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See this image largerThis was a special night spruced up!See this image largerSee this image largerI am happy to report I have been eating clean and meal prepping to continue my healthier lifestyle. I am not experiencing cravings since I began military diet 2 weeks ago. Very surprised about that.See this image largerI have been drinking water more, exercising, and logging my food more. Spark people has been so helpful to track. I am looking forward to a good week result. Stay posted!See this image largerSee this image largerYummy lunch today. Added 3-4 oz of chicken breast and I’m set.See this image largerThis weekend I was bowling and had such a good time with family. I forgot how fun exercise can be!See this image largerI have reached halfway to my goal! I am down 15 pounds. #BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerMy warm salad of roasted veggies and 3.5 oz of grilled chicken.See this image largerI just finished my home routine today. I didn’t do, however, the 15 minutes of stair climbing. I still have sore calves since last Friday doing it. It is a killer for me!See this image largerWhat does anyone do out there when feeling a little crabby for no good reason?See this image largerThis is part of my meal prepping for the next 4 days. I have a warm salad for lunches and add 3 oz. of chicken breast. Yum!See this image largerBreakfast today. 300 calories and delicious!See this image largerOur first bike ride of the season! Feels so good to not be out of breath🤗See this image largerSnack after bike ride. Greek yogurt (2 tbs), fresh strawberries, belsoy chocolate pudding topped with 2 tsp of sliced almonds. Yum!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerI just finished my workout and my keto diet is working. I am almost in the 160’s. I lost 4 pounds this week so far. After a 2-week stall I earned this!See this image largerAfter having just coffee with 35% cream (2 tbs) I did my intense workout. I am amazed how I never experience cravings from not eating. I am doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting this week and so far lost 4 pounds! I come home and have my scrambled eggs with fried spinach (2 cups), cherry tomatoes (4), and tinned fried eggplant (100g). I feel so good!See this image largerWanted this for dinner tonight. I am waiting for my family to arrive so I can eat my dinner with them. #ketofiedSee this image largerI have finished 2 week challenge on keto. I lost a total of 5 pounds in the 2 weeks. Not the greatest result on scale but I had to buy new capris for summer. I will continue! See this image largerA 4-generational photo . . From the left. Me, my daughter, my mother-in-law, and my daughter’s step-child. Beautiful day and busy week of entertainment with many desserts around. I do not even smell them! Is that weird??See this image largerThat’s me on a ride at the fare yesterday! I feel I am in a ride of my life with keto. I need to check my macros more!See this image largerHad a wonderful camping weekend in New York State. Weather held up for our 1:40 minute hike toward Debar. Didn’t make summit this time. We were under time constraints to get home. I am all sweaty in this photo!See this image largerI have done my body composition on a special scale tonight. I am thrilled with how keto is working for me in 1 month! #BeforeAndAfter #ketoSee this image largerMy keto bomb snack for tonight to fill in on what I’m missing. Coconut oil, 99% chocolate, cocoa powder, cinnamon, crushed walnuts. I make 30 at a time and enjoy for about 2 weeks. Keto on!!See this image largerSee this image largerKeto lunch! Chicken layer sandwich with avocado, mayo and pickle. Raspberries on the side.See this image largerSee this image largerSupper tonight . . Lemon herbed chicken and cauliflower rice. 😋See this image largerOmlette made with marinaded eggplant and zucchini with fresh basil! These are farm eggs from an aunt’s hens. So good!See this image largerKeto lunch with 3 oz of chicken, 2 cups of salad, sesame oil (1tbs), keto mayonnaise, 1 1/2 tbs of crispy onions. Sparkling Perrier. Yum!See this image largerThe last 2 weekends have been amazing camping weeks. My hubby and I hosted friends to join us camping. I have maintained eating keto without problem. I have not lost any weight though and I think that I have to eat less carbs still. I have a question for fellow keto people who train with weights at high intensity. Do you add carbs after training like my trainer advises to feed your muscles? Do you do a post workout protein shake? Thanks for your answers!See this image largerAfter exercise at the gym and grocery shopping for the week, I enjoyed my 90 degree pool. This week of record high temps of 40 degree Celsius has unfortunately been hard on many, but I love the heat. Our winters are too cold and too long.See this image largerI am reporting this today even though I did it yesterday 🙄. I managed to hit 12 kl per hour for 1 minute. You may not see it but I am sweating a lot after my total workout.See this image largerBeautiful day that is not too hot for bike ride. I am however bummed out I gained 1 1/2 pounds this morning! No idea why unless 1 glass of wine did that.See this image largerKeto supper tonight. Fresh lettuce from garden topped with keto mayonnaise. Yum!See this image largerLunch today. Fish with 1 slice of onion fried with 4 cherry tomatoes topped with keto mayo. Oh, and keto coconut bread!See this image largerI am enjoying my new granddaughter, Penelope who is 3 weeks old today. I am still watching my eating, but do not have a body scale. I am somewhat worried about not weighing myself.