence all the extra work-- worth it:) My back is achy! Yay for a great workout yesterday! :). Happy Sparking!See this image largerYesterday invest time w/ my grandparents and aunts. It was fun, cathartic, and overall awesome! Went out for dinner and had more veggies than I knew what to do with:) In addition to the pic, there were some corn tortilla chips and spinach and artichoke dip. Only drank water. No dessert. Not even a scrumptious sounding root beer float! :) No lunch yesterday. Pic is meal in progress.See this image largerBfast: beef stewSee this image largerNo dinner last night. Bfast: 4 turkey bacon strips, salmon, mixed veggies and cheese. I miss my salad. Gotta go to the store for more:) Happy Tuesday all!See this image largerBfast brownie: g free flour, sugar, butter, honey, egg, peanut butter, vanilla, almond milk. Satisfying. I ate less than half.:)See this image largerThis was my am. Grocery shopping and making 1st time foods: no bean chili, gluten free pizza, lobster tails. Omg, its all yum!See this image largerI have officially found my new love: Glass (Mung bean) Noddles with fried garlic, dash of amino acids, mushroom salt flakes and shrimp. Garlic makes it taste like eggs are in it. Omg, my love. Oh, and I found a bike for $5@ a garage sale this weekend. Guess who has a new diy project! :)See this image largerBfast: all the cherries and green tea with honey:). Maybe a spoon of peanut butter too, that sounds yummy! :)See this image largerParts of my container garden:). Things have spouted & I am delighted!See this image largerChicken soup with carrots, spinach, and bacon. Creamy, salty, delicious. I made it and love it. I happily ate it 3x yesterday:)See this image largerBfast: Apple cinn o's, some peanuts (spanish red & a few butter toffee) & water. Blueberries later. Happy sparkling Monday yall! :)See this image largerNSV: I tried on a size 16 pair jeans (for the hell of it) and not ONLY do they fit, bit they are nearly half an inch too big!!! I cried in the dressing room and gave myself an 'Im so proud of you' love talk in the mirror. I now understand the importance of non scale victories! Thank you spark people & spark friends. (Tried on two pair to make sure it wasn't a fluke! :) I originally set a goal for size 14, I'm officially adjusting it to 12:)See this image largerAnother show of the NSV. Size 16 shorts. Gap city! :)See this image largerFirst work out @ the gym of the month (shaking my fist at the congestion:)See this image largerPic to keep me honest:). Ate 2 spoonfuls of soup, ate less than half the plate. No dessert, nothing additional. Mostly ate shrimp, chicken, broc, onions, and green beans with a few bites of rice, peppers, and beef.See this image largerLeft: lunch. Right: Dinner. I ate a few bite of dinner, taste test you know:)See this image largerJuly 1st:) 40min elip & 4 mini pullupsSee this image largerGoal: Drop 100+lbs in 14 months. :) (107.4 to be exact) Here's to putting sincere effort towards my shredding goal! Aug 2019, Month 1.See this image largerAug 2019: Month 1/14See this image largerRode my fastest mile on the bike, coming in just under 5 minutes on level 6 :). I sat in the parking lot for a while but instead of giving in to the varied excuses, I agreed to ride for just 2 minutes. That morphed into 23! :). Less than my typical ride but i pushed myself to ride harder and faster. I'm happy about it.See this image largerToday worked out with a biddy & talked the whole time:). Time flew!!! This elliptical time + 22 minutes on weight machines.See this image largerBfast: balsamic vinegar lamb, mixed rice, broc, roasted corn, water! :)See this image largerMid day workout!!! This is super duper rare & it feels really good. Im about to cry. Im so proud of myself for doing this today! :)See this image largerPost workout grub/lunch:) Cabbage, kale, carrot salad w/ fresh made red onion poppyseed dressing, dry salami, 2 eggs. :). Green tea, water. And fresh made potato soup:) Yummm!!!See this image