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See this image largerBelle 1994-2008See this image largerThis is me at the start of either the 5K or 3K nordic races for Special Olympics.See this image largerI finished the race and came in 1stSee this image largerReceiving my Undergraduate Social Work Degree in 2006. Psychology Degree was in 2007.See this image largerTaken in MISS. a year after Hurricaine Katrina. Spring Break Trip to Help with Rebuilding EffortsSee this image largerBELLE - PROUD AND PRETTY AND MAJESTICSee this image largerWet Kisses Heal WoundsSee this image largerChilling on the sofaSee this image largerBELLE - ALways Loved Comfort(1 comments)See this image largerIs that FOOD???See this image largerLabs enjoy retrievingSee this image largerBELLE IN THE WILD FLOWERSSee this image largerENJOYING THE FLOWERSSee this image largerYeah - I know - I'm coolSee this image largerBELLE OWNED EVERY BED IN THE HOUSESee this image largerBELLE - THE DAY WE BROUGHT HER HOMESee this image largerSURVEYING HER KINGDOM AT LOON LAKESee this image largerLoved Having Her Picture TakenSee this image largerMy Graduation Photo 2006See this image largerME - 3 YEARS OLD See this image largerKIDSPEACE - ONE OF MY RESIDENTIAL PLACEMENTSSee this image largerSPECIAL OLYMPICS STATE FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE YEARSee this image largerAWARD FOR SPECIAL OLYMPICS @ YANKEE STADIUMSee this image largerAward for SPECIAL OLYMPICS @ Yankee StadiumSee this image largerSTATE GOLD MEDAL @ SPECIAL OLYMPICS GOLFSee this image largerDUBLIN - 2003 SPECIAL OLYMPICS WORLD GAMESSee this image larger2003 SPECIAL OLYMPICS IRELAND WORLD GAMESSee this image largerMEETING COLIN - HE WAS SOOOOO COOLSee this image largerSILVER MEDAL @ IRELAND WORLD GAMES GOLFSee this image largerDUBLIN IRELAND - GOLF - WORLD GAMESSee this image largerCHILLING AFTER COMPETITION IN DUBLIN IRELANDSee this image largerSP OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONIES CROKE PARK IRELAND See this image largerNATIONAL GOLF TOURN. PGA CALIFORNIA - 1st placeSee this image largerCHI CHI and Me at WINGED FOOT GOLF EVENTSee this image largerIRELAND 2003 WORLD GAMES - SILVER MEDALSee this image largerCROSSING THE FINISH LINE - 5K raceSee this image largerBELLE - LAST DAYS AT HOME - 1994- 12/26/2008See this image largerGreen Belt 2 stripes-Tang Soo Do - 70 lbs heavierSee this image largerBROTHERS and ME at SCCC Graduation 2004See this image largerIreland World Games 90,000 people Croke ParkSee this image largerON THE GREEN IN DUBLIN IRELAND 2003See this image largerCHI CHI gives me some golfing tips!!See this image largerWORLD GAMES IRELAND - Me and my caddySee this image largerBELLE's FIRST DAY HOME 1994See this image largerBELLE"S LAST DAYS AT HOME 1994- 12/26/08See this image largerMe - Flower Girl - 3 years oldSee this image largerBELLE LOVED CHRISTMAS

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