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See this image largerfeeling fantastic! Ruminating over this past weekend's success...and failure! My coach and I have a plan, to qualify for Nationals! I'm happy to have broken my previous records, and set new ones!See this image largerAge 57. Powerlifting Grandma! Age is just a number! Get out there and DO it! Went from 199#, down to 133#...cute and skinny! Then started power lifting, and went back up to 158, but with thighs and a booty! Strong is the new Sexy! FTR...that's 242.5# on the bar!See this image largerYesterday, I found out that I set not 5, like I thought, but EIGHT (8) NC USAPL State power lifting Records! I'm in awe! I'm very thankful to God for the strength He has given me, and to my coach!See this image larger #deliciousdailymoment Hit my goals for my meet! Training harder, for next year's Nationals! #Howbaddoyouwantit #USAPLMasters #Fitover50 #Thisgrandmalifts #Powerliftinggrandma #Strongissexy See this image largerTomorrow is Day 1! First day of a 10 week body fat cut! Need/want to lose about 10#... hopefully before the Holidays! Happy losing everyone??See this image largerToday is the first day of the rest of your life! We don't know when we will take our last breath! Make the best of what you have been given! Carpe Diem!See this image largerSkinny vs Strong! Yes! I do weigh about 20 pounds more in the second picture, but I'm MUCH happier, healthier and stronger! I went from 199# to 133, back to 158. I now Powerlift, competitively at age 57! I hold 12 NC State records! I feel like I'm 30-something! Age is just a number! You can do ANYTHING that you long as you set your mind to it!See this image largerYeah! Strength Training...aka Lifting weights, will make you bulky!!! Tell my client "Little Debbie" that! She went from 213# down to 138! And she didn't WANT to "lift weights"...until she read something that said "Lifting weights will help you lose weight faster!" Guess what?!?! She's a testament to that!!! Me? I power lift! I now have shapes that I didn't have when I was doing more cardio based workouts! Give me Strong over skinny, any day!!!See this image largerBig T and Iron DivaSee this image largerDeadlift PR-260# January 13, 2018See this image largerBench PR-135#...Earned my "Big Girl Plates"!!! January 13, 2018See this image largerThinking about how far I've come in my life! After 3 years of lifting, I can say that I have no where to go but UP!See this image largerJoy and excitement after making a State record lift!See this image largerMy training partner, and our Handlers at The USAPL Battle On the Border, Denver, NC March 24, 2018!See this image largerSee this image larger1 week apart....September 2019See this image largerSeptember 2019...Working those tricepsSee this image largerWhen you feel Badass!!! Summer 2019See this image largerAll gave some.Some gave all! Thank a Gold Star Family.See this image largerSee this image largerGOLD!!! 4 NC State Records, and my amazing Coach!See this image larger242.5# Deadlift Age 57! NC State Record and new PR(1 comments)See this image largerI'm beginning another year, with some serious goals! I WILL meet and exceed them! I went from Cute and skinny, in 2015, to Strong and Sexy in 2016. 2017 will be the year of Sexy Muscles! Can't wait See this image largeris feeling amazing! I just competed in my First Power Lifting Competition on Saturday, July 30! I'm 56, and I took home the Bronze, AND set 3 NC State Records! You're never too old to start!!(1 comments)See this image largerMe, my Bronze Medal, and my Awesome Trainer/Coach, Ethan!!! See this image largerBeck check Feb 2016See this image largerBooty Check Feb 2016See this image largerValentine's Day 2016See this image largerStronger Every Day! Feb 2016See this image largerI've let my diet slide this past week. I let life cloud my goal! Tomorrow is a new day...a new chance to get back on track! It's not's a reset! Pick myself up, and get reset! GO! See this image largeris feeling pretty good! Back at the gym, and being consistent! Worked out 4 days this week. Now, to get back to where I was BEFORE the holidays! WHY I let myself pig out...I don't know!See this image largeris taking a rest day! Tomorrow, though, I will hit the gym full force!! I'm working on my swimsuit body NOW! ;)See this image largerMarch 2011---198 lbs! UGH!See this image largerI'm FLOATING on cloud 9! This Old Lady passed her NASM Personal Training Certification! Guess I still have some brain cells left! ;)See this image largerJune 30, 2014--In the beginning....!See this image largerSee this image largerDress May 2013! I don't want to look like this EVER again!!See this image largeris still holding fast, at my current weight! Even after eating "not-so-clean" this weekend!!! :)See this image larger4 months after Graduation...Same dress!See this image largerEliana's Dress...size SMALL!! I fit into it Mother's Day 2015!See this image largerFeb 2012! YIKES!See this image largerFeb 2015! Same jacket!See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerNew Personal Trainer Shirt!See this image largerPersonal Trainer-2nd month-New shirt! July 2015See this image largerProud to wear my hard-earned Trainer Shirt!See this image largerDecided I needed to have a new picture of myself! This is my most recent picture!See this image largerAugust 2015 Feeling AWESOME!See this image largerAug 2015 Waist, Butt AND nice thighs!See this image larger24 years later! Finally fitting back into my After Wedding Dress!See this image larger24 years later #2See this image largerCalm before the stormSee this image largerMrs. Claus 2009See this image largerMrs. Claus 2010See this image largerMrs. Claus 2012See this image largerMrs. Claus picture 2015! MUCH happier and smaller! :)See this image largerSee this image largerMrs Claus 2016See this image largerMrs. Claus Lifts!!!

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