largerLunch: big a$% salad with sunflower seeds, salami, & homemade poppyseed dressing. Fresh made spinach, potato soup. Water. Vitamins. Yum! :)See this image largerDinner: sausage, pureed roasted cilantro potatoes, sauteed spinach. Water. Its sooo yummy!See this image largerBfast: sausage, spinach, roasted potatoes. Green tea w/ lemon juice, spoon of honey. Water. :) Yum! Yay for left overs! Woke up feeling good, exfoliated my face, on track w/ my new am routine! :). Yay me! How's your day going so far?See this image largerBfast: homemade gf protein chocolate chip pancakes. Thin ham slices. Water. Yum! (Not a pretty pic today. Sorry!)See this image largerLunch yesterday: Asian inspired chicken soup w/ spinach and rice noodles.See this image largerBfast: green smoothie, small salad, grapes, banana, water. #backtoschool #healthful #yumyumSee this image largerBfast: Salad, red grapes, cucumber smoothie. Water.See this image largerTaking a nice walk on campus grounds. :). Ive spent so much effort planning that everything is going so amazingly smashing today!!!, Im trying to relax and enjoy it fully. :). I made this happen. Got to class super early, so I decided to walk around some. Saw a bench and took the long pretty walk to get to it. Stopped for this pic and to identify the bird sound I heard...its a bluejay! (I think. Its blue! :) Happy Monday all! #backtoschool #squeezeinyourworkouts
See this image largerAnother 30 min mid day workout complete & in the books. This time weight machine & abs with focus on stretching. I feel like in ready to take it to the free weights to work those small lil' stabilizing muscles! Woooooo!!! Man, I feel like a woman! :) I do feel really good! How are ya'll doing today?See this image largerPost work out mini lunch: Carnitas, roasted asparagus & carrots, mushroom/zucchini parm sauce. Applesauce in one of my cool new reusable pouches! Water. (pictured) Pre workout mini lunch: veggie loaded turkey meal loaf, boiled cauliflower, 2.5 baby roasted pots with mushroom/zucchini sauce atop. ( no parm). (Not pictured).See this image largerSecond gym trip complete. Up earlier today than in a very long time, go go go all day. Im so glad I got in this massage chair! Prep for tomorrow & its off to bed. Cheers to a great day, everyone and cheers to an amazing one again tomorrow!!! First the elliptical, then the bike! I did 1 extra minute on the bike tonight! :) #justoneminuteSee this image largerBfast (pre-workout)-- peach & spinach smoothie. Banana. Water. Happy positively fiery Tuesday yall!!! :)See this image largerSee this image largerScheduled 30 min, did 38 on the bike. Im happy! :) Yay for progress! When you wake up early, stay up and workout! :) #justoneminuteSee this image largerPost workout Bfast: I FINALLY MADE IT TO SATURDAY AM DIM SUM!!! :) IM SO FREAKING OVER THE MOON THRILLED!!!See this image largerLunchSee this image largerLunchSee this image largerPost girls night bfast: bbq wings, gatorade, water & vits. Greasy, yummy, good. Lmao. #keepingithonestSee this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLunch: Homemade meatballs, 2 bites of salad (I didnt like the raspberry vinegrette:( ), apple sauce. Water. Snacked on honey roasted cashews & peanuts before I got home for lunch. Win-- didnt buy junk @ campus!!! :) Worked out for 6min on the elliptical before coming home for lunch. Although I didn't really want to:). Promised myself #justoneminute then proceeded to 2. Promised 5 and pushed out for just one (more) minute! :). Whoop whoop! :)See this image largerHi All! Happy Wed! :) Bfast: homemade greenbean, celery, chicken soup and applesauce. Yum! On campus 2h ahead of class!, so thats on track. Talked so I didnt work the whole time. Heading into class. Have a heallthy and happy day all! Oh and I tried the 5 minute face from what not to wear! :)See this image largerLast night: recumbent bike 40:31 min. Slowish ride on level one. Knee started popping towards the end. Did 10.5 extra minutes. :) Nose