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See this image largersometimes crossing the bridge is harder then it looks.See this image largerI love summertime!!See this image largerlove flowers, from my friends yardSee this image largerMr. IkeSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerIt was such a nice evening. Perfect for a half hour of dalking (dance, walking). Some times you need to just forget all the bull, and get caught up in the music. See this image largerSo thankful to be safe here in #htx during #hurricaneharvey although we have cabin fever I am happy to say we got some wiggles out and did some cardio with JustDanceKids #gettingbackontrack #weresafe #stuckintheeastendSee this image largerWashetera hydrationSee this image largerNow that the heat isn't so intense I can get back to riding my bike to and from work. Just over 10 miles is pretty awesome. I will say, those summer weeks off I am a little out of shape with the bike but I pushed through!See this image largerWe are beginning the transition for fall, even though in Texas it's hard to see. I can feel the transition and my body is also preparing the movement inward. Nature is our sanctuary and today we spent the morning and a light and humid walk at the Houston Arboretum. So pleasant. Some days I don't do an actual workout, but I will do something active with my family 🌻🖖🏽See this image largerWhere my meditators? I have trouble showing up for myself on the weekends. Not only with meditation but fitness as well. I usually do all my family and house stuff in the weekends. I need this 35 or so minutes of time, gotta find the balanceSee this image largerAnother beautiful fall day. I had lots a frustration with my son today, but I still think it's important for us to be in nature, together, being active.See this image largerI think I found a morning routine I can do. I might not be able to do this every day but I need to accept that my job is hard work and part of my workout...if I’m tired then rest. It’s all about balance right? So glad I found this unpacking 😍 anyone else follow blogilates and her workouts or Pilates in general? #fitmom #findbalanceSee this image largerI guess Lotus is a fitting name for her. Come to find out my new cat is a yoga kitty 🧘‍♀️🐱See this image largerAny one else having an intense #Yule? This time of year, like most people, can be challenging and stressful. I have been trying to use my tools but now I’m sick 2 days before Christmas and I know it’s stress related. Maybe it’s all the things, old stressers, new stressers, Yule, mercury in retrograde.... hope you all are hanging right and letting the energy flow during this intense timeSee this image largerday 5 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/18/2018See this image largerDid about 5.5 miles today with the family and found an awesome state park! My fiancé gets uncomfortably close all the time to animals that could could really mess him up. That’s the life of a nature photographer 📷See this image largerFiancé’s Birthday trip. Gotta protect yourself in that hot sun, even your hairSee this image largerNature bath with the family today. Hiked about 3 miles but saw some amazing wildlife, got to have some peace from the busy city, and see some of the oldest growth forest in the southern part of the United States #fitfamily #fitmamaSee this image largerNew moon intention setting. Integrating and planting my seeds. Also be gentle with myself today. Anyone else do moon cycle rituals? #yogimama #moonchildSee this image largerGetting in as much Mother Nature time as we can before school starts. Ugh it was a hot one today but hiked 3 miles!See this image largerWho else puts their leftovers on top of a salad? It’s pretty tasty and super satisfyingSee this image largerMy heart is heavy today. Mister Ike passed away this morning. I got to hold him close to my heart and give him so much love. He was such a great cat, and friend. I’m gonna miss my sweet boySee this image largerGetting back to the routing after a emotionally exhausting week and a draining family event over the weekend. Feels good to work my brain and move towards my goals. Glad I gave myself some time to just be. #alternativeteachingcertification #listentoyourself #trustyourgut #dontgiveupSee this image largerWas ready to take on the day! My fiancé, his brother and I explored a new part of the city and had a lovely afternoon. It gave me the strength to muster through a challenging evening with my son and his first day of a full homework load!See this image largerFinally getting back to my normal routine and coming back into my vibration. It can be so challenging sometimes to have the balance for yourself and for your family. A lot went on the past 2 weeks with my fiancé’s family. I love them but we’ll you know about them in-laws. I am thankful for this moment of peace and solidarity.See this image largerGot stood up by my nine year old to paint. He’s at that age where he’s finding his independence and slowing inching away from us! BUT it was nice to create something and have some self-care time. It all happens as it should. My Goddess/Spring Equinox impromptu painting #artmom #goddess #summersendingSee this image largerBlessed Be #mabon #autumnequinox #goddessSee this image largerNeeding to get to the woods but a walking in a flowering neighborhood will do until thenSee this image larger

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