(1 comments)See this image largerSupper tonight . . Taco beef with fried cauliflower and yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes on green salad.See this image largerEvening kayak time . . So beautiful and relaxing.See this image largerYou can still eat healthy keto and travel! No cravings for junky fast food. We had Olive garden last night snd I had chicken breast with parmesan crusted zucchini.See this image largerBeach lunch keto style! Lettuce wrap with deli ham and cream cheese. Who said it can’t be done?!See this image largerKeto pancakes while campingSee this image largerYou know you are feeling good when for the 1st time in my life I forgot to put on makeup before going to the gym! I also ran 12 kl for 30 seconds in my run/walk 20 minute workout. I haven’t been to gym in over 3 weeks as I was on vacation.See this image largerHad a wonderful beach camping vacation at Assateague Island. Exercise each day walking on beach, paddle ball, exploring. Stayed on keto the whole time except 1 time I had 4 bites of my husband’s dessert at restaurant. Felt yuck after. Happy I didn’t have a whole dessert to myself.See this image largerI am down 28 pounds and am 160 lbs today for the 1st time in a long time. Keto works for me.See this image largerMy keto lunch today has 3oz of leftover steak, 4 cherry tomatoes, 50g of marinated eggplant, 2 tbs of oil from eggplant and 1/4 of onion. I will calculate macros later. Yum!See this image largerPhili cheesesteak casserole for dinner. #ketoSee this image largerKeto works! My doctor took me off 1 medication so far. My numbers are proof that fat is not the enemy - sugar is! The caveat is that if you want more carbs in your life and still have high fat, THAT is the deadly mix. Keto on! #ketoSee this image largerWith my beautiful daughter at her bridal shower. The wedding was October 6th and everything went really well. My weight is stable during all this stress (I was wedding planner). I was at also different event dinners. There were 4 extra people staying at my house with 2 grandchildren (under 4 years). I chose “keto friendly” options and left the rest. If I can do this, so can you!See this image largerI am in the middle of the photo and enjoying myself thoroughly with my family dancing at my daughter’s wedding. I now can relax and focus on new goals . . . To be determined.See this image largerI finally weigh under 160!!! This is after wedding celebration of my daughter. Now I have to commit to going to gym to increase my healthy lifestyle.See this image largerIt’s a wonderful thing when we can enjoy the fruits of our labours and reflect on a joyful time in my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. After plans of finding the place of reception, pastor, decorating, flowers, DJ, and wedding cake, I can honestly say I had a great time during the event.See this image largerFirst mega cooking day in a month. I love the Diet Doctor’s recipe for garlic chicken and broccoli. I highly recommend cooking in advance. The added bonus is burning calories while cooking for 2 hours. #teamlsf #lovesweatfitness #ketofiedSee this image largerPreparing for supper . . . Keto meatloaf. 45 minutes in oven at 400 degrees. Can’t wait!See this image largerBest husband in the world! He made me this keto omelette and we are eating breakfast in bed. #ketoSee this image largerPeanut butter fluff fat bombs. Prepared new fat bombs to try this week. Keto on! #ketofiedSee this image largerSupper tonight. Fried cabbage and hamburger with cream tomato sauce.See this image largerSaturday morning keto breakfast with hubby. See this image largerThis is my new goal to follow for my macros to lose my last 10 pounds. I am truly loving ketogenic lifestyle, but it takes science to do it properly.See this image largerChilling with my employer’s cat, Diablo. Feeling relaxed myself. I have a question to anyone who has gone off hypertension meds and experienced weight gain. How long does it take for body weight to get back to normal? I have gained 5-6 pounds within a week of going off a diuretic and I am panicked about it. Any thoughts?See this image largerI tested my ketones and sugar about 30 minutes after gym workout. 20 minutes on step machine and the 30-minute circuit training. I have heard that ketones should be low to show that fat is burning💥 . . I will go with that even though scale hasn’t changed in months.

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