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See this image largerSee this image largerNew Fitbit set up and ready to chart the mission.See this image largerAnyone ever had pizza with a side of veggies? This us so weird.See this image largerYay me! Have a great day everyoneSee this image largerYay me part 2!See this image largerBreakfast (working overnights). Steel cut pumpkin oatmeal w/ raisins, cranberrie, pecans and maple syrup. Yummy! Oh yeah, coffee as well.🙂See this image largerSee this image largerLunch: Tuna/Hummus Salad on WW bread. Baby carrots and an apple!!See this image largerWhat going to and from hospital looks like when they're not quite sure what is wrong but want to treat you anyways. IV antibiotics and Warafin therapy. They gave me 2 shots in my stomach! Ouch - not because of the pain,but someone got to see my big hairy stomach!😟😟See this image largerDinner; LOTS of veggies sticks, reduced fat marble cheese, Triscuits, dressing. You cannot see it but there are grapes there to.See this image largerYIPEE!!!!See this image largerFinal count for the night. Running back and forth to have IV Therapy is apparently good exercise.See this image largerLumch: Ham and Swiss on Ciabatta bread toast w/ mayo, mustard, tomatoe, lettuce ,pickle and onion. Small can of Sprite and an apple (missing). Cooking the famous slow cooker salsa chicken. Phew!See this image largerHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!See this image largerAnd the famous SparPeople Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken. Easy to make and smells absolutely deliciousSee this image largerTurkey bacon with eggs on toast and guacamole (coffee and orange not picture)See this image largerCottage cheese w/ apple, celery, raisins and walnuts. Apple juice (unsweetened) and granola bar for lunch.See this image largerSlow cooker Chicken Salsa in tortilla boats with lettuce, tomatoes, extra salsa and sour cream.See this image largerRunning around this morning and forgot my snack art home. This will have to do- blueberry muffin and a cup of chia tea. Not the best, but keeps me from ordering fast food junk.See this image largerBreakfast: Iatneal with frzn berries, greek plain yogurt and a bit of maple syrupSee this image largerStagg chili, bagel w/ light cream cheese and tomato and cup of tea. Ahhhhhh, the meals of an overnight worker.See this image largerDinner: Crusted salmon with sweet potato and veggies.See this image largerLost 5 lbs this week. Yay me. Lots if walking to!See this image largerLunch: Salad with dressing and pizzas - why 2? Cause I'm a big guy.See this image largerDinner for overnight workers See this image largerI keep going and going and....See this image largerFor accouumtabililty reasons, I'm.showing what happened tonight. I just had an urge for chocolate and it all went to hell from there. Moving on, and choosing better for tonightSee this image largerAfter my messed up dinner. Back on track with a ham & cheese sandwich, veggie sticks and some dressing. There's an apple and big bottle of water in there to.See this image largerThe beginning of my walk yesterday. Enjoy it while lasts - we turn back the clocks next week, so darker skies!See this image largerCrap, the photo didn't show it all. Chicken noodle soup, bagel w/ cream cheese, tomato and basil, some baby carrots and an appleSee this image largerYeah, I need two pizzas..phew!See this image largerLunch: Ham and swiss on bun. Apple and V8 juiceSee this image largerA morning of prep work produces this....s simple beef stew from a recipe I found online. It's cooking now and the smell is out of this world!See this image largerEgg white scramble with onions, tomatoes and baby spinach. Seasoned with a wee bit of feta cheese, pepper and some Ms. Dash. A recipe from Spark's supposed to be an omelette, but I can't make 'em.See this image largerDamn!See this image largerLunch: Beef stew, bagel w/ cream cheese and tomato. Yum.See this image largerApproved Diabetic snack: Cottage cheese, canned peaches (in fruit juice) and All Bran cereal. Cinnamon sprinkled on top!See this image largerI never thought I'd actually like an egg white scramble, but it's pretty good. Add onion, tomatoes and spinach with toast and coffee....boom! Instant healthy breakfast!See this image largerWalking at the gym does pay off.See this image largerYep that's right...I hit the Big 5-0. NEVER thought I'd see this. I'm completely stunned.See this image largerEgg n Oats with spinach tomato onion avocado and salsa. Pretty damn good!See this image largerWednesday/Thirsday totals. Yep, this body is moving.See this image largerI feel like dancing!See this image largerTuna Hummus Salad. Recipe on Sparks Recipes. Says for 2 servings but I think it's 4 cause that's awful big serving!See this image largerSnack: Grapes, carrots a wee bit of cheese and some Tricuits. Also some Kombucha for probiotics- TIP: DO NOT SHAKE Kombucha....a fizzy, fermented explosion will occur that make you smell like the inside of a pickle jar..nasty!🤢🤢See this image largerNewly added to the menu. Protein bar (high in protein, low sugar, high fibre) A smoothly made with frozen veggie/fruit mix and kefir. Finally kombucha - better taste than my 1st time. It takes effort, but the pay off is worth it.See this image largerA fitting way to end 2019!See this image largerDamn! Great way to start the New Year!See this image largerBreakfast: 2 slices Silver Hill sprouted grain bread, small banana, 2 T. Pb....oh and coffee, lots of coffee.See this image largerNot 20,000 but it'll do.See this image largerYesterday without the gym. Didn't think I walked that!See this image largerSmoothie: Milk, Kefir, Hemp seeds, spinach, carrots, cucumber, banana and frozen berries. Nice and thick. Mildly sweet.See this image largerYep!See this image largerBooyah!See this image largerThat's better. This week has been awful weather. Glad everything is back to normal - weather and exerciseSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGlad the snow is gone and temps are back to normal. Exercising in frigid weather is not my thingSee this image largerSnow people have it so easySee this image largerArgh, so close only 10 more steps and I would have met my goal. Still, not too shabby.See this image largerAnd the picture.. duh!See this image largerSo this is me. I have not had my picture taken in eons...never liked the way I looked. However, since I've been on this journey, I've seen loads of pics from other I figure I'd take the plunge...this was VERY stressful.See this image largerSee this image largerYesterday's total. This is an estimate Fibit did since I forgot it at home charging when I went to the gym.See this image largerDinner: Chicken couscous veggies in tomatoes with seasoning.See this image largerYesterday...I'm happy!See this image largerOh snap!See this image largerday 11 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 1/26/2020See this image BIG deal. This hoodie was impossible to do up in Oct the zippers won't even touch. Now after an almost 80lbs weight loss..tada! I'm just so happy...can't put it into words.See this image largerEnergizer battery bunny got nothing on me. I just keep going, and going....See this image largerAh, got cropped. Any way, Slow cooker veggie chili- a Sparks recipe. It smelt so good cooking. Can't wait to have tomorrow.See this image largerWent out Friday night and Damn didn't I look good.See this image largerEnough said.See this image largerOh my, oh my..are there words...I'm speechless.See this image largerAfter almost 2 weeks off due to a back injury...back at it. Oh my, I'm sore.See this image largerFinally! A sunny day in Vancouver, BC. A treat before a walk along the waterside (pictures to come).See this image largerMy walk from yesterday. So nice to see the sun out.See this image largerThat's what happens when you do a walk in the sun and on the treadmill later in the day.See this image largerYesterday....getting back on track feels good.See this image the numbers!See this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 2/20/2020See this image largerOh yeah!See this image largerSpring time is around the corner!

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