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See this image largerStay focused my friends it's the weekend.See this image largerOver 1 hr work out including 3 mile power walk. Kept on track with diet. Then out for sushi with famliy and friends.See this image largerThis vacation picture was the deciding factor change life style make better choices.See this image largerEven my entertainment is healthy. Singing carrot at the Reading Fightins.See this image largerGoat races yes.See this image largerThis vacation pic was what got me thinking . Lost 21 lbs since then up to running 2 miles.See this image largerLazy sunday in Lancaster county.See this image largerStill managed to eat smart and not drink soda even at Dover Nascar race.See this image larger1st ever 5k finished 73rd out 160. Didn't count on going up a steep hill for almost 1/2 mile. Took 47 minutes .See this image largerMy first ever 5k came in 73rd out of 160. Took 47 minutes but didn't count on 1/2 mile being up a steep rocky hill. Feeling good down 24lbs and feeling confident enough to do this.See this image largerI love being able to finally get outside. After a far to long winter. Followed by a very wet spring. Glad to finally spend time out doors away from my refrigerator.😉😁See this image largerOne more reason to keep my progress going forward. My new Grandson is going to need his pop pop around to spoil him rotten.See this image larger#deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerMy new Grandson another reason to keep up the healthy lifestyle. #feelingblessedSee this image largerRIP Darren Daulton what a great guy.See this image larger-10 with wind chill but buddy the cat don't care. Stay warm my friends.See this image largerTwo of the reasons I dropped 48 lbs and started on my spark people lifestyle. My oldest and youngest grandsons.See this image largerSaw this today when we left after breakfast lolSee this image largerIs shoveling snow considered an exercise? Because I've been doing it alot lately. 😰😀See this image largerTraffic gives me plenty of time to plan my daily food choices.😰See this image largerTwo of the reasons that inspire me to do better.See this image largerCompany put in a small gym. My new place to unwind.See this image largerLooks like another indoor workout.See this image larger3 miles in before the rain. Stop to check out the ducks along the way. Waiting for Spring.See this image largerValentine's dinner night out. Sensible dinner with dancing. Even treated my self with a small portion of chocolate cake. For a job well done.See this image largerLentil chicken soup. According to the recipe only 120 calories per bowl or roughly 2 cups.See this image largerSpring is just around the corner. Look at these little surprises my wife and I saw on our 3 mile walk today.See this image largerShoveling snow counts as exercise?See this image largerHappy first full day of spring.See this image largerIndoor workout today.See this image largerMy first bathing suit picture on vacation. Down 54 lbs felt good to swim without a shirt on for a changeSee this image largerI'm down 56 lbs. My friend said what diet did you use? Diet,I used Sparkpeople and changed my lifestyle. I eat what I want just in calorie portion controll. And get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day.See this image largerEaster 🐇 and spring 💐 in the snow Spring not far away.See this image largerThis beautiful mall on a Sunday back in the day was Jammed with people. Now most of the stores are closed and slowly falling into disrepair. Makes it a great place to walk on a cold day.

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