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See this image larger6 years agoSee this image largerMe nowSee this image largerday 6 of my streak for "Log in to SparkPeople every day" earned 7/10/2016See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerGetting my phoenix on -- Biggest Loser Challenge Winter 2016See this image largerJust breathe. You can do can get through this..there will be good days and bad days but if you can keep your focus on your breathing and just do the best you can one breath at a can do anything.See this image largerYou are beautiful the way you are lose weight for your health for yourself but it doesn't make you more beautiful or more lovable it just makes you thinner and healthier. Just be you love who you are right now no need to wait!See this image largerHave no limits be bold be fearless be brave!See this image largerHeck yes!! I love my husband and he is amazing and awesome and my biggest cheerleader and support but...that feeling you get after a workout..pride, strength, amazing...go for THAT feeling be sexy and strong and take on the world one step at a timeSee this image largerI will say this as my thought for the day..I have always been an emotional eater food has been my drug of choice. In times past, I thought that meant abstaining when I was trying to be "good" I know now it's not I can have a cookie but don't need the box --that also doesn't mean I am perfect but I continue to practice to get better.See this image largerYummm baby spinach and arugula with chicken bacon with sautéed carrot strings red orange and green pepper with guacamoleSee this image largerHere is to a great start to the new week ...break things down into baby steps and build in lots of successes...I can do anything for one day- I can stay on track with food, cut out sugar, throw in some exercise ---ohh check off that exercise it is done! Success!See this image largerAwesome new recipe!!! Paleo and low fodmap sweet and sour chickenSee this image largerSo we all have the ability most of us have the motivation- let's get our attitude right...if yesterday didn't go right that doesn't mean you failed it means you have been practicing you didn't walk without falling either but now it's something you do effortlessly. Keep up!!See this image largerIt's a beautiful start to the beautiful day I am about to have --the journey started a while back there have been pit stops and a few detours but isn't that part of what makes a journey more fun?See this image largerTake time to enjoy the world around you be present and aware of the world around you of your family and friends and of yourself. TaKe the time to have those inner conversations with yourself with your higher power and commune with nature. Vitamin D in that sunshine!! Soak it up and find some peace at the same timeSee this image largerWheee that after work out glowSee this image largerWoot now work :)See this image largerSaving myself for me for my family and definitely those beautiful grand babies---who are you saving yourself for?See this image largerSo today I could have given myself a free pass...I only slept four hours - fell asleep got bit and had an allergic reaction last night got it to calm down went back to sleep and got bit again and up I was again --ants who the hell knew black ants but and that it BURNS like the dickens --- but no excuses up and did my workout. Now off to workSee this image largerWalk and strength training done!!! Making fitness in the morning before work a habit!! Lol 4 days down 17 to go!!See this image largerI believe!!!See this image largerDo it for yourself but inspire others to followSee this image largerIt's for me -for my life - for my healthSee this image largerStronger healthier woot!!!See this image largerYupSee this image largerHave fun movement wak your pet dance to the jam be you and enjoySee this image largerI love this ...basically stop over thinking everything because when push comes to shove you won't remember to think it commit to it and make it a habitSee this image largerTruth! Need to put the breaks on emotional eatingSee this image largerMindful thinkingSee this image largerTruthSee this image largerMade time before work 2 miles down ...night do another 2 when I get home!!!See this image largerTaDA this!!! Keep your thoughts positive and you wil being in positive if you dwell on negative you bring in negativeSee this image largerTacos it's what's for dinner yummmmSee this image largerKeep goingSee this image largerI am going tonight to celebrate my niece becoming a nurse! We are going to dinner after --I made the choice to call ahead and discuss questions with and about their menu before hand so that I could be prepared and make the best choice for myself without being under pressure and temptation. I am not going to even look at the menu.See this image largerSo build those habits one at a time to use as stepping stones to the goalSee this image largerDown 2 pounds this week! Yay!! Lunch --2 grilled chicken skewers lettuce 4 strawberries sliced 1 tbsp of cranberry almond mix and 1 tbsp of strawberry balsamic total calories 234See this image largerI am persistent. I am resilient. I am strong. ----so are you!See this image largerOk so to get my workout done today we walked to the grocery store and back as the list was small today...the temperature raised 9 degrees---ughhhhh BUT steps are done for the day!!!See this image largerIt's a new day a new week forget about trying to be perfect just try to do better than you did yesterday and keep goingSee this image largerWoot!! Today is gonna be a great day!!!See this image largerDon't care if my track is straight as long as I get thereSee this image largerLiving healthier means making better choices --like parking farther and taking the stairsSee this image largerWork out done water in --feeling it today!!See this image largerStupid excited just ordered my new shoesSee this image larger3 mini goals at a time - I am moving on this track!See this image largerGet out of the all or nothing mindset start with one step and make one goal - develop that habit and move on because in reality it's just about doing better than you had beenSee this image largerJust breathe ............See this image largerOvercome ---keep going --one step at a timeSee this image largerYes!See this image largerToday is a new day if you didn't conquer yesterday don't bring it's troubles jSee this image largerSmall changes over time - we can do this!