is still runny. Head a little stuffy. :( Happy Friday to all!See this image larger@1crazydog posted this pic and I cracked up so hard because I said aloud that My own chaos of challenge busting and racing the clock is my motivation! :)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLunch: mixed greens salad with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, bacon bits, cheese, and garlic vinagrette. Yum! I should have packed more!See this image largerSnack while working on Homework. :) Cuban sans bread, chips, water. These pickles are spicy but good. Way to go Panera! :)See this image largerDinner: cabbage, mushrooms, bacon, fresh mint & fresh basil. Yum! :)See this image largerOut door am workout. :)See this image largerHey All! Happy Moonday! Arrived to campus 30 minutes ahead of my already super early set time!!! :). All set to take my 1st Spanish exam! Here 20 minutes before the testing center opens! Its definitely getting easier to walk the campus! :) Have a beautiful day All! #justoneminuteSee this image largerLunch: Salad with roasted chicken breast and tomatoes, sunflower seeds, pinch o cheese, garlic vinagrette. 2nd part of lunch: Thai rice noodles with a homemade egg sauce. Yum! And these Thai noodles have an al dente bite like wheat!!! Omg, yes!!!See this image largerDinner: Brown rice, fresh snap peas, and Indonesian chicken. Water. Yum! This was lunch too! :) Bfast was original chips and lots of kettle popcorn. Water. And a few bits of the roast that I made yesterday.See this image larger.5 a mile on elliptical before class. Not my personal best but it will do for now. :)See this image largerSee this image largerLast nightSee this image largerYay for healthy food bowl option @ campus! Brown rice, lentils, chicken, LOTS OF VEGGIES:), avocado Cesear dressing.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBfast: 2 mandarins Lunch: chicken burgers, corn, Mediterranean quinoa. Water in my fancy glass:)See this image largerBfast: Keeping it light today as I ate steak last night and very few green beans (they were done soooo late! Like midnight!). So today it's my fav of homemade 'instant' oatmeal with cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Pulsed until smooth. Sooo yummy! & Water. :) Happy MoooondayyyySee this image largerDinner last night: steak + 2 green beans. Would have had more g.b.s but a) they were done super late and b) I was stuffed because it was a thin but large steak. I'm not much for steak but it was a good replacement for sausage!See this image largerNon recumbent bike + dumbbell workout=15ish minutes for am workout. 13 more 'double decker' style workouts to go for this challenge. Ohhhhh, personal best: I rode the bike in intervals switching from level 10 & 15! Yayy! 1st time to 15! It was tough but I am tougher! Although, my glutes were achy as I meandered the campus and I sat on my hand during class (for extra support) Lol. :)See this image largerYesterday am Bike 7:17min. Hills. Level 10-6 +Dumbbell workout. +90lbs pulldowns (4 sets, 8 reps)See this image largerSee this image largerWent straight from the road to the gym. Pics are of biking: 1st@lvl15; 2nd@lvl5. Still made it campus more than 25 min my class starts and had to park further than norm, power walked to class. Hammies have had it:) Hope your day is going great!See this image largerMidterm tomorrow!!!:) Wow, this semester is flying by! Dinner pt. 1: mixed food from grocery salad bar, baked cheese with garlic, banana, and a Cara Cara orange. Water in my fancy glass. Off to study! I'll check in later with pm workout!See this image largerLunch: mom sent me cooked greens (I sent them to her raw:) with a turkey tail & corn on the cob. I made lamb shoulder W/BBQ sauce. It was one darn delicious lunch! :)See this image largerAm workout complete!:) Bike pushed lv10 fastest mile so far. Tried at lvl15, woooooooooo, that hurt!:) Then arms W/dumbbells, and stretching. My foot flexion is incrementalally better! Now on to campus for