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerTruth ---and Is m fond of me and my phone lolSee this image largerIced bullet proof cold brew coffee -yummmmmm!See this image largerScale is being stubborn but down 2.5" this month don't let the scale dictate your storySee this image largerAfter my planned vacation from thinking about anything with food because grandbabies were here and they got my whole focus back on my game today and it feels good to take a 2 week break and not gain :)See this image largerAs the song says ain't nothing gonna break my strideSee this image largerNo cheats just do the workSee this image largerOhhhh so much stress to burn lolSee this image largerLet yourself out of true prison one step at a timeSee this image largerFat loss friendly egg bake for lunch (also remade for breakfast for the week:) yummmmSee this image largerPositively the best way to start a MondaySee this image largerI have lost 100 pounds ...the last 40 is NOT going to beat me!!See this image largerStarting another habit to add to the list - the next 21 days - no stacking between lunch and dinner and no sweets until after dinner then 1 serving! --practice until perfect :) 21 days! See this image largerLunch - 3oz of steak strips, red green and orange bell peppers diced, 6 cherry tomatoes halved, 80 cal pack sabra guac, 2tbsp sour cream all mixed and served on a bed of baby spinach --equals yummmmSee this image largerUp for a walk before life gets too crazy - crush my goals one choice at a timeSee this image largerLunchtime!!See this image largerLet's hit it!See this image largerStop looking at the past move forward with purpose and actionSee this image largerI am going to start doing a daily blog to hold myself accountable for my eating/exercise/feelings struggles etc- I will be telling the truth - no matter how ridiculously hard that will be. I am doing this because a) it will motivate me b) because I am hoping that it will help others with the same struggles and c) because I feel driven to do so -- look for it on my blog on my page starting tonight! See this image largerChicken salad with baby spinach, baby butter lettuce, (3oz mixed) cherry tomatoes (6) red, orange and green bell pepper diced (1/4 cup) chopped black olives (1tbsp) primal green goddess dressing (2tbsp) and Kirkland chicken skewers (3)(taken off skewer and cut up after microwaved) 398 calories total absolutely filling and packed for of veggies!!See this image largerPractice every day until it becomes easySee this image largerChange your thought tracksSee this image largerScrambled veggie eggs and bacon for lunch -- 3 eggs organic rices broccoli (0.25 cup), green red and yellow bell peppers diced (0.2 cup) celery diced (1/2 stalk), baby spinach (0.25 cup), roasted cherry tomatoes (6), chopped black olives (2tbsp) cooked then topped with 45 cal wholly guacamole and 2 slices (cut in half) nitrate/nitrate bacon calories 388See this image largerWhat action are you taking today toward your goals?See this image largerTruthSee this image largerBack and ready for a new week will start blogging the accountability again with good bad and ugly annnd starting a new whole30 with low fodmap to do eliminationsSee this image largerStrawberry salad with salt and pepper almonds -- and chicken breast ---too good forgot picture before eatingSee this image largerLet's hit it!!!See this image largerFirst stew of fall yummmmmSee this image largerIf you don't like the story your in ..leaveSee this image largerRight?! So the workouts I had planned were not friendly for my knee --reopened that exercise door with kettlebells! Woot!See this image largerWoot!See this image largerIt doesn't matter what someone else is doing --ask yourself if you did the work - if you have you won! Your ruler your story your progress your rulesSee this image largerWhat's for breakfast? Me 2 eggs carrots bell pepper blend spinach and bacon!! With a huge glass of waterSee this image largerNew favorite!! Cucumber dill sauce!!! Put it on my broccoli slaw with chicken and green beans for lunch but that sauce is AWESOME!!!See this image largerNot this girl workout done!!See this image largerHockey salad made with paleo mayo pecans chicken and grapes served over spinach and baby butter blend topped with blueberries and strawberries 🍓 yummmmSee this image largerYes!See this image largerRenaissance faire yesterday I am in the green had a great time with good friend and my husbandSee this image largerOk it's been longer since I have been eating healthy but this was a funny way to start the weekSee this image largerWorkin out!!See this image largerMake the time your health is importantSee this image largerPractice makes perfectSee this image largerUgh who has time to be sick???See this image largerUp and at em let's have an awesome day!See this image largerMe doing yoga this morningSee this image largerI found my own lest the universe decide to provide it lolSee this image largerYupSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerYes!

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