midterm &snack! Boy am I hungry and amps!!! Sure not tired anymore!:) Also took progress pics to update later. Ciao for now!:)See this image largerBfast: P.nut butter cereal. Banana Lunch: Romaine salad W/ sunflower seeds and poppyseed dressing. Ribs W/BBQ sauce and homemade sweet potato fries. Yum!See this image largerBfast: romaine lettuce salad with sunflower seeds and poppyseed dressing. Gf spaghetti, light tasting olive oil, sausage, parm cheese, 2 eggs, and cilantro. Yum!See this image largerDinner: romaine & cabbage salad, orange tomatoes, blueberries, poppyseed dressing, sunflower seeds. On way home I ate 2.5oz of uncured pastrami. #Yum! On to hw!:)See this image largerBfast: shrimp & pollack burgers, cabbage, carrots, belly bella mushrooms, organic corn, and cilantro. #Yum! :) Happy Saturday y'all!!!See this image largerDinner same as lunch:)See this image largerSee this image largerLunch: huge salad of romaine, cabbage, carrots, corn, chicken breast, pastrami, sunflower seeds, poppyseed dressing. :)See this image largerHi All! Bfast today: lamb shoulder, roasted pots, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. BBQ sauce. 4oz of mixed fruit juice. #Yum!See this image largerSecond time making vanilla almond milk nespresso! Topped with light whipped cream and chocolate sauce!:)See this image largerDinner pt. 1: lamb breast/ribs W/BBQ sauce. #yum! Water. Greens are cooking so there will be mustard greens later. :)See this image largerBfast & Lunch: Lamb breast & mustard greens. #YumSee this image largerBfast: pictured. Lunch/early dinner: --Panda express teriyaki chicken (dry--yuck), 'fried' rice (wet--yuck), tiny chicken mushroom zucchini container. Baskin Robbins triple cup. 4h of walking while fall shopping. Worked up a good sweat and found 15 new pieces!:).See this image largerBfast: Carmel swirl gelato & honey spiced bacon. Lunch: baked chicken, curried cabbage as Nd butter bean soup. #yumSee this image largerRacing the clock to get to campus, but made it to gym!!!:). #Success Bfast: chocolate almond milk, butter bean/mushroom/cabbage soup, baked chicken.See this image largerLunch: Need & soup. Dinner: mung bean noodles & cabbage & beefSee this image largerDinner:gf pasta, asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, in a homemade almond milk Alfredo sauce. Soooo gooooddd:)See this image largerDinner last night: Asian rice noodles, pad Thai sauce, beef, onions, mushrooms, and cabbage. It was spicy a bit but yum. Definitely good comfort food since I'm not feeling the best. #downwithcolds!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerBfast: sea baa, cod, rice, pintos W/ orange peppers and grated parm.#backonthewagonSee this image largerI ate1/2 of dinner last night. Pic doesn't do justice to the meat! Romaine, beef, rice, cilantro/lime dressing. So super yum!See this image largerSee this image largerIn 22 days, I'll be!:). This is my diy 'all this wedding' crafting table & one of the holders I made last night, brought in the new year with crafts!!!:)See this image largerSee this image largerHi All! Happy Friday! Yesterdays dinner was pan cooked Asian chicken, kale, mushrooms, rice noodles, and pad thai sauce. I made it, it was delicious. Got the some of the invites for the wedding sent and wrote out this year's priorities. 20 more days of being single. :)See this image largerGot the ring yesterday so it's pretty official!:) #17moredays!See this image largerSee this image largerSnow yesterday! Tomorrow is the big day! I'm excited and looking forward to hitting the gym again hard post honeymoon. :)See this image largerIt's official!!! The wedding was beautiful!!!See this image largerFirst day of honeymoon! Woooo!:) Tonight I resisted getting fast food when he did, waited and am making fish and rice. So excited! (It's always delicious!) Relaxing day, did some errands with him, took a nap, and saw a great movie with epic seats. Life is amazing!:)

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